1. Very simple and generous bag type, whether it is hand -paired, shoulder matching is very good, and the color is very durable ~


2. Very classic style, high -end material, good feel, regardless of the casual transformation of the shoulder, free and versatile


3. Korean version of fashion postman, retro fashion style, personalized rivet decoration, unique characteristics, European and American big -name style, three -dimensional sense.


4. The leather retro postman package, large bag, hand -wraper.


5 · Simple postman package design, the design of the belt buckle design is intellectual, bright and eye -catching, and can control any occasion.

6 · Meimei, logistics is very powerful, the bag style, fine workmanship, quality, color is the same as picture color, so I like it

7 · Shoulder postal packet, scrub material, classic external, practical inner inner, dotted your elegant life.

8. The most popular classic small bag, versatile and practical retro fan. The capacity of the bag can put down the umbrella, wallet, mobile phone, small cosmetic bag, paper towels and other small items.


9. A very exquisite and capable temperament baggage bag, retro color, a bag that you like at a glance.


10. Why do fashion tide people have a retro and casual charter bag? It is very textured to make old texture, which makes people immediately like it ~




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