We need to remove the net cover and other components at the shower and clean it with brush and cleaner. Some big brands will even be equipped with cleaning tools in the packaging to facilitate everyone to use. At the same time, the shower on the market also has an automatic cleaning device. The scale will be automatically removed. Before cleaning up, you can understand the composition and use instructions of your own shower in advance.

怎样清洗热水器的大花洒 清洁小妙招看这里

Introduction to the bathroom shower squeeze maintenance method

1. The bathroom shower shower sprinkle every few months or half a year. Use white vinegar to clean or soak the surface of the shower for 4-6 hours, and then wipe the outlet of the shower with a cotton rag. It will flow out with white vinegar, eliminating the corrosion of the shower for a long time;

2. The environmental temperature of the shower shower shower is not exceeding 70 ° C, otherwise it will speed up the aging of the shower and shorten its service life;

3. If you find that the bathroom shower is reduced or the water heater is reduced or the water heater is turned off, you can gently unscrew the sieve net cover at the water outlet of the shower and remove the impurities inside;

4. Do not switch the shower at the shower at the shower or switch to the switch, let alone the handle as an armrest to support the body;

怎样清洗热水器的大花洒 清洁小妙招看这里

5. The metal hose of the bathroom shower shower should be stretched naturally, and it should be avoided when not in use. In addition, do not form dead ends at the connector of the hose and the valve body to avoid breaking or damage to the hose.

怎样清洗热水器的大花洒 清洁小妙招看这里

What is the reason why the shower is small

Because the floor is high and the water pressure is small, the water is small; because the shower is not installed properly, the sealing ring is deforming, resulting The blocking is large, resulting in small water out of water; because the shower pipeline, nozzle and other parts are blocked, resulting in small water out of water; because the mixed valve has a small diameter, or inherently inadequate, the water out of the water is small.

What are the precautions for shower?

1. Don’t let these acidic detergents touch the faucet when washing clothes. If you have rinsed tiles with acidic detergents, you must immediately rinse the shower with water and clean it with a soft cloth.

2. When using shower, control the water flow as much as possible to a more soothing level. This can ensure the long service life of the shower, and it can also contribute to water saving resources.

3. The surface of the shower will not clean up the surface for a long time. At this time, don’t rush to use detergents such as decontamination powder or polishing powder to wash.

4. When the temperature in the northern region is lower than zero -degree Celsius, we must take these measures to prevent the shower from being frozen by ice water.

Precautions for the maintenance of shower

In addition to paying attention to cleaning up, we need to pay attention to the daily maintenance of its surface. After we use it, keep the surface clean, often use soft cloth, wipe the surface of the flour, and then rinse with water to keep its surface clean and extend its service life.

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