According to the e -commerce data search tool- “String Mirror” data, the platform in December of the health sale brand, the first Sakura, sales of 3.5837 million yuan. The second place in Sophie, with sales of 1.482 million yuan. Third place Gao Jieshi with sales of 840,200 yuan. From fourth to tenth, they are Le Riya, ABC, Lushu, Cotton Age, Seven Degree Space, Ansle, and Ver.

Statistics interval: December 1, 2021-December 31st

Covering platform: Jingdong

Statistics tool: String mirror

Data description: All the strings data from public web pages does not involve personal privacy and business secrets. This data is consumer perspective data.

String mirror is now open and used

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String mirror

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The purpose is to provide users with services such as fast search industry information, brand information, shop information, baby information and other services, and provide global e -commerce data for merchants and professional researchers. It is a necessary business decision -making weapon for people from all walks of life.


① Quick: Instant search, efficient and convenient, find the industries, brands, shops, and babies you want to see anytime, anywhere.

② Quote: Big data systems independently developed by star diagram data, real -time monitoring, cleaning and integration of Internet e -commerce platform data, and visual presentation.

③ All: dozens of e -commerce platforms at home and abroad, thousands of industries, and tens of thousands of subdivided categories.

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