People always say that how to summarize the trend of one year depends on the situation of Double Eleven.


First, I guess it blindly that this year’s shoe list of the shoe list will be taken down by Dad’s shoes again.

Taking Li Jiaqi’s double eleven pre -sale list as an example, the proportion of shoe recommendations is not large, only 9 pairs: 1 pair of slippers, 1 pair of snow boots, 2 pairs of Martin boots, 5 pairs of daddy shoes.


Whether it is “domineering leisure” or “retro panda”, this year’s daddy shoes still continue the style of the previous two years, and it has not changed much.

Friends who like dad’s shoes, they will also squat to buy them, and those who don’t like them may vomit as always. But some people may have been silent: “What should I do, I seem to like this ugly shoes?”

Daddy shoes, is it the shoes worn by my father?

Netizen: “What kidding, my father does not wear this kind of shoes.”

Dads are not worn now, but they may be worn when they are young. In the 1970s and 1980s, many workers were standard.


At that time, this kind of shoes was also called “tourist shoes”. It had a wide back palm pad with a full sense of glue and giving a full sense of security.

Later, even more light and soft sneakers appeared, and the comfort of tourist shoes was instantly defeated. In addition, most of the tourist shoes at that time were not novel in style, so they were gradually disliked.

Nowadays, the improved version of tourist shoes come back again. On the basis of retaining bulky and hypertrophy, different design elements have been added.

For example, the gorgeous color matching and the “cat claw” sole are very popular with young people.

In order to allow it to adapt to more occasions in addition to leisure, many high -luxury brands launching daddy shoes are also decorated with metal, gems, and embroidery to harvest the favor of female stars in the entertainment industry.

Nevertheless, there are still many people who can’t understand.

Cumbersome and hypertrophic is the primary reason for people to accept incompetence. Especially for girls, the advancement of “big feet aesthetics” is a complex and twisty process.

Some changes have taken place in 2017. With the broadcast of rap variety shows, hip -hop culture and electronic music have entered people’s lives together.

Fashionable celebrities take the lead in leading a wave of retro trend, core velvet pants, school uniform -style sweaters, and daddy shoes with complex patterns and three -layer bottoms … all are hot.

What is big in your feet, Real is enough.

I have to say that this wave of “big feet” has risen very successfully. Now on the road to judge a crowd, it must be seen that TA shoes are small (provided that casual shoes).

The girls who took the lead in trying Dad’s shoes found the mystery: this shoe is very figure!

Daddy’s shoes are highly increased, and you will definitely not lose loose cake shoes. Flat -high “growth” 5cm is not obtrusive, and the proportion of legs can be lengthened.


More importantly, the shoes are big, can “legs” look thin?

“I don’t believe that I am standing on the boat ‘, and my feet are not petite enough.” Netizens teased.

When Dad’s shoes were just the time, tight -mouthed pants and ankle -exposed work pants became sought -after items.

One or two years later, wide -leg pants were also added to the matching camp of Dad’s shoes.

Now, the daddy shoes under the floral skirt and the small suit are no longer contradictory.

Just listening to the newcomer laugh, how can the old man cry. The previous shoes that were so versatile to bad streets were small white shoes with green edges.

At that time, anyone could think that the awkward and colored daddy shoes could replace it in minutes.


The appearance of daddy shoes not only contributed to the fashion circle, but also saved a wave of domestic products.

Such as Feller (China).

From the increase in the sole of the segiecel tooth shading, to the various contrasting colors, the essence of the daddy shoes was successfully grasped.

Anta’s white dad shoes are also very classic.

The “daddy taste” of this daddy shoes is not so heavy and more universal.

It is said that Li Jiaqi has tried it on before he included it into the recommendation category, and it was not changed for two months as soon as he was worn. Because this shoe is not obviously logo, many people will also ask which brand of shoes this is.

There are also Li Ning, who became popular this year, and Hongxing Erk, who sold out stock, brought the daddy shoes who did not lose the first -tier brand style and quality of foreign countries to everyone.

Is Dad’s shoes really ugly? Maybe, otherwise why there is no pair now.


But this year’s autumn and winter don’t want to miss it, because dad’s shoes are ugly, but very intimate.

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