#What to wear today#

In clothing wearing, many people will pay attention to the various combinations of clothes, such as color matching, fabric, version, etc., but few people will pay attention to the problems of shoes, and for those delicate girls, they will put their shoes. It looks very heavy, not only can it be played on wearing

The role of inheritance

, It can also bring full comfort.

In the autumn and winter seasons, most people don’t know what kind of shoes to wear? actually


Ankle boots

It is a very good choice. It is not only foreign, but also matches with various clothing. It is not dull at all visually, but it is very atmospheric.

It can not only be called autumn

“The King of Origin”,



“The Most Relieving and the Most In” Wang Fried Wing item

After all, wearing classics and advanced, can also let you control all kinds of occasions. Almost how to wear it is good -looking. Whether it is a thick leg or a fine -legged girl, it is fashionable.

Therefore, some people think that “ankle boots” are the highlights in the shoes. It is versatile and can be worn. Then, if you do n’t know what shoes are wearing, you may wish to consider the ankle boots. Intersection

The type of ankle boots

In fact, for ankle boots, it is just a general name for all short boots, and its involvement is also very wide, such as

Martin boots, Chelsea boots, round head straight boots


Wait, they are all in it.

Different shoes can also create different wear effects, and can also show different styles, but no matter from any perspective, ankle boots can meet your needs.

Warm and fashionable.


But although the ankle boots are very beautiful, there are still differentiated wear, so how to choose and how to match it? We together look!

Handsome Martin Boots

It seems that no matter when, Martin boots have always been a good heart of girls. Probably I feel that wearing it is fashionable and beautiful, and it can also show a casual effect. Therefore, it is also necessary for many cool girls to wear.


Very personality.

For Martin’s boots itself, it can really balance the trend and classics well, and can also switch the effects of wear, so it has always been the name of the boots.


It is both handsome and good -looking.

Martin boots wearing display

★ Black tight bag hip skirt+white Martin boots

Martin boots can really be combined with any kind of item, but many girls prefer to use it to match skirts, but this does not affect its dressing effect, but on the basis of handsomeness

Casual and chic beauty

, Very chic.

Black tight -fitting hip skirt, plus white Martin boots, one black and white way of wear, can also create



It is also very elegant and charming to wear.

★ Black suit+denim skirt+Martin boots

In autumn, a suit is also a single product that cannot be missing. Although for the black suit, it may have some dull effects visually, but this does not affect its dressing effect. It can be described as full of tone. The last pair of Martin boots is embellished, which is also super handsome!

Chelsea boots full of cavity

For Chelsea boots, if you have to describe it in a short sentence: shape

Simple and clean and full of British Fan

It looks very good to watch


Low -gang, narrow mouth, and elasticity are also the best description of it. It can fit the leg curve in the wear and modify the leg shape. Shoes, but ordinary girls can also dress well.

Chelsea boots wearing display display

★ Chelsea boots+jeans

I have to say that this kind of shoes and jeans are the most co -produced, not only wearing it with full fullness


Elegant feminine

, It can also create a full style and temperament, but in the choice of pants, you still have to pick it.

Under normal circumstances, straight tube or flared pants are the most common, which can well modify the leg shape, it is also very refreshing to wear, and it is not boring.

★ Red long skirt+Chelsea boots


If you think the Cherixie boots of the pure color series have less charm, then you may wish to choose the form of animal leather texture, which can break the monotonous feeling of clothing and wear, but also looks very very

Sexy and charming.

When a red wave dot skirt and animal pattern Chelsea boots, there seems to be nothing wrong with it. Instead, it can show more femininity when wearing it. It is too delicate to wear!

Casual and concise round head boots

Since the neutral style and the big women’s wind have attracted much attention, many clothing seems to have been playing

Handsome and sharp


The banner, and the big round head boots have become one of the best, not only good reputation, but also really handsome.

And the so -called round -headed straight boots are

Big round head+straight -straight boots


The seemingly simple and rude design can actually show a trend and handsome cool. Wearing it can not only correct the legs, but also look high and thin.

Showing display of round head boots

★ Black lamb fur+tight pants+round head straight boots

During the autumn and winter seasons, the cortical lamb hair coat is very suitable for most girls to wear, not only with some

Warm and foreign spirit

At the same time, the effect, at the same time, is also very handsome, not dull at all.

The lower body is paired with a pair of black tight pants+black round head boots, which can not only reflect the overall dressing effect, but also

Highlight the temperament

It can be described as fashionable and beautiful existence.

★ suit vest+trousers+round head straight boots

The suit vest, which has evolved from the suit, not only wears fashionable and temperament, but also highlights more casualness and elegance. Dress is very thin.

Breaking a pair of same suit pants and round -headed boots in the lower body. Although the overall style is a dark style, from the perspective of wearing, it can shape a temperament and beauty. Be more handsome and more stylish!

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