To travel to South Korea, in addition to visiting taxable shops and tourist spots, it is also the desire of many girls to buy souvenirs or daily necessities in the cute and personalized stationery stores. There are many stationery stores that take cute and beautiful routes in South Korea. The goods in stationery stores are not only popular in South Korea, but more and more foreign tourists are well known recently. As we all know, Korean stationery has a strong sense of design. Most of the cartoon images that people are familiar with are especially loved by school or in -service girls. In addition to learning supplies in many brand stationery stores, there are many other daily necessities. If you are also interested in beautiful, delicate, durable, and creative stationery and daily necessities, go to these stationery stores recommended by Xiaobian!

Line Friends Store


LINE FRIENDS is a smartphone chat software -even my classic emoji. The favorite and unique chat expressions are interpreted by 9 people. The most popular of which is the character’s expression of the couple of the bear “Brown” and the little rabbit “Kenie”. In the autumn of 2013, a pop -up store was opened in the Mingdong area. In April 2014, LINE physical stores officially opened. There are currently LINE Friends Store Mimidon Station, Yatson Road Store, Litai Academy, etc. Many foreign travelers, including mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, are coming and want to see these cute dolls. The large “Brown” of each physical store for tourists has become a sign of “LINE Friends Store”.


“Artbox” is a relatively cheap stationery store in South Korea, and the scale of each store is large. There are branches in areas where young people such as Mingdong, Xincun, and Hongda have gathered, and they are often referred to as stationery grocery paradise. It is not designed with a single cartoon image like other stores. There are a variety of design styles here. There are countless products in the store. When it comes to it, it will be dazzling. In South Korea, which is popular in design and creativity, “Artbox” will definitely allow you to return!

Lu Xinyuan

“Lu Xinyuan” is a brand of the same name created by Youk Shimwon, a famous Korean illustrator. Lu Xinyuan’s family has 7 people, and each character has different personalities. Because there is a boy called “Louis”, many Korean boys will also buy products in the store. Every life stationery supplies of “Lu Xinyuan” are painted on the cute portrait of Lumping Xinyuan members. Not only the 2AM members Zhao Quan and Li Yue are the fans of Lu Xinyuan. When the Queen Fan Bingbing participated in the Tokyo Film Festival, he also took Lu Xinyuan’s handbag! At present, in addition to tree -lined roads, Rendo Cave, and Sanqingdong specialty store, it can also be bought at department stores and duty -free shops in South Korea!


Kakao Friends Store

Like LINE Friends, Kakao Friends is also a character expression of Korean smart free chat software. There are 7 people with full personality Kakao cartoon image. They have many expressions and actions. No matter what the owner feels and what is the situation, they will help you express it. Kakao’s peripheral products include stationery, jewelry, T-Money cards, etc., and other products launched with other clothing brands, bag brands, and domestic product brands are also well-known. “Kakao Friends Store” currently has branches in large department stores such as Lotte, New World, Hyundai, Starfield Coex Mall.


Somsi (somssi)


“Somssi” is a fashion grocery store located in Sanqingdong. There are two floors in our store. The first floor is a boutique editor store such as jewelry, bags, and the second floor is the world of famous cartoon dolls -Moomin’s world. The Finnish elf Moomin, which looks like a hippocampus, has a high popularity in South Korea. 2NE1 member Park Chun is its hardcore fan. Not only can you buy a Moomin doll in the store, the bags printed with the Moomin cartoon image and various stationery and daily necessities are also very complete.


“1300K” mainly sells independent brand stationery and many tide toys. The product personality, freedom, nostalgia, and environmental protection here. Different from the stationery grocery stores that generally sell independent independent products, 1300K has sold different styles of brand products in different styles around the world. Come to “1300K” to stroll, even if you do not consume, you can relax your full head and find rare freedom.




Unlimited commodity creativity and low price are the biggest features of “Butter”. The product of this shop is updated quickly, and about 100 new products will be available within 2 weeks, so if you have the products that are fancy, you must start as soon as possible! Some imaginative products do not even see its use, and we must take a closer look! The “Butter” located at Hongda Entrance Station is the first shop. It is not only convenient to transport, but also the store size is also very large. When you go shopping in Hongda, it is recommended to come here by the way.


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