This is a special letter. It comes from the northern end of the European continent, and thanks to every employee of the Beijing Bus in the name of the “Norwegian Olympic Games and the Paralympic Committee”.


The letter wrote, “You are very friendly, helpful, and you smile at us with a smile every day. Thank you for your thoughtful service, let us have a very beautiful time, and thank you for making this event so so memorable.”

In order to serve the Winter Olympics, Beijing Public Transport Group sent a total of 2388 vehicles and 5755 employees to serve the 138 Winter Ouoban Line for 24 hours of standby status. More than 1,800 bus drivers of the Winter Olympics fleet have been leaving the closed -loop management from January 19 this year, and have not returned home for more than a month.

Some of them are afraid of delaying the departure time, and they can only squint in the cockpit for a while and eat instant noodles just to arrive safely on time. People and efforts to serve the Winter Olympics.

On the evening of February 20th, with the extinguishing of the main torch at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the transportation guarantee work of the Beijing Bus Winter Olympics team also successfully ended. Next began to prepare the preparation of the Winter Paralympic Games. Many drivers actively requested the team managers, hoping to stay and continue to complete the driving and transportation of the Winter Paralympic Games.

Ji Pengxin, driver of the Beijing Public Transport Group Winter Olympics B2 team. Interviewee confidence

Witness the birth of the Chinese team’s “first gold”

On February 5th, a thrilling short track speed skating mixed group relay competition was in the Capital Stadium.

After sending the Chinese short track speed skating team on time, Chen Xuehai parked the car to the open space less than 20 meters away from the Capital Stadium, waiting. The space in the cockpit was a little narrow. Chen Xuehai opened the window slightly. The only cold wind was poured in.

Chen Xuehai is 49 years old and has been driving a bus for 21 years. He has participated in major events such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 100 -year -old event. For this Winter Olympics, he and more than 1,800 bus drivers have been driving training in actual line driving since November 2021, and repeatedly become familiar with the routes, each upper and lower passenger points and streamlined lines. “We who have selected drivers have basically participated in various large -scale activities, long -term driving, and rich experience.”


On January 19, 2022, these bus drivers officially entered the closed -loop management model. During the Winter Olympics, Chen Xuehai was responsible for the transportation of the Chinese short track speed skating team as the driver of the B2 team. There are isolation plates installed in the inside, and there are few communication. “

Every time the team members nodded and waved to him, he would give them a thumbs up or clenched his fist. He felt that the team members should understand the “refueling!” “Winning!” “”the best!”


Chen Xuehai recalled that in the night of the short track speed skating mixed group relay race, he waited for a long time in the car. He wanted to squint for a while on the driver’s seat, but he couldn’t sleep, “I was nervous.” The team leader rushed out of the stadium and shouted at him outside the carriage. “We won the championship, won the gold medal, the first gold!”

After hearing the cheers of the team leader, Chen Xuehai immediately felt “buzzing” with his head, and then the blood on his body began to roll. “I was so excited that I only knew the applause. I told the leader, and the leader agreed happily.

On the way back to Dong’ao Village, he glanced in the rearview mirror in the car. The boys and girls in the white pants in the carriage chatted and chatted. When the station was stationed, he came down from the car to watch them return to the village. The team leader said, “Dajing, but new, come together with the driver master.”

Chen Xuehai was surrounded by a dark blue work cotton suit in the middle of the four gold winners, raising his thumb at high land.

On February 5th, Chen Xuehai, the driver of the B2 team of the Beijing Public Transport Group, took a group photo with the Chinese first gold team. Interviewee confidence

When encountering ice and snow weather, you only ask for a “zero accident”

When Chen Xuehai returned to his residence, it was the early morning of the next day. He was lying on his small bed and tamped with sleep. Finally, he simply picked up his mobile phone and looked back at the video of the relay race over and over again.

After working in the early morning, I watched the video of Chinese athletes in the quilt, and became a support for Chen Xuehai in a highly intense state of work for many days. It feels extremely glorious. “

As one of the Winter Olympic Games, he knows that every bus person is not easy.

In order to serve the Winter Olympics, a total of 2,388 vehicles and 5755 employees were sent to Beijing Public Transport Group to successfully complete the 138 Winter Oban Line guarantee missions in 24 hours. During the service, more than 600 dynamic data such as the operation position, speed, real -time and historical video images of the car, real -time and historical video images, and driver’s operation status were achieved. The new type of hydrogen fuel vehicle in the Yanqing area completes 5,000 kilometers per vehicle running -in task before the service. The driver has been trained by special training, and the mountain driving experience is rich.


Among them, the task of Y4 team in the Yanqing Division is to transport staff, volunteers and audiences to the hotel, colleges and other residents and Yanqing regions and designated locations. There are 6 residents and more than 20 transportation routes.

Qi Mingrui, secretary of the party branch of the Y4 team, is the person standing behind the driver. The staff, volunteers, and audiences who take the bus bus can see that the driver of the Yanqing Division is familiar on the mountain road, which is inseparable from Qi Mingrui to investigate every mountain and night.

Qi Mingrui and members of the team often perform tasks in the urban area and are not familiar with the geographical and human environment of the Yanqing area. To this end, Qi Mingrui and several organizers and managers conducted repeated investigations of 24 lines in the early stage, and formulated one line and one book in combination with the line conditions. One volume focuses on labeling and explanation. For example, if you travel in the tunnel, the speed cannot exceed 60 kilometers per hour; the section of the river, pay special attention to the road on the road in the morning;

On February 13, Beijing ushered in the first snow of the Lunar New Year. At this time, the Winter Olympics is being stunned.

