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In summer, go out to the road and turn around, you can see:

Many electric vehicle owners have installed parasols for their electric vehicles. Its name is: shading and rain, and it is convenient to go to school with baby. However, it is illegal to install a parasol, which is not only harmful, but also on the road. It has been tightly investigated. For a long time, the installation of parasols in electric vehicles has great controversy.


Putting a parasol is harmful, and many car owners are not clear

Don’t look at this is just a small parasol. This umbrella has the title of “deadly umbrella”. Many owners do not know: there is great harm in the parasol.

At present, there are all places that have been tripped over because they are installed on the road to the road, and some people even cause the death due to the second damage of the parasol.


According to the new energy strategist, there are four major hazards of the upper road of the parasol.

First, it is easy to block the view.

The biggest harm of the parasol is to block the sight, which makes it difficult to maintain a safe distance with the surrounding pedestrians and vehicles, especially during rainy days. Essence


Second, it is difficult to control the vehicle.

After installing the umbrella of the electric vehicle, the original structure of the vehicle was changed, and the wind resistance coefficient during the vehicle driving, especially when the wind and the ground were slippery, it was easy to cause the electric vehicle to “float”, which can easily cause the side to the side Turn over, which makes it difficult for electric vehicles to control.

Third, it is easy to cause secondary damage.


During the driving process of the parasol, it is easy to catch vehicles and pedestrians, causing vehicles and pedestrians to fall. However, this is not the most terrible. The metal bracket of the parasol may collide or pierced the human head, body and other parts, causing secondary damage to the driver.

All places are strictly investigating the umbrella, and the owner has been fined.

At present, there are various places that are strictly investigating the behavior of electric vehicles with parasols. Judging from the current energy strategists: The range of electric vehicles is wide and frequent. In just one week, 280 electric vehicles were investigated and dealt with all over the country. It can be said that it is the focus of electric vehicles.

In addition, many car owners are not allowed to punish the parasol. Because in many places before, the punishment of the parasol was really “thunderous and heavy rains”, either criticizing education, forced demolition of parasols, or a fine of 20-50 yuan. But now this punishment standard seems to be improving. At present, it is announced somewhere:

The parasol changes the shape of the motor vehicle without authorization, which can be fined up to 500 yuan!

Recently, a car owner in Dongguan was scratched by a sun umbrella that caused a coma. As a result, the perpetrator was arrested after escaping.

After 15 days of detention, it was fined 2,000 yuan.

Whether there is a controversy in installing a parasol, some owners ask: Why not from the source of production,

Why can I buy it?

At present, there is a lot of controversy about whether the electric vehicle can install a parasol. Everyone has different opinions. Some car owners are compared to the owner of the posterior parasol and the favor. Said, comfortable and convenient. The opposition owner expresses the security issue.

One of them made a view: Can you buy or not? Make the new energy strategist very impressive, so the new energy strategist specifically understand the real market of the parasol.

After viewing the new energy strategyist, Xbao actually sold this kind of parasol, and it was sold well.

Monthly sales reached 20,000+. Moreover, the retail price is also scary, and the price of the simple parasol D can actually win only 26.9 yuan.

New Energy Strategic Family thought: Can such prices and quality really be used?


As the owner mentioned “you can buy or not use it”.

At present, the harm of the Pu and Electric Vehicles with an umbrella is only the first level. Strictly checking the parasol and improving the punishment criteria is the second level, but these are not enough.

In the third level, the source of the production of parasols is the key. The parasol should also start from the source of production like an electric vehicle. In this way, such illegal umbrellas will not be circulated into the market, and consumers cannot buy it, they can avoid installation on the road.

What do you think about the harm and check the harm of electric vehicles? Do you think you should check the parasol from the source of production? Welcome to leave a message.

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