You must also have a high value when you go out, and carry makeup bags with you in time. I don’t know what to choose to make a makeup bag inside? First of all, natural liquid foundation, air cushion BB, CC for skin background color is indispensable, and one of the skin foundation is good. If it is not good, you can add a concealer pen. Good -looking eyebrows are the best magic weapon for temperament. Don’t forget to bring eyebrow powder. If you like sweet and cute, you can put a pink blush. Lipstick is also a must -have. These two are definitely magic weapons that instantly improve their complexion. Girls who like light makeup can buy small cosmetic bags. If girls with a slight cosmetics need to buy larger cosmetic bags.

Line Friends makeup storage package

Super cute LINE theme makeup bag, wide space cotton material, stylish and soft touch. Multiple items can be placed in large capacity, which not only looks good and more practical. There is a mezzanine inside, which can help organize items to place storage and zipper design to prevent dust from entering.

Peachhoney cherry strawberry cosmetic bag


The girl’s heart full of cosmetic bags, whether it is strawberries or cherry patterns, exquisite embroidery is more lasting and beautiful. Three -dimensional bow decoration, playful and romantic. The pink color system brings sweet and small freshness, soft touch, not only carelessly cares for storage makeup products, but also makes the mood very happy.


Lola original embroidery recruiting cat cosmetic bag


The pattern design of the Moe Fortune Cat Mascular Mascum is not only playful and vivid, but also brings good luck. The two -color stitching is more fashionable, the internal pocket design is easy to store, the figure is small, and it is still hidden in the world. Personal contrasting color amulet design, beautiful and colorful, enough eye -catching and eye -catching.


Iconic sweet cosmetic bag

The fresh and sweet appearance can not only stand the long -term look, but also open a large capacity that is unexpected. You can place a lot of makeup products. The most important thing is the waterproof nylon material. It feels super slippery and refreshing, which can withstand any rainwater invasion. There are multiple layers of design, which helps you better classify products.

IThinkSo semi -circular cosmetic bag

Like nylon texture cosmetic bags, not only smooth feel, but also waterproof effects, it is not easy to get more clean. Personal fan -shaped design, cute and chic. There are 3 small plug -in bags in the bag, a large plug -in bag, the main bag can amplify items, separate separation, clean and tidy. Pure colors and color matching two styles.


Iconic sweet small fresh portable cosmetic bag

The beautiful floral pattern cosmetic bag should travel in the summer, full of fresh vitality. Imported thick cotton cloth material, with filled cotton inside, simple design of shock and anti -falls. It can be used as a small makeup bag, digital storage bag, and cotton cotton bag. Square design, a variety of colors to choose from. Small handheld size, easy to carry with you.


MUJI waterproof mesh makeup bag

Like the minimalist style of MUJI, it seems ordinary but very tune. The pure white design streamlined atmosphere. It is very practical to bring an inner network bag in the big bag to help better divide and storage products. Inner network small bags can be placed in small things, and large -piece items can be placed in the outer network. With it, cosmetics are no longer messy.

S three -dimensional hamburger model cosmetic bags


Hamburg -shaped makeup bags are quite playful and cute. The rich color design and soft material bring the healing effect. It is convenient to store the space of cosmetics and small objects. It is quite suitable to carry with you or during travel. In addition to practicality, it is also bonusted by themselves to sell cute artifacts.


Live work multi -function storage cosmetic bag

Fresh flowers pattern, soft and comfortable cotton cloth material, the size of the hand is just easy to carry. In addition to putting some small cosmetics, it can also be used as aunt bag, which can also be stored in other small things.

Romane travel storage bag suit


Take the forest animals to travel, travel storage bags, set up 5 sets of entry. Playful color and animal patterns are vivid and interesting. It can be stored including clothes, underwear, shoes, washing, makeup skin care, digital charger data cables, etc., and do a good dustproof effect. The order is more neat. It is more convenient to hand well. The material is soft nylon cloth, which has a certain waterproof and fast drying effect.

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