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Celine wallet 2021 spring and summer new color


The spring of all things always makes people want to move all kinds of colorful items, but sometimes the bright colors with too high saturation will look a little eye -catching, and it is not too friendly to the skin color of Asians ~

Celine Strap Wallet 2021 spring and summer new color colors cleverly combine low -saturation but full of spring flavor with the splicing color buckle, gentle and fresh without losing high level. The low -key printed pressure pattern that can not be noticed also makes the wallet more textured.


The low -key avocado green is paired with bright light purple, white and advanced, unique. In addition, there are more dynamic combinations of yellow purple, orange purple, etc.

Other people’s popular styles such as the second -in -one, Trifold Wallet, etc., also launched a new color of low -saturation in spring and summer. The plain leather with compressive and low -key hardware looks gentle and gentle in spring.

Maison Margiela X Tommy Cash launched a new joint name

Following the co -branded “world’s longest” shoes with Adidas in early March, Estmy Cash, Estonia rap singer will cooperate with Maison Margiela to launch a joint series to continue its weird aesthetic style.


Tommy Cash X Maison Margiela’s latest joint series has launched four items design, including slippers, instant noodles, striped sweaters and T -shirts.


This is particularly noticeable. At first glance, it seems that the fresh big bread that just returned from the French bakery has just been packaged. Even the packaging is the same plastic bag. The design inside the slippers is also referring to the appearance of the French bread. Even the pores of the bread are the same. It will feel that it will feel that it will be stepped on a soft bread ~


There is also a instant noodle in the new product ~ Yes, you read it right. It is indeed a real food that can be edible, not a fashion design for simulation design. noodle. Behind the packaging, it also introduces its cooking methods and information on the time limit. However, the price of instant noodles of this designer brand is not ordinary, and the price is 12 euros.

Orange Dow Disney series 2.0 New

Orange Duo × Kitti’s joint name is here again! The new joint series includes makeup plates, highlights, blush, lip glaze and eyelashes.


Compared with the Disney Co -famous Series 1.0 escaps cute packaging and color matching, the new joint series is based on the super cute Chicic element, and has added a more gentle and sweet milk tea color makeup plate ~

Low saturated gray -tone pink pink color makeup plate looks gentle and advanced. In addition to the six natural pink brown eye shadow, there are blushes, highlights, brightening and repair in the plate. The gray tone of peanut shape is too cute!

The new highlight is the exclusive stereo walnut shape of Chicikti, retro and delicate and cute. The highlights of champagne pink naturally implied their carelessness, which can bring a natural and good look.

In addition, there are three super cute matte iron box blush, the color is very vibrant ~ round iron boxes and the cute Kittiti who holds the face is too good! Chojiao but Renpan Ren Tong Dang Dan Ducks who are riding are also super cute!

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