The 67 -year -old home textile leader chose to divorce his wife!

On September 30, Fu Anna issued an announcement saying that the company’s founder Lin Guofang and his wife Chen Guohong had completed the divorce formalities after friendly consultation, and the company’s actual controller was changed to Lin Guofang.

Before the divorce, the two held a total of 52.47%of the equity of Fu Anna. After the divorce, Lin Guofang held 37.75%of the shares, and Chen Guohong held 14.72%of the shares. Based on the market value of 6.9 billion yuan on September 30, the market value of the “breakup fee” divided by Chen Guohong reached 1 billion yuan.

(Source: Announcement)

It is worth mentioning that although this is not as good as the “breakup fee” of more than 20 billion yuan in market value shares to his ex -wife, which is not as good as Kangtai’s biological chairman, the “breakup fee” of 1 billion yuan is not considered in the record of the divorce case of A shares. Low.

Founded in 1994, Fu Anna can be said to be the rivers and mountains that Lin Guofang and his wife Chen Guohong. As early as the prospectus in 2009, the two were the company’s actual controller. Before the listing, the two held a total of 83.48%of the company’s equity, which were general manager and deputy general manager of the company.

Compared to the two people “separate ways” today, Lin Guofang, who is now 67, still has no intention of retirement. Lin Guofang once said in an interview: “I will do it until I can’t do it for a day, and I will do my own lying down. one day.”

It can be said that Lin Guofang contributed most of his life to Fumanna. Lin Guofang once said: “The company has been founded to the present. It can be said that there is no weekend. I have been accustomed to it. Drinking, not playing golf, usually two o’clock one line, eating is either at home, or a company. “


As an important pole in the field of home textile industry, Lin Guofang is not satisfied, and he has always hoped that “Fuanna has become the Hermes of the home textile industry.” But it is easy to realize.

01. The leading leader


Compared with competitors La La Life and Mercury Home Textiles, Fanna is in a downwind in both revenue and net profit.

According to the 2020 annual report, Fu Anna’s revenue was 2.874 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 3%; net profit was 516 million yuan, only 1.89%year -on -year.

Judging from the performance in the first half of 2021, Fu Anna’s revenue was 1.31 billion yuan, an increase of 18.9%year -on -year; net profit was 210 million yuan, a year -on -year increase of 25.37%.

But there is no harm without comparison. Rolle’s life revenue was 2.526 billion yuan in the first half of the year, an increase of 32.5%year -on -year; net profit was 280 million yuan, an increase of 68.8%year -on -year; the second half of Mercury home textile revenue was 1.619 billion, an increase of 38.8%year -on -year; A year -on -year increase of 72.4%.


In addition to the performance, Fu Anna regarded “design innovation” as her core competitiveness in the annual report, and pointed out that the company has the design and development team of 268 people, but it shows “Xiaojia Ziqi” in R & D investment.

According to the 2020 annual report, Fuana’s research and development costs fell 8%to 70.17 million yuan from 2019, and the number of R & D personnel accounted for 6.21%, and the proportion of R & D investment accounted for 2.44%.

Compared with the Lara life in the same industry, Fanna’s investment in R & D is not high. The data shows that the amount of R & D investment in Lori Life in 2020 was 101 million yuan, accounting for 4%of revenue.

For Lin Guofang, although he is running a business, he does not regard himself as a businessman and “ask himself to be an artist.”

02. Do not want to be a “artist” of a businessman

However, before the founding of Fanna’s “art”, Lin Guofang thought of “survival”.

In 1954, Lin Guofang was born in Tanxi Town, Shanwei City, Guangdong. As the eldest son in the family, he has assumed the burden of family life since he was a child. After finishing high school, Lin Guofang entered the society to work hard.

In the year of reform and opening up, Li Guofang seized the east wind of the times and went south to Shenzhen to work hard. Lin Guofang, 24, has become the first batch of individual households in Shenzhen. He has done many small businesses, including operating grocery stores, wholesale of fruit, and even moon cake factories.

However, whether it is fruit or moon cakes, Lin Guofang was “troubled” for preservation of freshness, so Lin Guofang set his sights on a “not moldy” business, the home textile industry.

Before the 1990s, China did not have a home textile industry. At that time, the more traditional sheets used by everyone, the so -called “four dishes and one soup”, were four small flowers around them and a large flower in the middle. Novel bedding is rare.


Occasionally, the chance to go to Shanghai on a business trip made Lin Guofang the title of “Chinese quilt king”. It turned out that Lin Guofang, who was walking on the streets of Shanghai, found that “every family uses a bamboo pole to bask in a quilt. The entire street is covered with a quilt, which is extremely spectacular.” Lin Guofang thought, “If there can be a quilt that does not have a tide or sun, it will have a market.”

If you say it is to do it, under all parties in Lin Guofang, only the overseas market has this process, so he spent a lot of money from overseas to introduce the first domestic quilt production line. After the listing of cotton quilts, the “not tide” not only triggered the technological revolution of the home textile industry, but also gave Fu Anna a place in the industry.

It is not enough to open the market by a quilt. Lin Guofang, who claims to “feel and talent for art”, takes the lead in introducing European prints in China to become the first domestic manufacturer to achieve the scale of flat printing products. In addition, from the traditional techniques such as the blooming to the fusion of Su Xiu, Shu embroidery, and tide embroidery, Lin Guofang’s pursuit of “artist textile” is getting deeper and deeper.


Although the tricks are even more and more, the company’s performance in recent years seems to have entered a “stagnation.” According to Oriental Fortune Choice data, after reaching 2.918 billion yuan in 2018, revenue in 2019 and 2020 was 2.789 billion yuan and 2.874 billion yuan, respectively.

(Source: Oriental Fortune Choice)

At the same time, compared with the 1310 Fanna offline stores (counters) in 2018, the stores of Fuana’s stores at the end of 2020 will not increase and fall to 1,254.

Lin Guofang once said: “The core competitiveness of consumer goods is still productive.” But the performance is stagnant, and the goal of “Hermes”, the home textile industry, is getting farther and farther.


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