There is a jacket that I suggest you buy it! it

It is comparable to down jackets and cotton clothes, but the price is hundreds of hundreds of cheaper than down jackets.

I would like to call it the “mink” of the slum girl –

Lamb hair jacket.

Lamb hair is

Grand Uasers of this year of autumn and winter

Recently, many fashion bloggers have been arranged, and I have been successfully planted;

@I just eat it

It can be salty or sweet with lamb hair jacket,

Can easily create multiple styles


And feel

Plel, soft


Yes, who wears a comfortable mood in winter; my boyfriend can’t help but want to touch both hands, kissing two!

But the lamb hair coat on the market

The styles are messy

, Pick the wrong model is easy to wear into a bear;

Like@像 像 来, it was originally a large skeleton, slightly fat body, and wearing oversize lamb hair, showing fat +1;

Change to the stitching model, immediately lose weight

Today I will share it, each of which must


How to choose a lamb wool jacket & how to wear it to keep warm and thin

Don’t wear these models, buy one and throw one!

Lamb hair jacket is originally thick,

The extended plush design will be more bloated

There is also a sense of aggressive upstart.

Do n’t buy long lamb hair, it ’s a quilt for walking,


The little sisters are wearing a man and fat.



The length should be selected around the buttocks

, Blocking the width, covering the belly, and not pressing height.



, Bringing the lamb wool lapel design must also be avoided, with a sense of expansion, making the hair collar will make the short neckless bear bears ~!


Small lapels are suitable for most girls.


@松 松 _

In addition to buying a lamb hair jacket, it is also a skill to see the buttons design;

Horn buckle

Lamb hair can visually divide the upper body, which is thinner than ordinary small buttons and zipper models, and the slightly fat sisters are super!


Fat girls remember


Avoid light color,


Buy dark lamb hair

, Will be thinner;


In addition, the slightly fat sisters can pay more attention

“Switch lamb hair” and fur integration

The lamb hairy jacket will be thinner than all lamb hair styles!

How to wear lamb hair is thin and beautiful!


① The outer pine is tight and tight, so it is not bloated!

It is said that lamb hair is a single product with fluffyness; so I suggest you do not pull the zipper, don’t buckle the buttons




The width of the jacket in the middle,

It will not look too strong.

@小 小 is not confident

The coat is fluffy enough, don’t wear loose models in the inside,

For example, stacked sweaters and thick sweaters will appear sloppy and swollen.

Try to choose body models and high waist pants, high waist skirt, according to what yesterday said

“Outer pine tightness” stacking law


Come to be thinner.

@Nicki@q a T

The little sister can make a short top,

Putting high waist micro -trousers and split -pants on the lower body,

One meter five can also wear a supermodel ratio.


In addition, bloggers still love to get

Lamb hair creates the same color to wear

For example, with the Crills tube top+hot girl pants, you can easily create an American retro style, handsome to fry!



② Tight upper down, even thinner!

Wearing this fluffy jacket, there must be a place in the whole body

Highlighting the “thin” place

, Can it look good.


For example, bloggers love to use the most

“Upper Panasonic Tight” wear method

, Specific application as: Take up

Lamb hairy coat+shark pants

The legs are more slender against the fluffy jacket.



However, the lower body is easy to look at the weight of the body. At this time

Don’t watched the hair

Because the presence of the head is strong, it will make the upper body swelling and swollen.

It is very acceptable to tie a ball head, it looks small, and it can be a few centimeters tall;


③ Soft+hard high -level method


Lamb hair is too soft and waxy, so need


Hard single products will not be pulled across

For example, with a hard bag, the lamb hair is not so fluffy when you look at it.

Another example is paired with a tough body

Leather skirt, denim skirt


Isn’t sweet and cool wind here?

Girls who don’t want to show their legs in winter, with straight tube

Jeans, flared pants, work pants, sweet, not greasy, thin and warm, win -win!


Shoes can also choose tough fabrics such as Martin boots, knight boots, and daddy shoes. Proper locomotive hot girls are undoubtedly!

Alright! today

How to choose, how to wear a lamb hairy jacket


That’s it! Remember the trick?






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