Shenzhen Dream Exploration Paradise Middle Earth World Sand table won “the largest plug -in plastic building blocks three -dimensional landscape” Guinness World Record ™ title

Shape the extreme in infinite possibilities: the birth of a building block sand table

Beijing, April 19, 2021/ PRNewswire/ -The three armies confrontation and warships. And fierce contest. This is not a movie, but a magnificent epic built by 150 million building blocks; this is not a novel, but an eternal story described by a sand table of nearly 200 square meters.

In January 2021, the giant Middle -earth world sand table officially won the “biggest plug -in plastic block three -dimensional landscape” Guinness World Record title.

In January 2021, this giant Middle -earth world sand table was officially obtained “


Three -dimensional landscape of the largest insertion plastic building blocks


“Guinness World Record ™ title, and its Shenzhen Dream Exploration Paradise Museum of Dream Exploration Palace has also become the first museum park in Shenzhen to obtain Guinness certification, which has received the attention of people.


Why can the building block sand table create the world’s most? In the eyes of the Guinness world record, “making the world more joyful, interesting, positive” is the most original driving force in the excavation and certification world, and a sand table with a magnificent scene with a building block is full of imagination, and it is also rich in artistic beauty. It will use its own way to stimulate people’s desire to explore and help people gain happiness and inspiration. Seemingly commonplace is the most strange, easy but difficult, and behind the majestic exploration of infinite possible exploration, and the ultimate long journey in exploration.


Do different industrial manufacturing

Perhaps in people’s minds, most of the dreamy, exquisite and gorgeous “things” are mostly from the fashion industry. In fact, Middle -earth World sand table is a handwriting of traditional manufacturing. His producer Dream Exploration Paradise was born in an industrial and trade manufacturer in Dongguan. In the past two decades, this manufacturing company focused on manufacturing printers and hardware equipment and successfully marketing at home and abroad.

The wave of manufacturing upgrades and refined development in the Greater Bay Area has promoted manufacturing industry from processing and production links to research and development, design, brand, marketing, and re -manufacturing. In this context, Dream Dream Exploration Paradise came into the trend. “About 5 years ago, we were already conceiving the idea of ​​establishing a museum park. We hope to use the past experience in high -end manufacturing to a wider field.” As a child’s mother, she bluntly finds that it is not easy to find a high -quality parent -child interactive place that can be educated and played in the Greater Bay Area in the Greater Bay Area. Why not start there, create a place to satisfy the child dream with the heart of craftsmen?

A sand table with a magnificent scene of a building block

It is not easy to do such an exploration, but the Dream Exploration Park is very confident in this. Cao Dawei, who was in charge of the General Planning of the Middle Earth World Sand Time, said that the experience of the manufacturing of the previous deep cultivation printer gave the team the professional capabilities of high -precision manufacturing, the courage to explore unknown, and created it. “We want to surpass traditional manufacturing, do something difficult and unique, and create extraordinary sounds. From this we think of the amusement park, because it involves a lot of creative facilities and devices, not only the requirements for design and manufacturing requirements, but also the requirements for design and manufacturing It is very high and it will be very interesting. We are also willing to apply the past wisdom to this field to explore unlimited possibilities. “

Today, the Dream Exploration Park is a large parent -child park covering an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters, covering the Bazuka dynasty, train expo, Speed ​​World Pavilion, and Mecha Treasure Hall. Relying on the design, production, and splicing of the Dream Exploration Paradise. Among them, the “largest spelling plastic building block landscape” in the building block exhibition -Middle -earth World sand table is a representative work made by ingenuity. “Middle -earth world sand tables involve the design, production, and assembly of hundreds of millions of particle building blocks, and they have a lot of challenges, but it is very worthwhile, because there are new understanding and presentation of our craftsmanship and manufacturing.” Cao Dawei said.

The story built with a purse sand table

As the “largest spelling plastic building block landscape” in the world, the expressions of the Middle -earth world sand table are relatively rare. “Most of the common building block landscapes are dominated by single, such as architecture, animals and plants, characters, etc. We hope that this time and breakthroughs. Small building blocks can create unlimited possibilities. The scene tells a story, “Huang Yangxia introduced.

It lasted for 3 years, and was jointly involved by 40 engineers. It used 150 million building blocks to create more than 180 sets of molds

The Middle -earth World sand table borrowed from the works of “Lord of the Rings” and told a story about the struggle between light and darkness and defeating evil justice. On the vast land covering the mountains, rivers, lakes, canyons, and plains, the human race, elves, and demons lived in the south of the human race and the elves and lived in the south of the south of the sun and the beauty of the water. Living in the northern part of the cold and dark. The king of the human race was delayed by the bewilders of the demons, and the king’s younger brother came forward, calling on people to condense the will, strongly resist the invasion of the demons, and at the same time obtained the support of the elves to guard the home. In the end, the demons were defeated and the justice won.

Why “build” such a story on a nearly 200 square meter sand table? “It is the eternal theme of human beings to overcome difficulties and pursuit of justice. We hope to show the children’s difficulty and effort to guard the light of light through the unique expression of building blocks.” Huang Yangxia said.

