In addition to keeping warmth and cold, it is also important to keep it warm and cold. Otherwise, the whole person will be bloated and procrastinating, without temperament.

It is said that fashion is a circle. The “Knight Boots” that mothers have worn by generations have become hot again this year. With “pencil pants”, it can keep warm and cold, but also capable and neat. I also have a rough leg like me, so it is appropriate to wear it.

1. sweater matching


• Rice white turtleneck sweater+jeans+black knee boots


The tight -fitting blue pencil pants have always been liked by many young women. This thin and figure pants, casual and comfortable, can outline the slim leg lines, and charm after putting on the body. The upper body is paired with a loose rice -white turtleneck sweater, gentle and comfortable, and the upper pine is tightly wearing style, which makes people focus on the long legs and cannot move their eyes completely.

• Black and white striped sweater+denim tight pants+boots

In a set, the upper and lower body is cleverly used to form a color echo, and it must be eye -catching visually. Black and white striped sweaters, niche are also durable, the lower body is paired with tight pants and long leather boots, capable and handsome. This body is suitable for taking pictures as going out.

• Color striped sweater+denim tight pants+boots

Black -colored color striped sweater, the furry texture is warm and comfortable. The sweater of this fabric is better to wear. The lower body with jeans and leather boots, easy to show charming long legs, can also better show the proportion of figures. Miss and sisters who like casual style will definitely like this set.

Second, suit jacket match


• Gray -black suit+black trousers+long leather boots


Full of formal and serious suit jackets, tough fabrics, and clean tailoring lines, from all angles, can show different effects, coupled with gray pencil pants with also handsomeness charm. The golden chain on the suit jacket can easily create the waistline, and the road is from a domineering sense.

• Black woolen suits+white pencil pants+over -the -knee boots

Many girls must feel fat and thick legs, as long as they are well matched, there will be no such problem. The upper body is paired with dark hair coats, and the knee boots are worn on the feet, only a small white part of the thigh part is exposed, reducing the sense of monotonous and making people shine.

• Gray suit+blue pencil pants+brown boots


The pencil pants of the denim fabric are more versatile than white pencil pants, and choose dark blue pencil pants. Compared to light blue, pencil pants are thinner and thin, and wearing a full sense of fashion. Low -key.

Among the other set, the chosen denim pencil pants are lighter, and the straight leather boots form a strong contrast. The color depth brings a low -key and casual feeling, young and fashionable.

• Gray suit+black pencil pants+over -the -knee boots

Compared with short suit jackets, middle -length suit jackets are more suitable for tall and slim women. Essence

3. Winter long coat matching


• Black cotton clothing+black pencil pants+boots


In a black shape, remember to choose a single product that is too loose, so the lower body uses black tight pants to outline the leg lines, transfer the visual focus to the body advantage, so that you are impeccable.


If you want to use pencil pants and boots to wear a fashionable and handsome sense, you can also try retro -style black and white plaid coats. Putting a solid black shirt inside, it is full of neutral style handsomeness.


The length of the knight boots is probably a little bit under the knee, so this length just covers the calf. If your calf muscles are developed, you can choose

Edition three -dimensional and wider knight boots

It is really friendly to save the thick legs. If you also want to have a fashionable and thin look in autumn and winter, try the most popular “pencil pants+knight boots” in the current currently, maybe it will bring an unexpected stunning feeling.

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