With the improvement of stainless steel 201 cable, everyone attaches great importance to the fun and taste of life. Red wine is also very popular with high -quality taste of red wine. Today, red wine is a healthy drink for everyone, a gift for gifts, and a decoration of the office. Due to the popularity of red wine, red wine racks with red wine are also more diversified.

Today’s red wine racks are to better convenient red wine or sideways, and the other is to use red wine to make decorations. Today’s red wine rack style, various materials, red wine racks are like red wine cabinets, small and medium -sized small bar small wine, and there are also fewer single bottles of red wine. I often say that the iron -free stainless steel red wine rack is such small red wine support racks.

Whether you want to simply put red wine or make decorative design like red wine, they are all the same features that they must have sufficient work ability. Therefore, the materials used should be relatively hard. Today, common stainless steel frames should be used today. The materials are: stainless steel, electroplated copper, and stainless steel iron are relatively hard materials, which can bear the net weight of red wine. After all, red wine is a high -end drink, and its hardware configuration must also have good quality. Today’s red wine racks are also made of iron, but iron is easy to rust. Other electroplated copper and stainless steel will be skinned. Therefore, the stainless steel red wine rack is becoming more and more popular.

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As a professional stainless steel production and sales enterprise, metal materials are allocated by the stainless steel of the Ministry of Stainless Steel for professional standards that are suitable for iron cables suitable for iron accessories. One is a relatively hard stainless steel all -hard line. There are two materials of 304 and 316. The cable diameter can be used as a supporting frame for stainless steel and red wine racks from 3.0 to 6.0mm. The softer stainless steel line is mainly the best forming characteristics and can be diversified.

The style of the stainless steel cabinet of iron accessories is different. The hardness of the materials that must be used is different. If there must be, you can leave a message online.

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