Moms watching the little baby who just woke up would have some difficulties. How should the little baby in the dynamic period wear her?

I wear less, I’m afraid she will feel freezing

I wear too much, and I am afraid that it is easy to catch a cold after sweating!

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Winter baby dressing misunderstanding

In winter, many parents are always afraid that their children are frozen, especially grandparents, grandparents, and grandparents. They are particularly thick as soon as they are in the cold season.

You know that your child’s body temperature will be higher than us. At the same time, because the child is active, it is easier to sweat during the activity. During the event, when you are sweating or in the room, you will be more susceptible to cold. In addition, it is too thick. It will cause the heat generated in the body to be unavailable. If a large amount of sweat in a short time, it may also cause children to dewater.


How to judge that the child is cold or cold

Many older generations judge their children’s hot and cold by touching their children’s hands. In fact, this is wrong. A simple example, even if it is an adult, it is cold to put it outside in the winter, but in fact, we think it is OK, not cold, so in fact, the child is the same.

Judging whether the child is cold or cold, the appropriate method of clothes is to touch the child’s back (where the back and the back neck are handed in), the temperature of the front chest or the small belly.


If you feel that the child’s back, front chest, or small belly is a bit cold and not warm enough, it means that the child’s clothes are not enough and need to add clothes to him.


If the child’s back, front chest, or small belly are warm and dry, it means that the child’s clothes are just right, so you don’t need to add clothes to him.

If the child’s back, front chest, or small belly is hot and humid, it means that too much clothes you wear to the child, you need to reduce your clothes immediately to avoid heat.

Practical tricks of baby dressing

Xiaoyue Babies Dress Guide (Mainly Holding)


The baby in this period is actually mainly holding in the hand. Many clothes are actually easy to expose the small belly when hugging, or the ankle is exposed. We should pay attention to protecting the baby’s belly and waiting parts when hugging.

Mother’s Suggestion

For babies with relatively young age, one -piece jacket is a good choice. The outer jacket is not too thick. It is equipped with a slightly thicker underwear, and a vest is enough. If you are afraid of cold, you can add a small cloak.

Nowadays, many places are very hot, so choose to wear too thick, and it is easy to cover the baby in the room.

Children’s clothes are comfortable and simple.

Clothing selection minefield



If you are less than 6 months old, the jacket is not recommended to choose

Down fabric

Yes, you will be broken by the smooth texture of the down fabric, because it is too difficult to hold!

in addition

Woolen sweater

The clothes of the material are also not suitable for the baby. The wool above actually affects the baby’s respiratory tract. If you really want to knit clothes for your baby, you might as well knit some threaded shirts. And now there are some on the market, there are also velvet in the thread shirt, which is also very beautiful.


If your baby is still young, don’t be those

Cute adorable ears with jackets

After blinding your eyes, you need to know that your baby is still sleeping in the baby. Do you think you can feel comfortable when wearing clothes with hats?

Afraid of your child’s head, you may wish to buy a few cute little hat and clothes with clothes, you can also be a cute little cute! Choosing a few cute capes and quilts is also a good choice.

Baby -to -school baby dress guide guide


Children in this period can be hugged vertically, and even want to walk down. During this period, it is more likely to let the child expose when holding the child, and the child has begun to enter a good period. Holding TA, accidentally exposed the belly! And because it is active, it is easy to sweat, we should pay more attention to the problem of convenient wear and undressing.

Small suggestion

Although it is a good choice to protect the belly, the one -piece clothes are not convenient. In fact, at this stage, parents can consider preparing some

Belt pants, vest skirts,

The effect of this kind of clothing is also good.

Prepare a few later bottoming shirts in winter, with a variety of strap pants, a strap skirt, and put on a thick coat when you go out, which is enough. The strap skirt and the strap skirt are also equivalent to a thick vest, protecting the child’s front chest and backup. When you play, you only need to take off your jacket, and you are not afraid of your children.

In addition, there are not so many thunder areas to step on this period, and the materials and styles of children’s clothes can pursue diversity.

The female baby skirt can be worn as much as possible,

Several simple inside+various vest skirts+leggings, warm and cute.

