Every moment after the baby was born, the parents couldn’t wait to record it. What was grinning for the first time?

好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

And the baby also brings too many surprises to the family, especially in the past few months, almost a day, and new skills have emerged.

However, some parents may be worried. They are children who are born at almost a time. Other people are about to learn to climb. My baby is still struggling to roll in bed. manage?

This reminds the majority of Bao Da Bao, the baby’s fitness exercise must be from childhood, and the growth of bones and muscles can be enhanced by exercise, and the comprehensive development of the body is promoted.

First of all, for the baby who was born soon, we prepared a intimate gift-

Fisher luxury piano colorful fitness device


On the original basis, this fit

Multi -upgrade


Starting from the newborn, the newly increased music with a cheerful 20 -minute cheerful music can be switched to short music about animals at 3 months. It can be switched to the content, shape and numbers of the introduction of color, shape and numbers. And voice content enlightenment baby.

From the newborn to 6 months, it provides a more suitable learning content for babies of different ages. For a longer time for babies, it can be used for a while, and the cost -effectiveness should not be too high ~

Toy arch

Can be disassembled, yes

Small mirror

Small ivory gum

好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

Soft panda toys

,and also

Lion ringing


好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

Monkey ring

好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

A variety of materials and colors, different sensory experiences for babies not only cultivate the baby’s cognitive ability from an early age, but also attract the baby to explore around.


Lying down, playing on your stomach, sitting and playing

好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

In the process of reaching out and raising the body, the small muscles on the body are also trying to grow.

Don’t worry, even if it is soiled, the game cushion

Soft and thick, can be washed

, Mom can also worry about it, the key is to take it for a long time!

Before the baby is crawling, a little discomfort will accompany crying.

At this time, the mother can give the baby some soothing toys, such as arranging a trusted partner for TA, preferably that kind

The gentle and cuteness of the appearance of the appearance, can also sing for the baby to listen to

This says … is not recommended to mothers today

Feixue little monster

? Intersection

I face value full points, cute little monster online coaxing baby

This big -eyed little monster

There is a cute face that has a baby who will not resist

, Purple fluff is very recognizable,

好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

It is also good for the baby’s visual perception power


好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

I singing a little master, soothing the baby has one hand

There is a note button on it, as long as you press it, the little monster will become a coaxing baby.

Make all kinds of interesting voices

Just a smile for Bowa, let the baby love it ~

I gentle touch is flattering

There is a small bag on its chest,

It is used to put a small gadget for all kinds of babies

It’s also good, the small hand is out,

Little fingers are active

It’s ~

As for the touch, look at the soft and delicate fluff and touch the super comfortable,

I feel so good enough

At this time, TA is more willing

Take the initiative to explore and discover

Unknown around. Crazy is a very important thing for babies,

好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

Usually 7-10 months

Babies gradually learn to crawl to explore the world!


Fei Xue little fox

It is a crawling toy particularly loved by the baby,

6 months+

You can play with your baby, and you can bring your own

Learning machine function

One thing

This little fox is not simple ~

But when it comes to learning climbing, it is more than just a baby. Moms and dads are actually so tired.

In order to guide the baby to crawl, parents get

Climbing, moving in front of the baby like a puppy, the waist can’t hold it up.


With Fei Xue’s little fox, really liberated parents!

Press the switch, it invites the baby, “Hello, follow me, follow me!” As soon as the ground, move forward slowly,

The speed is just right

, Attract the baby to open his arms and legs to catch it.

No need for mom and dad to climb in front of the guidance

, Give all this to it, don’t cry or make trouble, let the baby feel happy to crawl this skill.

Its another heavy identity

It is a puzzle early teaching machine ~

Number, English

好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

I can sing, I can even sing for the baby,

Contains more than 45 kinds of rich content

Doing all kinds of interesting interactions with your baby.


好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

With lively music, you can enter these numbers and English to the baby’s small brain

好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人


好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

Come and pick this cute little fox, let TA come to accompany the baby’s growth ~

Who doesn’t want the first step of your baby to take a steady first step, and since then, his own beautiful life journey …

The most critical step in growth is learning steps. After the baby is 9 months, he will start learning.

At this time, this one

Fisher Video Game Step Vacuum

You can arrange it ~

Fei Xue’s video game learning step vacuum cleaner, there is

Bilingual soundtrack, sound and light interaction

好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

When the baby’s small hand is gently pulled the switch, an interesting sound effect will be emitted.

Smooth handle

, Give your baby a more comfortable feel experience.

Rolling wheels horizontal pattern raised

好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人

, Increase the friction and make the baby’s implementation process more secure.

Learning while playing, unknowingly, a small step has become more and more stable ~

And its appearance is also very pleasing, adopted

Simulation design

, Simin


, Cultivation of a good habit of doing housework from a young age, becoming a little helper for mothers ~

Colorful lights

Digital turntable

, Attract the baby’s attention ~

Bright colors and cute patterns

, Even full of childishness.

When exercising the arm and leg muscles,

Light -saving handle

You can give your baby better support and at the same time

The handle that can be adjusted

It also makes it difficult for the baby to fall.

Whether it is a crawling toy, soothing toy, or learning toys, choosing the right can not only make the baby laugh, but also cultivate various abilities by the way. Isn’t this every three?




好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人




好物 | 从小让娃这样玩,身体发育、智商都不输同龄人



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