The ring flash, that is, the ring flash, is a very special member of the Flash Lantern family. It has an indisputable huge advantage when shooting macro and special types of portraits.

What is the ring flash? What are the characteristics? What are the advantages? What areas are applied? What are the precautions?

These questions will be answered for you immediately.

1. What is the ring flash


What is the ring flash? It is a ring flash.

I know this is nonsense, but this is the fact. Essence Essence Professional ring flash is generally like this.

On the left is the ring lamp, which is generally stitched by two independent semicircular lamps, which can be connected to the lens of most digital cameras.

On the right is the controller, which can adjust the light ratio of the left and right lamps. Generally, it can generally use 1: 8 to 8: 1. Reasonable application can create a variety of light and shadow effects.

Let’s talk about the role of the ring.

2. No shadow tonic


For macro photography, it is like soft light for portraits: it is not indispensable, but there is no better.

When shooting macro, the role of the ring flash is similar to the shadowless lamp, which can provide a comprehensive light and no dead ends, and completely eliminate the lighting conditions of shadow.


With some supplements in other directions to increase the three -dimensional sense, a perfect macro call comes out.


This uniform light -free lighting effect is also applicable to portraits, but you have to be closer to others.

The closer you are, the softer the lighting, and the better the shadow elimination effect.

3. Circular eye light


In addition to providing good lighting conditions, another important role of the flash of flashing is to create ring -shaped eyes. It is said that the design ring flash was for this effect.


What is the eyes? When shooting portraits, we all like to focus on both eyes. If you use a flash, there will be a reflection of the flash on the pupil to form your eyes.


Ordinary flashing lights form a little eye -like light, very unnatural and not good -looking.

Single eyes, once won the “most needed ugly and explosive eyes” award

In contrast, the eyes of the ring flash are also ring -shaped, which fits the shape of the pupils. The effect is better than the ordinary dot -shaped light source. I don’t know where to go.

The ring -shaped eyes are light, it is much more natural

It should be noted that the closer to the character’s aspect, the closer to the characters, the more obvious the enhancement effect of “eyes is god”.


4. Single light lighting

In a dark environment, using the ring flash as the main light source will produce a wonderful lighting effect.

The center of the screen is the brightest, and the brightness outward is gradually weakened, which is quite impressive.

You can also play some creative photography with circular flash.

In the dark, isn’t this shining circle a cool frame?

“Survive, Harry Potter!”

In general, the ring flash can achieve a very good lighting effect within close range. It is a good helper to travel at home and take pictures and brush the circle of friends.

Do you want to consider starting one? Don’t be anxious first, there are many types of flashing, you can see which one you are suitable for.

5. Types of ring flash

There are many types of flashing, from the “real flash” of the aristocratic type to the entry -level flash alternative, to the silk -class DIY ring flash alternative, all can be regarded as members of the Huan Flash family.

First introduce the first place of the aristocracy, a conjoined ring flash. The power of this type of flash is very high, eliminating the effect of shadow and lighting, and is often used for professional -grade macro photography.

Next is the second noble, separated ring flash. Compared with the conjoined, the effect of this type of flashing and eliminating shadow is slightly inferior, but the left and right lights can freely adjust the position and create high degree of freedom.

It is said that these two categories are “nobles”, because the price is very expensive. There are more than 400 cheap brands, and brand names are two or three thousand.


If it is not for business photography or professional needs (such as a macro -macro photo of a dentist), please come home such a nobleman, presumably a bit painful.

It’s just that ordinary photography enthusiasts, if you want to shoot portraits with a circular flash effect, use circular flash to replace accessories. For example, this, ring flashing shield.


The advantage of this stuff is much cheaper. The disadvantage is that it cannot adjust the light ratio on the left and right sides, and it is relatively bulky.

Look at the picture above, you may not feel bulky, then look at the actual assembly map.

How about it, it is bulky enough. And this thing is said to have poor contact for a long time, and the light on the left and right sides is uneven.

It is necessary to pay attention to using this thing. The output power of the flashlight will decrease sharply, and the color tone will be cold. Please use RAW format to shoot.


Another entry -level circular alternative is a ring -shaped soft hood.


This huge accessory looks scary, but it is not bulky, and it is usually folded.

As a soft hood, its job is softened by soft lighting, but it also has the characteristics of turning the flash of lighting into a ring -shaped, which can be used as a circular alternative.

The price is not expensive, in the early 100s. The disadvantage is that it is a bit weird when “creating the eyes”, and it may need to be manually adjusted and transformed by itself.

Is this ring a bit big? Well, ok, wipe

Of course, you can also make a flash guide track at zero cost. If you are interested, you can Baidu “DIY Huan Flash” by yourself. You will see that the great gods use tin foil paper, face set, and even KFC family bucket to make zero -cost ring flash.

The ring flash made by KFC barrel

This type of DIY ring flash can be regarded as a ductive pipe of the silk version, which strengthens the disadvantages of the pipe: the flashing light output is sharp attenuation, and the light is uneven. In fact, these problems are not a matter. The flashlight output is insufficient? Closer! Uniform light? Budge do one more! Intersection Intersection


According to your needs and money bags, determine that you need a real flash, or the circular flash alternative accessories, or just the temporary DIY zero -cost equipment.


The above is the whole content that I want to introduce today. Thank you for your watch. We see you next time.

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