The TV box we contact daily is often uncomfortable. After all, as a product that provides software systems and played content for TV, most of the time is on the side of the TV cabinet. People’s visual focus is mainly on the TV screen. Naturally, all brands will focus on product software and hardware configuration, and the appearance will be kept in a state.

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

However, when Dangbei opened in 2022, it launched a new product Dangbei Super Box Max 1, which refreshed people’s awareness of the appearance of the TV box. It is equipped with a dot matrix screen, which gives the TV box “Yan”, and it is also equipped with high -end configuration of RK3566+6GB+64GB on the market, full of stacking.

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

How does such a new product of face and materials perform? I also received a TV box of Dangbei MAX 1, and followed the next evaluation to find out in detail.

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

The first intelligent electronic screen, the beautiful expression embellish your living room

Dangbe Max 1 TV box is quite attentive in product packaging. In addition to the TV body, the packaging is accompanied by a remote control, power cord, HDMI cable and remote control battery.

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

This TV box uses a cube shape and has an arc design on the edge. The overall size is close to the previous B1B3 products. The biggest change is that it is changed to a large black electronic matrix display. The eye -catching part of the TV box.

Behind the Beibei Max 1, there is a rich interface configuration, including a DC power interface, a USB3.0 interface, a USB2.0 interface, a Gigabit network, and an HDMI interface. Basically meet the connection needs of living room TV, and high -speed interfaces also provide sufficient bandwidth guarantee for playing high -definition video content.

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

Connect the TV box to the power supply and TV, and the front screen lights up and shows a pair of round eyes.

When connecting to WiFi, the pair of eyes will still look up and show some distress, as if you get up early to work and sleep.

This display can display a variety of face expressions. In addition to turning on and connected, there are also weather, played music spectrum, and voice response. When idle, it will display time like an electronic clock.

The original front display has brought very interesting changes to Dangbei Max 1, which makes the TV box that was originally ignored vividly and fresh, adding new fun to the living room. You can feel the interesting response of the device when using a TV daily, and also add other fun to watching movie leisure.

High -end processor+large memory, surpassing the strong performance of peers

In addition to the original appearance design, the stack of Dangbei Max 1 TV boxes is also sufficient in functional configuration, and the performance has gained leap forward.

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

When the Beibei Max 1 is equipped with an RK3566 processor, this processor uses a 4-core A55 architecture configuration to integrate the Mail-G52 2EE graphics processor. It is currently a rare high-end chip in the TV box.

In terms of memory, Dangbei Max 1 uses 6GB memory+64GB storage configuration. It is currently the largest TV box on the market, and it is Samsung DDR4 memory. It is very solid in terms of quality and operating speed.

The RK3566 high -performance processor and 6GB memory cooperate with each other, so that the test running is at the forefront of the TV box, which is slightly lower than that of Dangbei B3 Pro.

Dolby sound effects, 8K decoding audiovisual effect performed well

Relying on the high -performance and large memory of the processor, Dangbei Super Box MAX 1 shows excellent audio and painting performance.

In terms of picture quality, Dangbe Max 1 supports multi -format decoding, and 8K@24FPS videos that support the two coding methods of H.264/H.265.

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

In terms of display, Dangbe Max 1 supports 4K ultra -clear blue light image quality output, showing the original film -level delicate picture quality.

In addition, Dangbe Max 1 also supports HDR10 hardware -level high dynamic compensation, up to 10bit depth. We use HDR test videos to understand the actual performance of this TV box on high dynamic videos.

It can be seen that in the display screen, the light of the sun and the reflection brightness of the water waves are clear, and the gravel under the shadow is clearly distinguished and will not lose too much light and dark details.

Through the new generation of colorful picture quality enhanced engine PRO, Dangbei Super Box MAX 1 has a better picture quality rendering effect. In color testing, the color of the bell Max 1 output is rich and delicate, and the view is very excellent.

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

In terms of sound quality, Dangbe Max 1 supports Dolby/DTS transparency, and the high -end decoding function meets the needs of home speakers. In conjunction with home theater, the surround sound field stereo sound field can be achieved, showing the shocking audiovisual experience of the immersive sound.

