How to make your dog the most beautiful cub in the community? You can put a cute clothes for the dog!


This is a very detailed dog four -legged cotton jacket tutorial. There are detailed flowcharts and step analysis. I believe that you can learn from the hand! Cats and other pets can also be made with this method ~ This suit is beautiful and warm. You can wrap the dog’s body in cold days to prevent cold.

The cost is only a few dollars! The effect is not worse than the clothes of dozens of dollars in the store ~

What is made here is winter models. In winter, you can use double -layer fabric ~ choose cotton fabric inside, which is very warm.

People need to choose a size when buying clothes, and dogs are no exception. Dogs or small clothes dogs are tortured. Before making clothes, take out the soft ruler and measure the specific situation of the dog, including the surrounding of the neck, including the neck surrounding surroundings , Breast and length, the clothes made of this are the most suitable for dogs.


Tools that need to be prepared: soft ruler, scissors, needle wires


Materials that need to be prepared (can be replaced according to your preference): Light -colored cotton cloth is made of inner, yellow cotton cloth for outer layer, colorful velvet sweater as hats and front legs, green cotton cloth as hats and edges.

step one:

Tailor according to the length and scheme marked in the figure.

First of all, you must measure the size of the dogs, tailor -made, tailor -made clothes. When drawing drawings, it must be 1 ~ 2 cm wider than the size you measured. The clothes made of this are relatively loose and comfortable, suitable for dog sports. Note that this is only half. Two pieces should be cut out, and double layers are sutured from the opposite side.


Step 2:


The small open crotch pants are made. In order to wrap the dog’s little fart, you must sew a small loose band at the fart. You can use the rubber band with hair to replace it.

Step 3:

If you have conditions, you can make an exclusive hat for the dog ~ If you don’t think you need to skip it.


Use the same way to measure the dog’s head circumference and suture the back. Here is a green cloth strip to be used to use the edge. In this way, the yellow green contrast will not feel very boring, and it will make the dog more cute ~


Step 4:

On how to sew a small hat on a serial jacket, this is very simple, just sew it along the neckline. This hat is the size of the decoration, which is relatively small. If you want to wear a dog, you can make the hat wide ~

Step 5:

We finally opened the hole of the front leg to avoid sutures, which changed the size of the clothes to change, so that the clothes made by novice were not fit enough. The way to open the hole is to click a scissors at your selected position. Then follow the method in the drawing, cut out two rectangles and sew it at the opening. Finally, the four -legged lock edge, complete!


Be careful when scissors and needle cables, do not accidentally hurt; try to use comfortable and elastic fabrics (such as cotton) to make dog clothes.

In the end, the highly anticipated cubs try on the session ~ cheap and good -looking dog clothes, come and use your hands -on ability together!

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