In fact, in the process of choosing a specific story to carry this theme, the team imagined multiple stories, such as using ancient myths and legends as the core of the story. “In the end, the reason why contemporary works are chosen as the story of the story is because we want to use elements that people from all over the world to express universal values. It’s easy to be fascinated by it. “Huang Yangxia introduced.

On such a giant building blocks, the key storyline is presented with static landscapes. With sound effects, lights and voice explanations, a complete story is unfolded in front of people. We can see that the human race has a bustling town and a warm sandy beach. This is the joy of enjoying the joy of enjoyment; and the adjacent elf people live in a dreamy forest. The underground world created, there are royal palaces, graves, bookstores, treasures. This is the colorful elves kingdom; while the demons live in the north of the dark, in the castle. This is a world without light.

Compared with a relatively peaceful life scene, the battlefield of the three armies not far away was not far away. Here, the sword is tense and red, and the people and the elves are fighting for each other to advance in the rain clouds. Aliens from outer space also came to help, and their airships were high and they fought at any time.

Under the rendering of the sun or the green, or the bloody light, the sand table story of the Middle -earth world is burning and fun.

The unusual behind Qisheng

If you presented the Middle Earth World sand table with data, you can get such a set of numbers: it lasted for 3 years, and 40 engineers participated together to use 150 million building blocks to create more than 180 sets of molds …

The wave of manufacturing upgrades and refined development in the Greater Bay Area has promoted manufacturing industry from processing and production links to research and development, design, brand, marketing, and re -manufacturing. In this context, Dream Dream Exploration Paradise came into the trend.

With the building block as a horse, after three years of time, to chase a dream of light, it is a journey. “There is no type of work in the world, so the team has made no precedent attempts. During this period, we also encountered a challenge like overthrowing and re -doing, and even thinking about giving up, but we still survived. Our we. Our. The original intention is to explore a window for the children to open a window, let them touch knowledge and explore unknown. If we want children to continue to explore our dreams along our footprints, how can we give up our dreams in advance? “Huang Yangxia said.

The most fundamental reason why it takes so long to polish the landscape of the building blocks is that there is no precedent to follow. Such giant works have too many uncertainty and difficulties in the design, production and construction process.

According to Cao Dawei, the general plan of the China Turkish World sand table, the production of the entire sand table is like building a house, which is a systematic project. The team will first do conceptual ideas. For example, what kind of scenes should be and what elements of the elves’ home will form a hand -painted planning diagram based on creativity. Based on the hand -painted planning diagram, the building block designer will form a building block design drawing, which is about to creative ideas. “Translation” into a building block modeling icon; subsequently, Dream Exploration Paradise’s own factories will be produced according to the design drawings of the building blocks; finally, the engineer will be set up on the spot.

The complicated production process superimposed the challenges of the large -scale sand table volume is multi -faceted. The biggest challenge is how to take care of the details while controlling the production of large scenes. Cao David mentioned that the entire work was divided into several sectors, which were designed and produced by different teams. In order to work more effectively, after the component diagram is completed, everyone will first make the terrain and terrain, and then make castles and trees on it to give priority to ensuring the unity and integrity of the macro background and terrain; Start at the junction of the sector and promote the design in turn. As a result, the problem of the natural transition between the landscape between the sectors is fundamentally solved.

In terms of details, the team makes full use of the infinite possibilities of the building blocks. A building block particles are only 8 mm x8 hanmi, but they can be combined into various shapes such as row, cylindrical, round, and semi -circular. There are more than 180 granular combinations of the entire work, which are applied to different landscapes. Many times, the combination of building block particles of the same specifications is also different. Some are jagged, suitable for the facade of the building, which will look more natural; but some are flat planes, suitable for courtyard ground, more in line with scene requirements.


“In short, we insist on making so many granular combinations, and even to make different shapes of molds based on granules. The purpose is to hope that the entire landscape has a rich sense of layering and visual experience in the shape. After 7 to 8, this allows us to have more diversified artistic expression. “Cao David said.

On such a giant building blocks, the key storyline is presented with static landscapes. With sound effects, lights and voice explanations, a complete story is unfolded in front of people.

Although the production process is difficult, the even more unexpected challenge is to transport the entire landscape from the four floors of the Dongguan plant to the Shenzhen Dream Exploration Park. Huang Yangxia, the director of the Dream Exploration Park, mentioned that due to the huge volume of sand tables, in order to ensure that everything is unattainable, the team had to remove the four -story wall of the factory. The time to the Shenzhen venue and took a month to repair the scene.

“During the production process, we have asked the suggestions of our children, and also invited children and classmates to visit the Dongguan factory. At that time, everything was still in a fragmented state. When watching the molding works at the Shenzhen venue, the visual presentation of the scene shocked them. From 0 to 1, from disorder to tangible, this process will also make children feel the value of unwillingness and giving up lightly. Huang Yangxia said.


Building the city with a building block, building dreams with faith, the sand table of the Middle Earth World shaped the peak of a building block landscape. It is this pursuit of the ultimate meeting with the Guinness World Record. Over the years, Guinness World Records have been using the “incredible record” as a mission to find wonderful stories that break the routine and challenge the limit. Middle -earth world sand tables, not only epic scenes, but also the ingenuity behind them, and these will inspire people to find possibilities in impossible and create the extreme and create wonderful in adherence. of.

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