At the Huawei Developers Conference in 2021, Huawei ’s whole house intelligently focused on intelligent+ecological+full -housingization, and the Trinity trend and requirements explained to industry partners, space designers, and developers. Intelligent strategy, re -defined 1+2+N overall solutions. Under the full upgrade of Hongmeng, the rapid development of digital families has been emphasized, allowing home residents and new living experience to users.


Hongmeng empowerment 1+2+n to upgrade again

1 is Huawei’s whole house intelligent through HarmonyOS ecological iteration, upgrading the intelligent main control system to create a set of high integration, multi -module, intelligent, scalable smart hosts, upgraded from the calculation center to a collection, calculation, storage, and intelligent intelligence Serving one, realize the whole house AI+whole house, and further improve the smart experience of the home.

2 is to redefine the core interactive product, a set of control screen full family+a smart life app. Based on space positions to display the system and corresponding scenarios to focus on the space, and the control area of ​​detailed devices, the Huawei Smart Life APP is newly upgraded. At the same time, Huawei Full House Intelligence will also release a set of central control screens containing 10 -inch, 6 -inch, 4 inches, and desktop version in March next year. Users can choose different sizes of central control screens according to different spaces in the whole house. Let Huawei ’s all -house smart home, one space and one screen, realize a series, intelligence, and ecologicalization, and multi -terminal deployment achieves a consistent experience. For example, on any central control screen or smart life app, you can see the status of all smart devices, and adjust it according to the needs, and the interaction is very convenient.


N is an upgrade on the smart scene. It is upgraded to 4 full -house systems (networks, safety, water, energy consumption), 6 space subsystems (lighting, shading, audiovisual, warm and warm fresh wind, furniture home private, ecological items) Essence Based on the Hongmeng Zhilian Ecology, the 4000+ ecological items accumulated over the past 5 years are classified. By defining standard Profile for each vertical system, it is convenient for ecological manufacturers to quickly access and adapt to each device. Awkward. And users can also download and update the high -quality scenario of the online through the smart life app, and update the principle of the APP on the mobile phone to keep the smart scenes continuously upgraded and let the home for ten years.

Enjoy partners and create the best experience for users


Hongmeng is the soul, and the whole house is the body and body. In order to ensure that it can provide users with more convenient, comfortable, safe, healthy, and stylish all -house intelligent experience, Huawei has created the future through the three major paths of 2D enchantment, 2B opening, and 2C sales. The home market has reshaped the 2D development experience for product partners, providing a full life cycle service platform, which shortens the development cycle to 2 weeks, helping the single product integrate into the whole house experience, and enlarged business success. 2B opens through the full -house intelligent OpenLAB innovation platform to open up the three parties’ data, application, and control to achieve seamless linkage of home and communities, and amplify the value of solution.


At the same time, in order to reduce the threshold for intelligent space design, Huawei ’s whole house intelligence accelerates the understanding of the whole house’s intelligence through the knowledge product empowerment plan and certification plan, helping space designers to use the newly developed all -house intelligent design tools, and quickly be different for different different. The apartment types and different user families provide a variety of different styles, software and hard -and -hard installations, and all -house smart home improvement solutions, and generate a list of product lists and precise construction drawings. They do not need to communicate with designers repeatedly, waiting for the picture to reduce time costs.

In order to enrich the C -end purchase channels and experiences, at present, Huawei ’s whole house intelligence has reached strategic cooperation with many TOP real estate such as Greenland, Sunac, China Shipping, Yulong, and 15 authorized experience stores in 15 cities across the country at the end of the month. , Changsha, Nanjing, Chengdu and other places, it is expected that the construction of 50+ cities and 50+ stores will be at the end of the year. Perhaps in the future, the intelligent experience store of the whole house at the door of your home. Shao Yang, the chief strategic officer of Huawei Consumer BG, also set up a “small goal” for “Huawei Full House Intelligence to achieve 5 million sets of 5 million units in 5 million sets, and be a leader in space intelligence.”

It can be said that based on HarmonyOS capabilities, Huawei ’s whole house intelligence has achieved leading in the product, bringing users a comfortable and intelligent experience. In the market, the three major layouts of 2D envelopes, 2B opening, 2C sales, cooperative customers and industries The joint innovation of partners injects new kinetic energy into the intelligence of the whole house, and naturally will lead the industry into the real era of all house intelligence.

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