French style

What elements do you think of?

Is it Sabina Socol’s short -sleeved cardigan + straight jeans, a lazy city?

Or is Jeanne Damas’s floral wrap skirt + small golden shoes/straw shoes, more idyllic?

After going around, by this summer, the French girls finally fell in love with the same item:




High -heeled slippers



First fascinated by Sabina Socol’s group of pictures–

The cardigan + jeans are still familiar with the “effortless” formula, in fact, from the waist to ankle, they are secretly working.

As a Frenchman, he did not forget to drink a drink during his home isolation.

There are a pair of photos in the upper and lower photos

White slippers

The figure.


In fact, it is two doubles, which looks almost the same.

A pair of rough heels are the JUJU of BY FAR, $ 290.


The other two sides + crocodile pattern, from the American brand Paige, known for jeans, priced at $ 278.

As for Jeanne Damas, the love of knitted cardigan + floral vest/dress has not changed.

It’s just more recently

A pair of new shoes

Send photos (right picture) to friends and show their feet and be proud.

This pair of weaving slippers comes from her

Personal brand

Rouje has three colors: black, white and taro purple, priced at 220 euros.

There is another French girl who often appears in this report, which is Anne-Laure Mais.

Whether you take a selfie or pizza, you don’t forget to show high -heeled slippers on your feet.

But one of the best pairs, from her personal brand Musier.

She also said that she was the favorite and has been worn recently. (Her rainbow -colored French nails also look good.)

In addition to the brown crocodile pattern, there is also a silver glitter version (right) with the same model, and the advertisement is also more beautiful.


The two pairs below are 165 and 175 euros, respectively.


Why this summer, French girl


Love in love

High -heeled slippers?

(Model Hailey Clauson, this pair of CILLE slippers of LPA, $ 118.)

It’s not because it can expose skin to the maximum area, and the heels are hanging on the way, the whole

Lazy and sexy


(The pair of taro purple from the Dutch brand Wandler, 425 euros.)

Lazy + sexy + simple and simple, isn’t it the effect of the French girl’s pursuit?


And according to the actual feelings of her mother -in -law, today’s high -heeled slippers are done more than ten years ago.

A lot of wear

Everyone can try it.

There are more and more suitable occasions.

The same pair of Amina Muaddi black high -heeled, Rosie girl is a female boss, and the female boss is off work every day.


As long as the shape is simple and the color is pure, it is completely possible

Go to the office

(The American fashion editor -aggers Kristen Marie Nichols and the Dutch blogger Linda Tol’s slippers are from LPA and Jimmy Choo, respectively.)

The new models of each brand are also full of tricks.

The Italian brand GIA Couture and the Dutch brand Wandler have launched mature


Brown crocodile pattern

The prices are 294 and 375 euros, respectively.

American fashion reporter Alyssa Coscarelli and French blogger Camille Charrière fell in love with

Black and white animal pattern


The dairy and zebra slippers on their feet come from two net red brands: Songofstyle and Staud.


In terms of style, it is still created by BV

Super generous head

It is the mainstream.

For example, the U.S. blogger Reese Blutstein and Danish stylist Emili SINDLEV’s feet.

However, according to my mother -in -law’s judgment, the high heels will become more and more beautiful, restore its original “


Staud and Wandler’s new models are feathers & white lace, which is named “Wedding Series”.

Since it is so red, today’s mother -in -law will introduce the two I have observed


Let’s refer to you when you buy high -heeled slippers.


the first is

Fang head + clamping toe

On the spring and summer of this year, the sharp brands such as BV and Givenchy have similar designs.

I remember that Celine was similar to N years ago.

Danish stylist Pernille Teisbaek and Italian brand GIA Couture launched this year

Joint series

Among them, this pair of toe reaches the INS screen effect.

Price 346 euros.

She and German blogger Leonie Hanne both match

Khaki suit

, With brown shoes look capable.

Two stylists: Alexandra Carl and Beatrice Gutu are more special –



Black and leather

+ White slippers, it looks cool.

The above are wearing fashion weeks, British blogger Lucy Williams and French blogger Marta Cygan stayed at home to put Pose.

The upper looks soft, convenient for various shapes.

It seems to see, or

Light Brown

best looking.


Like the French fashion consultant Chloé Harrouche and American blogger Leandra Medine, trousers and jeans can hold it.

The second popular direction of high -heeled slippers is more suitable for you.

That is a pair

Dazzling color

The picture above is from German blogger Leonie Hanne. Her personal characteristics are wearing big names + eye -catching colors.


I bought 10,000 pairs of color high -heeled drags this year!



It is used to play contrasting games …


The BV high -heeled drag is used to wrap the color with BV …


There are more pairs


It is used to echo the suits of the same color.

A white bag in my hand looks more refreshing.

However, compared with all kinds of pink color, I prefer the following.

dark red


Sies marjan suit & Diorbao, match

rose Red

Take & high -heeled shoes inside.


The PVC high heel on her feet was dragged from Amina Muaddi, 495 euros.


This brand of wine glass has various fluorescent colors this year, with transparent materials, it seems to be



Put on your feet.

The Italian brand Attico also has a particularly dazzling high -heeled drag in this season.

Orange satin fabric + semi -transparent pearl flower, the general clothes can’t hold it at all.

The Dutch brand Wandler, who was still in the workplace last year, also replaced his iconic square slippers ISA this year, with satin, patent leather and various strong colors.

The most exciting high -heeled drag on the mother -in -law is still the pair of American brand LPA–


Blue is called Gaspard, $ 158.

Pink and fruit green are called “Augustine” and “Oscar”, both of which are currently popular wrinkle satin uppers, both of which are $ 168.


The styling is beautiful, the color is coquettish, and you want to wear the simplest white Tee jeans to match them, one second

Becomes a very good


Alright, high -heeled cold

Two popular directions

That’s it, either a super mature toe, or a super eye -catching color slippers.

As a middle -aged woman with the heart, both mother -in -law likes!











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