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Zheng Kai Miao Miao and Miao Miao and Mother of the New Daddy and Nurses have a daughter of a little yogurt. Not long ago, Miao Miao’s daughter began to drool. After using a drool towel for ten months, she started to have a “fluorescent agent”. Make a drool towel for your child.

Judging from the content shared on the social platform, from the fabrics of the water tissue, selection of buttons, sewing, etc., all the Miao Miao personally handled it, and the production method is skilled, and the lazy mother admires it!

In addition to the entire process of making drool towels in detail, Miao Miao not only made the style of summer use for her daughter, but even the thick drool towel in winter, but also made it together!

This makes me a lazy mother have to give up thumbs up!

Why is the baby drooling?

The drooling of the baby is the only way to grow in the process of growth.

The saliva gland development of 3 to 4 months has gradually matured, and the amount of saliva secretion has increased. However, the swallowing function is not sound, the mouth is lighter, and the closed lips and swallowing movements are not coordinated, so they will often drool.

At 6 to 7 months, the quiet eruption deciduous teeth will stimulate the inner nerves in the mouth, causing a large amount of saliva secretion, and the phenomenon of drooling will be more obvious.

However, because the baby’s skin is too delicate, if there is always a mouthful of saliva on the chin, the face, and not dry it in time, it is easy to export the water rash, which not only affects the baby’s face, but also itching and uncomfortable.

How to care for the baby’s drooling 怎么

In order to ensure that the baby’s face is healthy and beautiful, the baby must deal with it in time after drooling.

1. Wipe in time

Because the baby’s skin is relatively tender, be careful when rubbing, it is best to “stick”. Use pure cotton saliva towel to dry the child’s saliva in time to avoid stimulating the skin. Pay attention to sucking, not dry!

2. Apply moisturizing cream


In the cheeks, chin and necks that often have saliva, apply moisturizing cream or oil to protect the baby’s tender skin.

3. Change diligently


Because the baby drools, it wet clothes, pillows, bedding, etc. Therefore, the baby’s clothes, pillows, mattresses, etc. should be changed frequently and sterilized in the sun.


4. Use mouth towel

If you want to reduce the number of times of laundering, you may wish to choose a soft and water -absorbent cotton turtle towel for your baby to prevent saliva from drooling.

Baby drooling is more common in infants. As the baby grows up, the drooling situation will gradually improve. However, parents need special attention if they find that the baby is drooling, and the color is different.

What to pay attention to when using saliva towels 需要


The saliva towel can reduce the number of clothes for the baby’s clothes. Moms can buy from the mother and baby shop or online, or they can use cotton cloth and thin velvet cloth to make a few love fees for the baby. But in the process of use, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Do not make a bandicus made of plastic or rubber

Although the plastic fence is not afraid of wetness, it will cause adverse effects on the baby’s chin and small hands. Try not to use it. Imagine how it feels like your own chin staying in the water place for a long time?

2. Do not be a lace -up drool towel

There are different styles of saliva towels, vests, shirts, some collars, and buttons. In short, the mother wants to buy one for the baby to wear a convenient and suitable size. Moreover, there is no need to decorate too much on the drool towel, just be simple and practical.

Do not choose a lace -up drool towel. Do not tie the baby too tightly to other styles of saliva towels to avoid accidents.


3. Don’t use it with a towel

The role of saliva towel is mainly to prevent dirt, do not use it as a handkerchief. Wipe your mouth, tears, food residue, etc., use other handkerchiefs or paper towels. You can’t be lazy to bring this towel to multiple uses because your baby’s chin has a drooling towel, which will be risk of cross -infection.

4. Keep clean


Drovisal towels can reduce the number of clothes cleaning, but it will also increase the number of cleaning tissues. Novice parents should not think that when there is a saliva towel, everything is good. The baby’s saliva towels can be prepared a few more, keeping neat and dry at any time. The drool towel in replaced should be cleaned in time.

Parents must always understand:

The purpose of using drool towels is to reduce the number of clothes cleaning, not a matter of all. When the baby drools, the baby should also do a good job of nursing work, not sloppy!

Lazy mother broken thoughts 碎

In the process of using a saliva towel, you should also carefully observe whether the baby is suitable for the current saliva towel.


For example, the big treasure of the lazy mother did not use saliva towels. At that time, Zai Tsai drool more in the fall, so I also used a saliva towel for him. After wearing it, I was easy to rub with saliva with saliva towels.

Perhaps I used the way that I was wrong at that time, but I did n’t give Dabao a water towel anymore, and I still insisted on making cleaning at any time. Although it will be tired, there are no more water rash.

So in fact, parenting is not only one way, because our children are not standard products. As a parent, you must observe your children often and find a method suitable for your baby.


No matter if you use a drool towel, don’t pinch your baby’s cheek often while your baby drools.

Intersection Because pinching the face can stimulate the baby’s parotid glands, it may cause too much saliva, and a large amount of saliva is soaked in the skin for a long time, which can cause oral rash, eczema and dermatitis.

When the baby grows up, it will not drool again!

Thanks for reading, please understand if there are wrong words!


Mom is lazy, and the child is diligent. I’m


Lazy mother parenting method pays attention to me, share more simple and practical parenting experience, and achieve relaxed and happy baby!

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