The weather slowly turned cold, and adults put on boots,

Chengdu children’s shoes

I also caught up with a trend, and they have been on the shelves.

Girl boots


Let’s attract everyone’s attention. What styles are these small boots? Let Xiaobian lead everyone to see it together.

1. Low short boots


Foots are very important for people, not to mention children with very low immunity. The baby’s development is not complete, and the feet are very delicate, so you must buy a good pair of children’s shoes. The girl’s boots of the leather low tube look very fashionable, and the material is also carefully selected and stretched out, which will not make the baby’s feet feel stuffy. It is very breathable. Little star.

2. Knight boots

This kind of boots are very handsome, and there is a Western style to wear. The merchants of Chengdu children’s shoes have been purchased. The modern style is very attractive. It is the favorite of the little princess, and the shoes are very novel, so that children will like it when they see it.

3. Snow boots

Of course, snow boots are indispensable for snowy days. It is warm and beautiful. You can wrap your baby’s feet inside without the cold wind. Not only the baby likes it, but the adult is more assured. No matter where you are, the baby who taught you this boots must be very beautiful.

The family, one of the Chengdu children’s shoe manufacturers, has developed these new models this year before October, so that businesses in various places can book in advance. Find family Belle ( when purchasing winter girl boots (

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