Jitai Co., Ltd.: It is intended to invest in Anqing to build new material industrial base projects such as photovoltaic glue

China Securities Network News (Wang Yan) Jitai Co., Ltd. (002909) announced on the evening of October 28. The company signed the “Project Investment Cooperation Agreement” with the Management Committee of Anqing High -tech Industrial Development Zone on the same day to plan to invest in the construction of a new material industry base project.Construction of production workshops, comprehensive buildings and supporting facilities for photovoltaic glue, electronic glue, coatings, sealing rubber and other products.The project covers an area of about 1,000 acres and is constructed in three phases. The investment intensity of fixed assets is not less than 2 million yuan/mu.

According to Jitai, if the project is progressing smoothly, it will help further improve and strengthen the national layout of the company’s business, expand the scale of business, enhance market penetration, meet the capacity of the company’s future operation expansion, realize the company’s healthy and sustainable development of the companyEssence

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