Liangshan Yi clothing classification

Yi clothing is rich and diverse. There are different division methods according to different standards. Based on age and gender, it can be divided into infant clothing, children’s clothing, youth clothes, elderly clothing, men’s and women’s clothing; according to texture materials, there are fur, wool, cotton, hemp, silk, leather. Agate, pearls, coral beads, etc. According to historical divisions, there are ancient, modern, modern, contemporary clothing; according to seasons, there are winter, spring and summer, and autumn; Wait; divide festivals, wedding costumes, funeral costumes, warfare clothes, etc. according to etiquette or use.

The Yi costume retains the ancient heritage of “I felt, runs the head, the right, the tail skirt, the tail, and the blue Paka”. The typical youth men’s costumes are entangled green head Pasaki, and the heroes of the Yi Yi people call the “pillar body” high finger in the blue sky, showing the spirit of Yingwu, three skewers of beeswax beads in the left ear, black beard, chest chest, chest chest, chest chest In front of you, you can hang musk bags; the tops are embroidered with exquisite patterns such as crescents, panes, fire sickles, and beef eyes. Leg tie, dagger on the waist, like torta and felt, and inlaid with a layer of black cloth on the side of Chalva. The “Tian Bodhisattva” above the man’s head is the old costume of the man, which is regarded as the residence of the god of God. Young women’s tops are beautiful with tight and gorgeous, and pay more attention to chest decoration, shoulder ornaments, sleeve decorations, like red coral bead skewers, silver earrings, collar or decorations; red, yellow, and green pleated skirts, skirts, skirts A triangular purse is hung in the upper right corner for stitches or small accessories. The exquisite circular or semi -circular, beef eyes, fire sickle, fern and other patterns are embroidered in the outside. Bamboo string box or needle box, interior copper, bamboo mouthstring or needle; the top of the head is stacked from black cloth into a multi -layer rectangular headpan, and the wedding women’s headpana is changed to a lotus leaf -shaped hat. Middle -aged and elderly clothing and skirts are mainly plain, and earrings are migrated to wear round jade ear. Julin women’s skirts are three pleated skirts with black border, braids are single braids, and earrings are mostly sea shells.

Men’s clothing

Renwo Yingding (men’s top)

Since the 1980s, dark blue hair is generally made. Men’s tops are used in the main decorative patterns of circulating square window patterns, plate flowers, straight lines and wave patterns, adding teeth patterns, pumpkin seed patterns, etc. Use light blue, grass -green and other fine -grained flat cloth to grow narrow strips and small cubes, which are arranged in an orderly arrangement around the shoulders, plackets, sleeves, and hems. It takes a long time to make a male top.

Renwo Nonola (Men’s Lower)

Commonly known as “big pants feet”, sewn with light blue or blue flat cloth. Now it takes 8-10 meters to make a pair of big trousers, and a green cloth of about 40 cm wide is added with the outside of the feet. The straight line is decorated, and the young people can wear three other side by side.

Renwo Russia (male head Pa)

There are two types of dark blue cotton cloth and cyan satin. About one foot wide, about five feet long. Head Pa is an organic product of the manufacturer and does not need to be decorated. There is a difference between young people and the elderly entangled the heroes (the “word sticker”). The “word sticker” of young people is wrapped in the tip of the front end with the corner of the headpan. The “word stickers” of the elderly and Degu are as thick as the thumbs before and after. They can be worn on the head or right. The “word stickers” of Degu generally facing the front in front of them.

Women’s clothing

Seli British Ding Mo (Women’s long sleeves and gowns)

彝族服饰 | 男女老少服饰 四季各有不同

Women’s long -sleeved coat gown, two pieces of facilities. Now the gown is generally used in dark blue hair. The decoration is roughly similar to the male coat. The hem does not decorate the pattern. Middle -aged women’s long -sleeved clothes are made of light blue, light gray, and blue cloth. Young women’s tops are made of light blue, grass -green, pink, golden, purple red and other colorful cloths. Both middle -aged women or young women’s clothes and decorations are exposed on the shoulders and hems of the coat. Generally, the wavy or plate flower of the straight lines of the stitch, the sleeve arm, the straight lines of the straight lines or plates Flowers and wavy patterns are also sewed and stamped with dual -long symmetrical flowers and plants.

