The colorful paint is two or more different colors, sizes, and shapes of different colors, size, and shapes in the water -based coating to form a suspended scattered coating. After a spray, it can create almost the same texture effect as the rough stone.

The collapse of the primer selection, matching, and continuous granular color and size are the key to ensuring the colorfulness of the colorful paint.

Selection and matching of the same color primer

When the palette, first determine the color of the same color bottom, that is, the color reflected by the model when watching in the distance.

This is not only related to colorful paint, but also reduces the amount of top paint. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the main colors of colorful dispersion phase particles. The contrast should not be too strong, and the color of the final adjustment is slightly lighter than the color that the model itself.

Colorful granules color configuration

First of all, the choice of titanium white, according to the shades of color granular color of the model, transparent and translucent selection 0%titanium white base material and color selection 1%titanium white base material, the middle color is 0%titanium white and 1%titanium white white The base material is reproduced.

Secondly, the choice of color pulp, try to choose the inorganic iron color pulp, and use less colorful organic colored pulp.


There are three main reasons:

(1) The color of the marble is relatively soft and natural.


(2) High oil absorption of organic slurry, large amount of activity agent during grinding, will affect the stability of continuous phase particles.

(3) Inorganic color paste is better.

Again, the total amount of color pulp, the proportion of the total amount of color pulp should not exceed 5%to 8%in principle. When the dark color needs to be adjusted, you can add some lotion in the color. Including, then fine -tuning the color, and regulating viscosity to achieve the ideal effect.

Finally, the number of continuous granular color control is usually 5 to 7. It is difficult to have the layered effect of marble. Too many rejuvenation of the second replenishment is more difficult.

The size, how much, and distribution of colorful paint color particles is mainly determined according to the actual situation of the model. Generally, the number of large grains of large particles of 10-20 destinations first, and then determine the number and quantity of the more detailed dark color “numb dots”. The color particles can be about 40 meters.


After adjusting the color, it is best to compare the color on the base surface, because many color particles are translucent, and different colors will show different colors.


Control of spraying process

The colorful paint is sprayed with a dedicated spray gun. The pressure of the intake valve is adjusted according to the size of the sprayed pattern particles. The particles of the particles are small, and the particles of the particles can be larger. Generally, the pressure is controlled at 0.06 ~ 0.1MPa when the colorful paint is sprayed.

Colorful paint is generally used in ordinary 3.5mm-4.0mm spray guns.




In order to express the texture of the lychee noodles when doing the lychee surface

Spray twice


The first time is full spray, and the second pass is the scattering texture;

Waterburse water noodles

One -time spray


, Full spray can solve the simulation. When spraying, it must be sprayed according to the structural structure of the rough particles. It is best to put the raw stones in front of the eyes as a reference comparison before spraying.

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Selection and matching of the same color primer

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