Just like stepping on the soft sofa, soft Q bombs;

Can’t help but take a few more steps!

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[Pre -sale 4.8 Delivery] [Buy one get one get one free] You adjust the sofa soft thick sole sand slippers

¥ 59


When I get home from get off work every day and take off the shoes that are restrained all day, it is really when ZUI is comfortable all day.

Stepping on the soft slippers with both feet, as if the whole person was in the cloud, I felt the anxiety and fatigue of all day were thorough! end! release! put!

Of course, the premise is that your slippers are comfortable enough.


However, the slippers at home are always hard to put on, and the feet are not comfortable at all, let alone lack of lack.

There are some squeaks when you touch the water, and it is easy to slip, and it is easy to make people fall.


Today, I brought you a comfortable and durable slippers-sofa thick-soled sand slippers.

Safe, non -slip, refreshing and not boring, thick sole,


Every step is like stepping on the sofa.

When I just tried it on, I fell in love with it instantly, feeling like stepping on the soft sofa, soft Q bombs, which is particularly comfortable, making people can’t help taking a few more steps!

Stepping on it, your feet will “fall into” slippers deeply, and your feet are well wrapped in soft slippers.


The reason why it is so soft is because its soles are made of EVA.

EVA is a green and environmentally friendly material, and it is also a common material for many sneakers. It has the soft up Up UP up of its shoes.

Randomly bending, non -deformation, constant bottom, full of toughness, is to change it for a few years, it is still like this.

Moreover, the stability of the EVA surface is better and it is not easy to accumulate stains, so there will be no problem of stinky feet and burning feet for a long time.

The soles have a thickness of 4cm. The stepping on is soft but not collapsed. It is particularly comfortable. The happiness spreads from the soles of the feet. The exhaustion all day disappears.

The dense wave pattern design greatly increases friction with the ground.


Wearing it in and out of the bathroom, not afraid of water accumulation, not afraid of slipping. Even outdoors, thick soles can be easily dealt with.

The slippers look round and full of bread, and it is very small to wear.


With a pair of high socks, full of ins, it is not invincible to wear out.

A total of seven colors are all lively macaron colors; 35-45 yards of shoes, boys and girls can wear them, and they can also use couples.



Soft EVA material


It’s like stepping into the sofa


This slippers use EVA material, which is a non -toxic, soft, non -stinky foam material, which can be biodegradable and friendly to the environment.

Even if you get closer, there will be no pungent smell.

Light and soft, stepping on your feet is like stepping into the soft sofa, going home from get off work and changing it to it, and instantly release your feet.

The internal texture is uniform, dense and gap, and will not be like those inferior slippers. There is a “fluttering” air sound when walking.

Return elasticity is also very good. Any 180 ° folding does not deform. Don’t worry about the problem that will break the bottom.



4cm thickened insole

Soft and more long legs

Compared with the same slippers, this sole has a thickness of 4cm.

Step on the soft but not collapsed, especially comfortable, and can cushion the pressure brought by the foot. Putting on it and walking like walking on the clouds, soft and comfortable, people don’t want to stop.


The thickened soles can also effectively lengthen the leg lines, and usually increase and thinner the door.

There are 7 colors: cherry powder, lemon yellow, red tea orange, blue blue, forest green, meteorite and extremely night black.


They are very simple and beautiful solid colors. Usually with double socks, it looks good to wear out.

The size of 5-45 yards can be matched as a couple.



Non -slip and wear -resistant


Walking on rainy days is safe


A pair of good slippers must be indispensable: non -slip.


This slippers have a non -slip design on the soles. The outer line texture forms a uneven surface, which greatly increases friction with the ground.


Being able to stand steadily on the smooth wooden board, even if the wooden board tilted a certain angle, it can be imagined how non -slip it is.


The hydrophobicity is also very good. After the slippers are in water, there will be only a small part of the water droplets on the surface, which will not penetrate into the shoes.

Especially suitable for the south of the south, so that the wet slippers are not dry and sticky.




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