Down jackets are the essential heating items for winter. When we buy down jackets, we usually pay attention to its dwarn content, charging volume, fluffy and other data. But what I want to say today is about the color of down jackets. Which color of down jacket do you like? I will offer 15 kinds of down jackets of different colors of LOOK, hoping to provide you with inspiration in buying and daily dressing.

Black down jacket


Black is probably the most common color in down jackets, and it is also the best color.

This down jacket uses a hairy collar design, which can set off a beautiful face.

The classic black down jacket is paired with light green sweater and grass green pants, and then uses a pair of unique pair of colored boots to create a urban style.

Short big collar down jacket

This short down jacket is designed with a large and thick charging collar, which can save a scarf.

With the trendy style of a checkered skirt, a pair of red sneakers are used as the highlight of the shape.


Hooding short down jacket

The down with a hat design can also achieve a small face.

Black down jacket is a universal color, with black pants cool.

Take an oversized turtleneck sweater. Showing white shirts+white shoes on the hem is the technique in the shape.

When wearing a black down jacket, you can use eye -catching items to brighten the overall shape

For example, a striking top with a colorful letter in this way will make your look feel happy.

Choose the white thick pants with winter fabrics and black down jackets, and then use a pair of beautiful red light shoes to add femininity to this casual style.

Camel down jacket

Camel is also one of the more common colors of down jackets


Short -length down jacket lengths that are easy to be long have a balanced skirt.

Such as an elegant dress and a retro printed skirt.


Just like this year’s popular color scheme, the entire beige and brown system are combined.

Camel down jacket with hair collar


The hair collar around the face enhances the warm atmosphere of winter. You can also remove the hair collar to create a simple shape.


With a floral skirt and the casual and casual sense of leisure, it brings more feminine styles, which is very suitable for the clear winter day.

Long bell -color (rice white) down jacket

A long down coat is suitable for a beautiful and casual winter jacket.

Because you can remove the hat of the coat, the style of matching can also change a lot.

You can match a grid skirt in winter, and it is beautiful with black leggings and boots.


Brown down jacket

This is a brown down jacket with light cores as fabric!

When the corduroy is very popular in winter, it will be fashionable to use it for down jackets. Even if the style is a classic model, it will be very fashionable.

There are many colors that can be matched with brown, white inside, and black in black is one of the classic options.

Short brown down jacket in the hat hair.

Coupled with the popular knit sweater that is popular this winter.

The lower body is a pair of black knitwear. This look is very suitable for winter and is very fashionable.

The bloated medium -long down jacket is the favorite of many people in winter, and it does not look heavy when covering the waist.


Match with a fresh city white suit. The bag also chooses a lightweight bag. The whole shape is light and dynamic.

Navy blue down jacket


Navy blue is a classic choice in wearing!


This down -to -face use of smooth and soft materials and golden buttons show women’s rich personality.

With checkered skirts and leggings, you can choose with short boots and boots on your feet.


The length of this just covering the hips is also the length of this year

It is convenient to form a balance with the lower installation.

If you choose yellow knitting inside, it will make the shape better and avoid dullness.

There are leopard patterns on the feet, which is very suitable for the trend elements this winter.

Gray down jacket

Light gray down jackets are also very suitable for beautiful shapes with pleated skirts.

Even if the style of the legs is completely covered, the pleated skirt will not look heavy.

Effectively integrate black items to eliminate light feminine feelings.

Khaki down jacket

The bright khaki color is very good, and the strap pants have a strong urban style.


White tops and sneakers can increase the simplicity and brightness of the shape.


Add a lattice scarf to make the shape richer and more layered.

Purple down jacket

Purple will be one of the popular trends in 2020.

If you choose a purple down jacket, you can easily create a fresh winter style.


You only need to match the white items to complete the fresh style.

Generally speaking, dark down jackets are easy to match, and you can try the latest popular styles of these dark down jackets. Bright down jackets should pay attention to the color choices of other items to avoid being too fancy. Which color of down jacket do you like? How would you match it? I hope these Looks can inspire you. Thank you for paying attention to good cards!

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