After a year, the children have taken a lot of New Year’s money, and most of them will ask parents to buy a toy, but these 5 kinds of toys must choose carefully, or simply do not buy it.

Magnetic bead


Magnetic beads, also known as “Buck”, are colorful and colorful, can build different shapes, cultivate children’s creativity and imagination, and are loved by parents.

But magnetic beads have potential risks that cannot be ignored. The magnetic beads are very small and are easily swallowed by children as snacks. Once they eat it, they are prone to suffocation in the trachea. If you enter the intestine, 2 or even more magnetic beads attract each other in the stomach, sucking each other across the intestinal mucosa, which can easily cause intestinal perforation, gastric perforation or obstruction, and may also occur with blood poisoning, endangering life.

On January 12 this year, the 27 -month -old boy in Changchun, Jilin, was taken to the hospital because he accidentally swallowed 3 magnetic beads and took it out for surgery. And in this case, the hospital will pick up 6-7 a month, so parents must pay attention.


In the relevant documents of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the State Inspection and Quarantine of the State Inspection and Quarantine, it was listed as the first place in vision harmfulness and there are children with large hidden dangers.


Experiments show that the 8 -layer newspaper can be penetrated with laser pens for 20 seconds. The match can be burned immediately with a laser pen to the gunpowder point. This shows how high the laser temperature of the laser pen is.

In addition, the eyes of our human body are to see things with macular, and macular is the most keen place in the human eyes. There are a lot of visual cells and pigment epithelium. If the laser pen is accidentally shot directly to the eyes, it will cause the protein solidification instantaneous in the eyes. The visual cell death will become an empty bubble, and the visual function will be lost.

Therefore, the eye damage caused by the laser pen is very serious, and it is irreversible. Don’t buy it for your child.

Water baby

Water baby becomes large and rich in color. However, it is easy to be eaten by children as candy in play, which will not only cause poisoning, but also absorb water in children’s body, which can easily cause “intestinal obstruction” and seriously endanger children’s life safety.


In November last year, a 1 -year -old girl in Shenzhen, Guangdong caused severe intestinal obstruction due to accidental swallowing water.


Coincidentally, in January this year, similar things happened in Chongqing.

Crystal puree

Crystal puree is a kind of software, almost all “crystal puree” on the market add borax. Borax is a boron -containing mineral, which is often used in cleaner and pesticides, which is highly toxic. If the human body consumes too much borax, it will cause multiple organs to poison.

If the child does not wash his hands after playing with crystal mud, borax can easily be eaten into the stomach, or it is absorbed by damaged skin, causing the endocrine system, reproductive system, and liver and kidney function.

There are traction toys with long rope

Many traction toys have a long rope, which will accidentally trip the child, because the child’s physical coordination ability is limited, and it cannot be responded quickly after the trip. It can easily cause secondary damage.

At the same time, children can easily wrap the rope on their bodies in play, such as fingers or necks. They are not found in time, which causes the finger to bechemia or necrosis, which may cause suffocation and death.

What kind of rope toy is safe? The length of the toy rope within one and a half years should be less than 22 cm, which is probably the length of the adult female arm (excluding the wrist). If there is a closed loop on the rope, the extended perimeter should not exceed 36 cm. Toy ropes from one and a half years old do not exceed 22 cm long, but there is no closed loop.

So, what should I do to choose a safe and assured toy for children?

one look

1. Look at the applied age: Children who are young should play large toys. Toys containing small parts small parts are not suitable for young children.


2. Look at the packaging of toys: If it is a compliance toy produced by regular manufacturers, the manual will indicate the age of children who are suitable for playing, parents can choose to buy according to the instructions and specific conditions.

3. Look at the 3C logo: Resolutely do not buy and do not accept three products.




If you play a pungent smell, parents must not buy it. Some toy packaging is better. We may not smell the odor during the purchase period, so we must open the packaging after returning home and check it.

Three touch

1. Parents should touch whether the toy structure is firm, whether the four -week corner is sharp, and whether there is a gap in dangerous activities (the safety gap is within 5 mm or outside 12 mm). Be sure to check whether its overall structure is stable.


2. Parents should not let their children directly contact the battery in electric toys. It is best to cover and fix the battery with a nut, and check whether the battery is loose regularly.

Four trials

If conditions permit, parents are best to try or understand the toy function when buying toys, so as to find possible hidden dangers.

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