Wave (skirt, also known as pleated skirt)

The pleated skirt is generally connected with 3-5 different colors. In the past, the pleated skirt made of cotton cloth was not easy to dry when it was soaked or washed by rainwater. Essence It requires about 20 meters to make a pleated skirt. The pleated skirts of young women are used in red, yellow, green, purple, and powder. The cloth is made, and the middle of the skirt is the main color. The Yi nationality calls the pleated skirts, red skirts, red skirts, blue skirts, and green skirts.

彝族服饰 | 男女老少服饰 四季各有不同

Ore, Russia (Women’s Head Pa)

There are two types of women’s headpas, one is the headpan of a married woman, “Ore”; the other is the headpan of the unmarried woman, “Russia”. Orem is folded into a round shape with dark blue cotton cloth or woolen woolen. “Russia” is folded with green cloth or dark blue cloth into a multi -layer overlapping rectangle with a width of about 25 cm wide. Use color lines such as red, green, purple, and powder to embroidery the front and rear edges of the headpan. To form a vertical symmetrical leaf petal and other flowers and grass patterns. Tau Pa is both a woman’s clothing and a sign of whether it is for marriage and childbirth.

Children’s clothing

Ayi Wei (children’s clothing)

彝族服饰 | 男女老少服饰 四季各有不同

Children’s clothing style is generally similar to the adult dress, and the decorative patterns are relatively simple. A red or purple cloth is inlaid on the outside of the green cloth under the outer ends of the boy’s pants. System, colorful and eye -catching.

Shuduwara (Pix felt and Charwa)

Putting into a single layer and double -layer. Single -layer -covered felt is generally made of pure white hair. The pads are put on Chalvari; the double -layer felt can be mixed with gray, black, brown and other mixed wool. Later, it is generally dyed in dark blue or cyan.

彝族服饰 | 男女老少服饰 四季各有不同

There are roughly four styles of Chalva. The long -used one is dyed in dark blue or black after making it. Straight or three thin lines are decorated with wavy patterns, and the upper end is added with a green narrow cloth. The second is not dyeing, keeping the original gray white. The third is to make a green cloth with a blended wool without gray -white Charva with a layer of about 30 cm wide. The fourth type is white Charwa with a soft and pure antenna woven “human” pattern. Without other decorative patterns, you can put it in a felt and single -pad. This kind of Chalva was originally from Ganluo, 20 After the 1980s, it gradually became popular in various places. Most of the felt and Chalva heat thermal insulation, moisture, rainproof, and most of the elderly in winter will wear it.

Old man’s clothing

Mo Su Weizhen (the elderly clothing and supreme clothing)

Generally, dark blue, light blue, azure, gray white and other elegant fabrics are made of clothing sleeves wider than young people, and the decoration is simpler. The cloth, decoration and production methods of men and women’s life clothing and the above -mentioned elderly Similarly, the long sleeves of the clothes are much longer and wider than usual.

彝族服饰 | 男女老少服饰 四季各有不同

Over the years, people who wear pleated skirts and big trousers have been rarely seen in these years, but people will wear Yi clothing in the event of marriage and funeral, New Year’s Eve, and sending spirituality. The shirts of other colors are in the jacket, the head of the head is decorated with the hero, the left ear wears yellow and red ear beads, and the shoulder -hanging hero belt (Yi language is called “Erhe Du”). , Especially when a woman gets married, she must wear exquisite long -sleeved clothes, gowns and pleated skirts. It is dressed up by a middle -aged woman full of children. , Wrap the golden hat flower on the head of the forehead, wearing gold and silver ears or agate, pearls, pearls, silver collar flowers in the neck and neck, wearing silver or gold bracelets, rings, and then wearing a dark blue double layer pleated Pseuded felt.

Since the 1980s, in addition to the rural elderly people, the Yi people still wear Yi clothing, and more and more people have worn Yi and foreign popular clothing. Such as women wearing Yi clothes and gowns, wearing Ore or Russia (Yi Toupa), with single pants. Some young and middle -aged men and women are dressed up and wearing popular pants. Students and children are almost wearing modern popular costumes. Most men, women, and children are wearing popular clothing and shoes and socks.

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彝族服饰 | 男女老少服饰 四季各有不同

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