Before seeking this kind of shampoo, you briefly think about a problem. If there is such a shampoo, why are there such bald people on the street? Why do those celebrities who become bald do not buy this shampoo early? Is it because they have no money? Or because they didn’t think about treating hair loss at all? Obviously, they are rich, and it is not easy to buy a bottle of shampoo! Under the premise of formula safety, shampoo can only achieve the effect of oil removal, dedue, and anti -departure. So what is worthy of their hair care shampoo in the bag?

TOP1, Ningzhi’s Mystery Bird’s Nest Protein Shampoo

This shampoo contains He Shouwu extract, sesame seed extract, Sanqi extract, Artemisia annua, extract, Xiaoyu bird’s nest extract, fragrant leaves natural plant extract, can prevent hair loss, maintain hair, gently rubbing bubbles lightly The bubbles are dense and rich, effectively clean the hair, can nourish and repair the hair well, solve the greasy, frizzy hair, scattered dandruff, and hair odor.

TOP2, NiuCoco coconut oil washed hair

The main function of the scalp is the main ingredient of coconut oil, and it uses a mild table activity system+food -grade preservatives. In short, it is a good ingredient, and pregnant women and babies can use shampoos.


TOP3, Japan March Maro17 collagen shampoo

This shampoo prevention is also taking into account oil control. It is used to confirm that the oil is much less than before, and the overall washing is gentle.


TOP4, Australian SELSUN shampoo

It tastes very good, it is a bit like the taste of chemicals, but it can be accepted after washing. The liquid liquid is very liquid and the color is not uniform. The hair is fluffy, refreshing, and the oil control effect is very good. It used to wash it a day, and it was OK for two or three days.

TOP5, Xianzhimi, warm and moisthop in the court

0.9%of the salicylic acid, as a kind of hair root absorbing paper, can dissolve excess oil on the scalp, so as to avoid excessive sebum secretion and cause malaxia’s abnormal proliferation, thereby cleaning the keratinous layer and dredging the pores of the scalp. In addition, neurotide, as a scalp nutrition agent, can repair the barrier of the scalp and improve itching caused by dandruff.

TOP6, exposed T-Gel coal scorched oil washing water


Shampoo seems simple but complicated. The complex reason is that the hair grows on the scalp, and the characteristics of the scalp and hair are completely different. It can be said that the hair is dead, unconscious, and the scalp is alive. Any shampoo has an impact on the scalp and hair, but it seems to have a greater impact on the scalp. After all, the scalp is alive, and the chemical composition in the shampoo will have a little effect on the scalp.


TOP7, DOVE rich fluffy shampoo


Doffin’s full and moisturizing hair washing water specially adopted a mild silicone -free formula. It has the characteristics of fast foam and delicate foam. When washing your hair, it can easily penetrate the hair follicles and sweep all the excess oil. After that, you only need to rinse a little, the hair can be refreshing, and there will be no residual, fake slip, and unclean situation.

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