(Reporter Li Yan) The irregular life and low sleep quality may make us eye bags appear. Li Shan, a makeup artist, reminded that citizens can easily eliminate bags to learn a few small tricks.

Massage the lower eyelid after getting up. After getting up in the morning, the best time to remove dark circles and bags under the eyes. People with worse bags of bags can seize this time to remove bags under the eyes. After washing the face, draw the circle with both hands clockwise and massage the skin around the eyes for about five minutes. This is a small method that can promote blood circulation, time -saving and labor -saving around the eyes. For a long time, you can eliminate bags under the eyes.

Massage the lower eyelids with boiled eggs. Still use the time after getting up in the morning, prepare a boiled egg, and then gently massage the lower eyelids after cooling, which can speed up the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes and improve the problem of dark circles and bags under the eyes. Because the eyes of the eyes after getting up in the morning are often swollen. If this puffiness is not driven away in time, the bags under the eyes will become more and more obvious.

Apply vitamin E capsule raw solution before going to bed. If the bags under the eyes are more serious, you can apply vitamin E capsule original fluid around the eyes after cleaning the face before going to bed every night, and you can usually use the effect of removing the bags.

Control drink water before going to bed. Drinking too much water is also one of the reasons for the bags under the eye bags, especially when drinking too much water before going to bed, and the slowdown in the slowdown of the felling asleep, the eye bag will be formed.

Source: Tonight News

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