A new generation of high -speed wifi 6, say goodbye to Katon to watch the movie

When the Beibei Max 1 is also upgraded on the network module, the new WIFI 6 protocol supports multi -end shared channels. The TV box can access the Internet with mobile phones and computers at the same time to enjoy unlimited networks. At the same time higher. The network speed of the evaluation room is limited by bandwidth, only less than 100m broadband network speed.

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

In terms of cable network, when the Beckham Max 1 is equipped with Gigabit limited network port to avoid the TV box interface and the Gigabit network cable “different size”, the TV box can be connected to the high -speed network. Watch the experience smoothly.

Android 11.0 is stronger and more stable, when the smoothness of the OS OS continues to be amazing

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

After testing the hardware configuration, we transfer the attention to the software system. Dangbe Max 1 is equipped with Android 11.0 system, which has higher security, stronger compatibility and better stability. Market and other third -party Android applications.

The Android 11.0 system provides a stable operating environment. At the same time, Dangbe Max 1 is equipped with a well -received Dangbe OS, which greatly improves the smoothness and convenience of use. The current TV box is basically canceled the start -up advertisement. When the Beibei Max 1 also directly displays the boot screen after turning on, you can enter the system without waiting.

The classification of TV series, movies, documentaries, animations, games, etc. in the system homepage interface is simple, which can easily find what you want to watch. Dangbei Max 1 covers the massive sources of iQiyi, Mango TV, Tencent, Youku, etc., and update the content of the entire network in real time. Don’t worry about the programs you want to watch.

In the system interface operation, we can feel that Dangbei OS system operations are very smooth, and there will be no stagnation stuck in functional selection, page switching and other links.

In addition, Dangbe OS also provides general models, children’s models and elderly mode to switch. The children’s mode can set the password by the parents to control the child’s use time; the old man mode has changed the font size. The three modes provide videos and experiences that are happy to see different ages and experiences.

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

As the basic configuration of the current TV box, Dangbe Max 1 is also equipped with a cloud game function. You can download applications such as Tencent START Cloud Games. Play large 3A games through the Internet, TV boxes less than 1,000 yuan can be more high -performance home consoles than shoulder.

I tried to play the racing game on the Start platform. Generally speaking, the operation basically did not feel the delay. It was almost different from the daily play online game. It will be affected. If you play 3A masterpieces, the Gigabit network will definitely not run.

Smart interaction easily control, diverse functions enjoy freely

There are two quite easy -to -use function keys on Dangbe Max 1’s remote control. One is the magic key designed on the side. When pressing, it will evoke the shortcut center of the TV, including setting, application, TV diagnosis and other common functions. Easily call out and avoid returning to the homepage to adjust the setting.

The voice keys on the front of the remote control are also very easy to use. What programs want to watch, what songs want to listen to, query weather, and news can be controlled by voice, which is very convenient and convenient.

Download the “Dangbei” on your mobile phone or use the “Dangbei OS” public account, you can turn your phone into a TV remote control. Not only can you complete the conventional control operation on your mobile phone, you can also use the retrieved button to find the remote control. This is that the remote control will continue to make titer to facilitate positioning.

Through the same screen function of mobile TV, you can project the TV screen to the phone. Press the desired content on the mobile phone screen, and the TV will make the same operation. This type of touch -screen control is simple and convenient, and it can get rid of the control of the local area network. Go out to control the TV screen in the home outside the home to help the family solve the problem remotely.

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

In addition, by connecting the home Internet of Things through the bell box, it can also use it as a home intelligent control terminal. The voice instructions can control home appliances. At present, smart home functions have supported multiple commonly used smart home brands.


2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

After some experience and testing, the performance of Dangbe Max 1 surprised me. This TV box has a unique design, full of fun, full configuration stack, and intelligent functions. It has both unique design and high -end performance. It is indeed upgrading to experience humanized TV systems, enjoyless advertising, rich intelligent control functions, rich intelligent control functions The optimal choice. Coupled with the current starting price of 699 yuan, it is worth starting.

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

2022年开年力作 高端新品当贝MAX 1电视盒子体验评测

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