A hot hot pot can eliminate the cold winter.


The focus of the hot pot is to continue heating. Watching the ingredients rolled in the hot hot pot, rolling in the hot pot, rolling the heat, not to mention how happy it is. And if you want to achieve the freedom of hot pot at home, the commonly used is an induction cooker or electrical furnace, which has no light fire and it is convenient to control the firepower.

Although the induction cooker and the electric ceramic furnace are only the difference, there is a essential difference.


So which one is better for both?

Heating principle


induction cooker:

The induction cooker is a magnetic resonance through the electromagnetic wave to heat the bottom of the pot, thereby heating the bottom of the pot to achieve the purpose of cooking food.

Electric ceramic heaters:

Although the electric ceramic furnace looks similar to the induction cooker, the name sounds similar.

However, its working method is to heat the wire after power -on, then pass the heat to the pot, and then heat the food.

Functional comparison

The temperature of the induction cooker can reach

200 ~ 300 ° C, can meet frying, stew,

Rich function, but in comparison, the induction cooker can be done more, and it can

It is comparable to the bright stove, such as cooking, boiled soup, decoction, tea, barbecue, etc.


Comparison of adaptation

The ordinary induction cooker is only adapted to the iron pot due to heating methods, and the pottery stove does not have much restrictions on the pot. Whether it is metal or ceramic, as long as it is high -temperature resistant, it can be placed.


Temperature adjustment comparison

The heat -heating speed of the induction cooker is fast and the thermal efficiency is very high. It can be boiled quickly with heating water. Hot pots and noodles do not need to wait for a long time. But the heat is not easy to control and it is easy to burn.

The temperature of the electric ceramic furnace is very high, but the temperature is not constant, because it will automatically disconnect after reaching a certain temperature, so its temperature cannot be constant, high and low.



The criticism of the induction cooker has always been “radiation problem”, although there is indeed radiation problem.

However, as long as it is a regular product, the radiation emitted by the induction cooker has basically no harm to the human body.

Due to its fever, the electric ceramic furnace takes time to heat up, and it takes time after cooling.

A large amount of calories are concentrated on the stoves and pots,

It is easy to accidentally hot in use.

price comparison

The price of the electric ceramic furnace will be higher than that of the induction cooker.


Which is better for induction cooker and electric ceramic furnace? In contrast, Sister Wow still thinks that the induction cooker is better, after all, the safety is the first.

How to buy an induction cooker?


A good induction cooker, firepower is very important, and the size of the firepower lies in power. Generally, the power of 2000W fire is sufficient.

2. Panel

The material of the panel determines the working performance and service life of the induction cooker. At present, the mainstream panel material is two types: ceramic panel and micro -crystal panel.

3. wire disc

The larger the wire disc, the larger the heating area, the more uniform heating it. The current mainstream line disk diameter is

150mm-180mm, a few can reach 200mm.

So, which kind of electrical appliances are more willing to choose? Welcome to leave a message to tell me!

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