The combination of autumn and winter dill must be learned, especially many women in the northern region. The down jacket is the warm and beautiful winter artifact.

However, there are many problems with down jackets. The most important thing is the bloated and burden. After putting on the down jacket, any good body curve will be covered, so the problem of the collocation of the down jacket is very important.


What kind of inside to choose when the down jacket is matched, you can also determine the matching style of the down jacket.

Autumn and winter down jackets can be roughly divided into a hairy and hatless style, especially the down jacket style without hats. The choice of inside is even more important. Elements of feeling.

The choice of choice in autumn and winter, one is to choose according to your body characteristics, and the other is based on the style of the inside, which keeps warm. Today, I will recommend the four inside of the super easy to wear.

Select one inner: Sports sweater inside


Sports sweater is a style that can be worn all year round. For many people who do n’t like tight clothes, such loose and wide versions will be more comfortable and more casual. The matching method of sweater+down jacket.


According to the combination of hooded down jackets with round neck -necked sweaters and hatless down jackets with hooded sweaters, there is no problem with style matching.

Wearing low -neck clothes in autumn and winter, the warmth of the neck cannot always be taken into account, so we can try to match some scarves, such as short, lightweight, long scarf, warm and fashionable.

The sweater can be worn with some leggings in autumn and winter, so that the sense of sports will be stronger. If the matching is the basic model, then try to work hard on the accessories such as socks, and choose socks socks, so that it is also good to match the down jacket.


When you choose a down jacket in the autumn and winter sweater, you can try those down jacket styles with sports style. It can be roughly selected according to the following characteristics.

First of all, solid colors and sports -style down jackets are relatively basic. In terms of color, they are also solid colors, and their saturation will be relatively high. In addition, down jackets do not have much hair collar, they are naked collar. Such a neckline is more neutral and more sports style.


Essence Will you choose?


Selection two in the inside: high -neck sweater

The high -necked sweater is a must -have item in autumn and winter. The warmth effect is first -class, and the style and thickness that can be selected can also be selected. If you are afraid of cold, choose pure wool or pure woolen material. The warmth effect is better than the average material.

In addition, you can also choose some contrast, bright colors, and pattern styles. Compared with the basic models, such inside sweaters are more personalized and not easy to hit shirts.


But the most dressed in autumn and winter,

The most versatile is the basic turtleneck sweater. The color can try the four basic colors of black and white gray brown. Then you can try the jacket. If you feel that the bright and contrasting color is too eye -catching, you can try the bright color design of the small area, such as the bright color at the collar. Too ordinary.

The high collar is suitable for the deep winter season, and you don’t pick your figure.

Selection three: sweater+wide -leg pants


But not anyone is suitable for high -necked sweaters. Like many people’s necks, the shoulders are wide, and the sweaters on the tall neck are easy to look strong. The sweater of the collar.

Here I recommend sweater cardigan. Such a cardigan has no requirements for the proportion of shoulders and necks. And such a sweater cardigan can also be stacked with T -shirts, shirts, etc., and the layers are also very strong.

Short and round neck sweaters can be worn with some wide -leg pants. Wide -legged pants are a better choice than leggings and leggings in autumn and winter.

First of all, the blessing of autumn and winter, the body may go, so choose a version like wide -leg pants to modify your leg shape and figure well. In addition, the wide -leg pants wide pants can be added with some warm leggings, and it is not easy to see that it will not be fat. It is suitable for women with a slightly fat body.


Selection four in the inside: small clip jacket

Women who are afraid of cold, or women in the north, some basic sweaters and sweaters cannot meet the needs of warmth, so it is better to try small down jackets.

Such a clip can choose the style of the vest, so that the sleeves will be better matched with a jacket, and it will not look bulging. In addition, the clip jacket is very warm, which is equivalent to putting on two down jackets. This kind of matching layer is good. The most important thing is that the warmth is warm and warm.

The inner selection article of autumn and winter puffy has been introduced in the article. The four internal clothes mentioned in the article: small clip jackets, turtleneck sweaters, round neck sweaters and sweaters, all of which are very versatile and common inner style. You can choose to choose from These styles are changed to wear it a week, so that it is not easy to get tired, but also can switch to your mood, keep warm, and be good for your body!

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