Because Yanqing District is located in the northwest of Beijing, surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the temperature is lower than the temperature in the city. “Once snowfall here means that the snowfall is greater and the duration is longer.” Qi Mingrui remembers that it starts, and it is remembered that Qi Mingrui remembers that starting at 10 pm on the 12th When snowing, the snow was getting bigger and bigger, and the burden of protecting the safety of transportation was pressed on him.

Early the next morning, Qi Mingrui got up and rushed to operate the line of snow and the road of freezing on the line, and then fed back to the headquarters to ask all parties to help the team’s transportation guarantee work. “The Winter Olympic Games encountered In the snowy weather, we have been prepared for a long time. The sections that can be cleaned in time are cleaned in time. Salt the salt as soon as possible, and the driver of the team is also an instructions over and over again, only to ensure the zero accidents of the snow on the snow. “Qi Mingrui said Essence

Qi Mingrui, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Winter Olympics of Beijing Public Transport Group, is checking the driver’s work. Interviewee confidence

The driver’s time is accurate to minutes

“Essence is good for improvisation, and it is all lost.” This sentence was repeatedly emphasized by Qi Mingrui and the fleet, and it was also the common goal of the entire team. He admits that he knows the hardships and efforts of the team members than anyone. There are 179 employees in Y4 teams in Yanqing Division, of which four -fifths are drivers, and their age span is from 30 to 54 years old. During the Winter Olympics guarantee, they often went out in the early morning, and when the game returned to the station, it was often late at night.

How to leave the driver as much as possible is the issue that he focuses on the work as a manager as a manager. “Each route in the morning, night shifts, and night shifts are not less than 3 groups. Mobility personnel are arranged every day. Once there is a driver’s physical discomfort or temporary tasks, the transportation plan can be completed in a timely manner.”

However, many tasks that need to be performed on the day can be received at the latest in the morning. In order to prevent everyone from staying up late and other tasks, Qi Mingrui and captain Zhang Zhongyi and other managers have opened the “wake -up service”. Qi Mingrui said that after the task was completed that day, he asked the driver to return to the dormitory to rest. Each driver’s bed was posted with a note with their own names. The personnel will make a plan in the shortest time, and then follow the schedule to find the driver’s bed with the name, wake up one by one, “try not to disturb the rest of the other personnel.”

The days of adhering to the post continued from January to March. During the period of entering the closed -loop management, the relatives of the team members died, and the administrators of each team could only coordinate the colleagues in the rear to help visit the condolences.

Wang Huayu, the party secretary of the B3 team, encountered many similar situations. Seeing that a player secretly wiped his tears, his heart was very guilty. “Even if they were arranged to go out of the closed loop, they would be isolated for a period of time because of epidemic prevention,” he said. At that time, he could only do comfort and guidance. Do your best to help the players’ homes.

Wang Huayu said that every player will keep in mind for the Winter Olympics, although “departure” and “reaching on time” are their professional ethics. The driver’s twelve hours requires accuracy to minutes. When a driver turned his head back to the venue for one or two minutes later, he didn’t dare to look at his eyes. He felt that he did not have to ask for full blame, and he needed to understand and tolerate. There are also drivers who often miss the meal because they often miss the meal, sometimes in the cockpit to deal with two cold rice or eat a few sips of sketching noodles. In order to “protect the transportation work smoothly”, “there is suffering, but also moved and proud.”

Ji Pengxin, driver of the Beijing Public Transport Group Winter Olympics B2 team, rests and eat instant noodles in the cockpit. Interviewee confidence

“Thanks, also respected”

When waiting for the departure, eating two sunch noodles in the cockpit has almost become the normal state of the work gap in the work of the B2 team driver Ji Peng.

Ji Pengxin said that due to the relevant requirements such as closed -loop management and epidemic prevention, many times the driver cannot get out of the car to walk around at will. Even eating and toilet must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements in accordance with the requirements. So the driver and masters will deliberately drink less water when they are at work, and have developed the habit of carrying the insulation cup and instant noodles with them. Donesty on the return station to eat, just make a bucket of instant noodles on the car. Essence

Ji Pengxin and Chen Xuehai belong to a team, but different division of labor. Ji Pengxin is responsible for transporting Czech and Swiss participants. Because the language is not connected, Ji Pengxin’s communication and their communication are basically gestures through isolation plate glass. He will ask the team leader to ask the team leader “whether people have been on the car and whether they can depart”. When getting on and off the car, they raised their thumbs and cheered for them.


This is due to admiration for their Olympic spirit. Ji Pengxin said, “Regardless of winning or losing, I can always see their optimistic expression. Although I do n’t understand their speech, I will respond to me very politely every time I see me. I can understand that I am grateful, and I feel that our ordinary staff is also respected. “

There are countless thanks like this. In addition, there are some letters from Tiannanbei. As of the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Beijing Public Transport Group has received more than 20 thank you letters, the farthest from Norway.

On February 14, the thanks of the Norwegian Olympic Committee and the Lisarial Olympic Committee received by Beijing Public Transport Group. Interviewee confidence

Today, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has ended successfully, and the opening of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games is coming. What made Wang Huayu feel relieved that before the closing ceremony, the driver kept proposed to keep on the end of the Winter Paralympic Games.

According to Beijing Public Transport Group, at present, the 640 Winter Paralympic Olympic Games guarantees the whole car. 40 of them are “well -being cars”, focusing on service wheelchair passengers and accompanying personnel. Beijing Public Transport Group is expected to send 1957 people to participate in service guarantee.

Both Chen Xuehai and Ji Pengxin will continue to complete the driving and transportation of the Winter Paralympic Games.

Beijing News reporter Bo Qi Rain Intern Wang Yan

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