The mountains are cold in winter, and the human body consumes about 10-20%more energy. Therefore, wearing a functional climbing suit with light and windproof, waterproof, heat preservation, and breathable, wear a thick background and tie the winter mountaineering shoes. The light and large items are placed under the backpack and placed it on top of it.

Go slowly before climbing the mountain. When climbing the mountain, you must do your best. Do not climb the mountain too hard. Climb for 1 hour, rest for 5-10 minutes, and rest for 1-2 minutes on the steep slope. Up -raillic roads: Shoelaces should be relaxed, and the stride is not easy to be too large. The soles of the feet are completely placed on the slope to make the friction area maximize to avoid slipping. Do not be too curved in your body. Keep your body straight downhill:

Up -raillic road: The shoelaces should be relaxed, the stride is not easy to be too large, the soles of the feet are completely placed on the slope, making the friction area maximize, so as not to slide. The influence of feet and shoes is easy to leave, hurting the feet, or producing blisters.


Code of Shanxing: Be sure to confirm the weather forecast before departure, set off early, and go down the mountain early. For those who are weak, eat snacks frequently, do not act separately, bring back garbage, prohibit the use of fire sources [“The Realm of the Couple”, “Follow the lives of the people and promote traditional culture”. What you care about is what I pay attention to. Welcome to follow, comment, collect ,Forward. The contents of this header number are original, and the stolen must be investigated]

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