Of course, female babies can also choose some

Sweat skirt, sweater skirt

, Protect the belly is also good! (The advantage from the female baby!)

Children’s period baby dressing guide (2-6 years old)

During this period, children will actually judge the cold and warm, but still not careless! Children’s dressing range is even greater!

1. When entering the garden in the morning, you can put a thin coat from the wind and the wind. It is recommended for the zipper to facilitate the child to wear and take off.

2. According to the child’s exercise in kindergarten, let the child wear one less than an adult, keep the back warm, and don’t cover sweat.

3. In addition to the base clothes, the remaining thin clothes can be replaced directly with a thick coat that is convenient to wear and take off.

4. Parents use the formula of dressing according to their children’s situation: temperature+clothes increase = 26 ° C to appropriately increase or decrease clothes for the child.

(Note: thick down jacket 9 ° C, thin down jacket 6 ° C, slightly thicker elastic floss cotton jacket 5 ° C, thick wool sweater 4 ° C, cotton vest 4 ° C, fleece clothes 3 ° C, thin coat 3 ° C, thick cotton sweater 2 ℃, thin cotton sweater is 1 ℃.)

Organizing so much, about the children’s dress in winter, nothing more than a few important principles.

“Convenient”, “good activities”, “good wear and off”

I hope that the above small suggestions will help parents and mother when choosing clothes for their children, help and learn from, so that our children will grow healthier healthily.

Baby’s winter clothing selection

1. Underwear selection

The underwear close to the baby’s body plays the most basic and important warmth. Pay attention to the choice of baby underwear. Because the baby’s skin is tender and it is easy to be injured, the underwear must be soft and comfortable. It is best to choose cotton materials, because cotton underwear has good sweat absorption and breathability, and it will not allow sweat to stimulate the baby’s tender skin of the baby’s soft skin Essence

2. The choice of cotton clothing

You should prepare the appropriate cotton clothes for your baby, and do not wear a lot of sweaters. It is cumbersome and not kept warm. The thick, soft, warm and warm cotton clothing is light and warm. /3,

Selection of cotton pants

Cotton pants can be prepared for replacement. The thickness of the cotton pants should be moderate. Don’t be too thick. It will affect the baby’s activity, make the baby feel frustrated, and refuse to wear cotton pants.

3. The choice of hat

Wear a warm and comfortable hat, which can reduce the distribution of whole body heat and keep a warm role. The hat should be selected as possible. The wool and plush hats are easy to stimulate the skin, causing skin infection and inflammation.


Choose of a sweater

Because the baby is still young, there is no sanitary consciousness and self -reliance, saliva, snot, and food are easy to get on clothes. You can prepare a few jerseys on the outside to keep the clothes clean. Except for the thicker cotton coats in winter, it is not easy to clean and expose the inconvenience.

The warmth of the baby’s winter

Winter is coming, and the cold weather makes parents worry about the warmth of the baby’s going out. Moms and dads don’t have to worry too much about the warmth of Xiaojia battles. Now please follow us to learn the tricks that experts give us. It must be useful to you.

Keep warm

When it is cold, you should still pay attention to wear more clothes, but wear more is not simple to wear, but to be appropriate. Take care according to the situation. Keeping warmth is one aspect, but it is not necessary to wear too much, because if you wear too much, the baby will sweat more than the event. Many sweats, the clothes are wet by sweat, but it is easy to and reduce the body’s ability to adapt to the external temperature changes and reduce the ability to resist disease.

The warmth of the feet is also important

In addition to dressing, the warmth of the baby’s feet should also pay attention. In winter, a pure wool or pure cotton texture should be used. Shoes should be appropriate,

The way to keep shoes on the baby is a little loose, the texture is slightly loose, the texture is all cotton, and it is very soft to wear. In this way, the shoe will store more static air and have good warmth. If you are too big, you will not make your baby’s feet comfortable and warm.

Reminder: To keep the baby’s socks dry, the socks will cool down when the socks are wet, which will cause the baby’s feet to cool down, which causes the respiratory tract resistance to decrease and it will be susceptible to colds. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the baby’s socks are dry.

Small suggestion

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