A pair of elderly people drove a three -wheeled battery car to turn over, and the guy quickly lifted the car. The old man did not thank the old man. He dragged the guy’s belt and did not let him go. He also said that the guy knocked himself down and let the pay 500 yuan. On May 26, a short video of “guys helping the elderly against the elderly” spread in the circle of friends. In the afternoon of the same day, a reporter from the China Business Daily confirmed from the police office of Hengzhou (county -level city) in Nanning City, Guangxi. At noon on the 25th, the police had warned and criticized the elderly because they were residated by the elderly with a minor injury.

Video: The guy lifted up the old man and dragged his belt and did not let it go

The old man falls to the ground


The guy goes to the old man

The guy supports the bus moment

The old man holds the guy’s belt and does not let it go


On the afternoon of May 26, a video of “guys helping the elderly against the elderly” spread in the circle of friends. Video time and text shows that the case occurred at the intersection of a village (county -level city) in Hengzhou City, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

The video shows: At 12:45 on May 25, a pair of elderly people riding a three -wheeled battery car from the main road from the main road to the village road turned to the left, even the person with a car fell to the ground heavy. The items such as bags are also sprinkled on the ground.

In the picture, the elderly couples are wearing straw caps. The old man is the first to stand up. The old man may be pressed by the car and has not been able to stand up. At this time, a young man in a black T -shirt opposite the road walked towards the old man quickly. While saying something, he lifted the car, and the male old man slowly stood up. At the same time, a woman wearing a yellow T -shirt came from the direction of the young man.

A reporter from the China Business Daily noticed that before the young man walked towards the elderly, a motorcycle drove quickly from the old man and did not stop.

After doing it, the young man and the elderly couple said did not leave. In another video, the male old man pulled off the guy’s belt with his right hand, and his left hand dragged the guy’s belt position to prevent the guy from leaving. The guy reluctantly picked up his mobile phone to call the police. Seeing the guy’s alarm, the male old man once grabbed the guy’s mobile phone and yelled out. During the entire incident, the guy has not exceeded and excessive.

According to the villagers who arrived later, after the old man’s car was lifted by the guy, the old man said that the guy hit him and asked the guy to compensate for 500 yuan. No matter how the guy explains, the old man refuses to let go. Faced with the persuasion of the villagers, the male old man said that his conscience was too good. Why didn’t the guy hit him? During this period, the old man was standing next to the electric car without speech.

Police: Has warning and criticism of the elderly

On the afternoon of May 26, the police of Lily Town Police Station in Hengzhou City, Nanning City told the China Business Daily that after receiving the alarm, the police quickly arrived at the scene. At that time, the local traffic police had dealt with the scene. Because the elderly are currently suffering from minor injuries (scrubbing the skin and feet), they are being treated in the hospital. They are preparing to write a transcript to the elderly to understand the situation at the time. “The old man is a local villager. The guy’s uncle’s family and the elderly who are helped by the elderly are in the same village. According to the villagers, the elderly usually have some dementia, and the guy is not affected by this.”

The relevant police of the traffic police brigade of the Hengzhou Public Security Bureau told the China Business Daily that the guy and the elderly did not know before the incident. After the incident, the traffic police rushed to the scene for the first time, and confirmed that the guy was not responsible through the driving recorder of the young man.


In response to reporters’ requests for interviews, Hengzhou police said that it is not convenient to provide contact information of the parties for the time being.

Voice: Netizens condemned and asked to punish the elderly

A reporter from the China Business Daily noticed that after seeing the video, most netizens were angry and condemned the behavior of being supported by the elderly.

Netizen “Zhongshan”: The heart of a good person must be punished severely.

Netizen “Maple Leaf”: Be sure to punish the elderly in the elderly, otherwise, who dares to do good deeds in the future.

Netizens “bluntly”: The bad guys get older, everyone must polish their eyes, and they must find evidence before doing well.


Netizen “Shan”: It should be sued him to give the society a reason for the elderly to fall.

Netizens “dangerous”: They must also be sentenced to those who touched porcelain, and the elderly were suspected of extortion.

Netizens “New Year”: The old man dares to help, and it is shameful; if someone helps but is touched, it is even more shameful. Fortunately, there is a driving recorder, otherwise the kind car owner may really lose money.

Said: The old man is suspected of extorting and extorting

In addition to being condemned in this case, should the behavior of the elderly bear legal responsibility? If there is no testimony of the driving recorder, the guy may be wronged. What preparations should be made before helping the elderly? Netizens spread the video in the group (the elderly did not code). Does it violate the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly in the party? According to these topics involved in this case, a reporter from the China Business Daily interviewed relevant lawyers.

Yang Weihua, a lawyer of Shanghai Dehehan Tong Law Firm, believes that the elderly in this case are suspected of extortion and have a small amount. If the amount is small, it can be punished by security.

“Now the social trust is low, and the public generally sympathize with the disadvantaged groups such as the elderly. Therefore, before helping the elderly, the preparation for preservation of evidence is still prepared. The most common is mobile phone video.” Yang Weihua said that similar cases, individuals were photographed and spread without consent. It may be suspected of infringing the right to portrait, it is recommended to codes the parties.

Lawyer Zhang Xinnian believes that although the video will have a poor impact on the old man after the exposure, it is obviously more important to expose this adverse phenomenon. Traveling to the public interest.

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