Various cabinets are popular now,

Porch cabinet, living room TV cabinet, kitchen meal cabinet, bedroom wardrobe …

In fact, for small apartment types, if the entire cabinet is stored, this one will not only have high cost but also occupy a large area, but it seems crowded.

So to fight the cabinet everywhere,

It’s better to find a suitable place to create a storage room

, Storage is more powerful, more convenient to organize!

Let ’s take a look with me ~




Do you want to do a storage room?

When I first moved into a new home, the family was clean and neat, but the longer I lived, the more things added. Over time, you will find:

● The drawers and cabinets at home are messy;

● I can’t find it if I want to find something to turn over the box;

● Small and small courier boxes are piled up at the corner of the porch and balcony;



The home became a little messy.

A independent storage room is actually to make these “chaos”,

Let everything “I don’t know where to go” and find your own destination


for example:

1. Daily consumables


● Food: drinks, snacks, seasonings, etc.;

● Clean category: paper towels, laundry fluids, cleaners, etc.;

● Protective category: shampoo, bath liquid, hand -toilet, etc.

2. Home Tools

● Cleaning: broom, vacuum cleaner, mop, etc.;

● Repair category: ladder, wrench, electric diamond, rose, scissors, etc.;

● Others: suitcases, sports equipment, camping tools, etc.

3. Seasonal supplies

● After the season, clothes and bedding, etc.;

● Seasonal sexual utensils, such as electric fans, heaters, etc.

4. Leisure items

● The shoe box that is reluctant to throw, the courier box, the packaging bag that you will always use;


● Useless but commemorative decorations, gifts from friends, etc.;

● The idle items that are hung on the idle fish are waiting for sale.

These things can be classified and stored in a storage room,

Each item is arranged clearly


, Usually close the door

“I don’t see it for a net”

, Peaceful.

After the items are concentrated, it will become simple to find it at any time.

Seeing this, do you have a little bit of excitement? If you have any, follow Le Ye and look down ~



How to build

Storage Room?

Surrounding your home 360 ​​degrees, did not find a suitable place to do a storage room?

In fact, there are not many area occupied by storage,

Often 1-2 square meters can create a storage room with a very strong storage capacity

So there is no one to squeeze one.



For some in the living room, Le Ye suggested that you can build a storage room here.


The combination of the porch cabinet with the storage room can not only increase the storage space, but also solve the embarrassment of no porch in the household.


Corner of the room

If your living room is relatively large, or the bedroom is relatively large,


You can directly separate a part of the partition as a small storage room.

As shown in the following case, the area of ​​the original bedroom was divided into a part of the storage room.

The door of the storage room can be made into an invisible door, hanging on the hanging painting, which not only achieves storage, and neat and beautiful.



Kitchen corner

The most important thing in the kitchen is storage

, Especially some bottles and cans. For some families who pay attention to diet, ingredients, seasonings, and electrical appliances are too much, and hanging cabinets and floor cabinets are not enough.

The kitchen corner itself is very ribbon, usually ash, so you may wish to use here to create a small storage room.

Many items with low usage rates can be stored here, so that you can reduce the pressure on the kitchen countertop and achieve

“Nothing on the table”


Usually the space in the storage room is not particularly large, so it is particularly important to make full use of the space through the design of layout and storage.

1. Storage room designed as an L or U -shaped

The internal structure of the storage room is generally selected for the L or U pattern, which is conducive to the convenient operation when we go in to find things, and the sight is clear at a glance.

2. Install the open shelf

The standing racks can make full use of space and maximize storage items.

Generally, the storage room is closed, so it can be installed or set.


And compared with the overall cabinet, the cost of the partition is much cheaper,

With a height -moving partition, the flexibility is very strong

It is more convenient to get items.

3. Divide the storage area

The internal space of the cabinet can be divided according to its own storage needs and storage habits, such as

Seasonal bedding area, tool area, and debris storage area

and many more.

It should be noted that for the storage room that undertakes the responsibilities of large items, we must set up a good family in advance and leave some of the complete space without interval.


4. Use the storage tool

The internal storage of the storage room can be utilized

Cave plate, storage box, hanging basket

Wait for the tools to storage.

Put the same objects into the same storage box,

put on label

Put it in the grid, so it is much more neat. It is not easy to put it back in place.


5. Maintain dry and ventilation between storage

Because the storage room is usually closed, the ventilation and lighting are not very good. In order to avoid mold and moisture from storage items, the ventilation and moisture prevention of storage rooms are also important, especially the bottom and southern humid areas.

Pay attention to keep dry and do it regularly


Clean, ventilate, sterilize



6. Pay attention to light design


Many small storage rooms have no windows, so the design of the lights must be in place.

There are many ways to store storage. Whether it is a cabinet or a storage room, although the storage method is different, the purpose is the same.


It’s all to create a clean and comfortable home environment, so that we are not tired of life



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