Let a pair of beautiful shoes lead your feet,

Come to the street full of sunlight.

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Thick base sandals are too comfortable

¥ 199



As soon as the weather was hot, I thought about the cooling point on my feet:

Don’t be sultry, can’t wait to put your toes out, blow a blow ~

The fashion circle is no exception.

Fashionable girls put on sandals!

A pair of good shoes must not only be exquisite, beautiful, fashionable and versatile,


The key is to be comfortable.


It can be said that in terms of choosing shoes, it must be

The simpler, the more comfortable

Simple and casual style


【Beach shoes】

, Also known as sports sandals.

Recently successfully ranked among the trend circle:


Walking on the road, not tired, with a casual and relaxed vacation wind


Not only can we wear daily leisure, to the seaside, it is a pair of beach shoes.

Even on many international shows, designers choose to use sports sandals with clothing,

More young and vibrant.

Take Chanel Chanel as an example-

It is fashionable and comfortable, and has no temper.

Therefore, whether you go out to work daily, or outdoor sports, travel vacations, you are good, simple and versatile.

Today, I recommend it to you

3 sports casual sandals


Leisure model/pearl model/beach model

Care, elegance, leisure … everything can be controlled.


3.5-4.5cm sole

In the invisible legs, it was a lot more comfortable than wearing high heels!


The heel is high, but the feet are very close, the elasticity is soft, and it is comfortable to walk on the way.

And this must be attributed to

Its soles, light polyurethane, rebound resistance, every step is like stepping on cotton;


At the same time, the shading design also has a bump design to reduce the sense of shocks of the feet, light and comfortable, and not tired for a long time.


The wide shoelaces can cover the instep, and the feet are thin

Essence It is not strict for the foot type. Whoever wear it is fashionable, and you can also set off your ankle to particularly slender.


With texture cloth, easily create Summer Outfit, and the fashionable girls who pursue texture and trend, play the sports style in minutes.

In addition to the sports style, this summer wants to wear a gentle and soft intellectual atmosphere, you can choose it-

Pearl/rhinestone/one -character temperament sandwood

Essence The same three styles, burst you in minutes.

Flat bottom, thick heels, cool in summer.

Slim tapes, wrapped in fiber and jade feet, fair skin is more set off,

It looks good.

One word

Soft super -fiber upper, wear -resistant non -slip rubber outsole, especially comfortable to wear.



Beach sandals & sports sandals


Make Summer Street

At this time, there are still a few sports styles. But if you want to wear a real Sporty Chic to enhance fashion, you really need to use snacks.

Summer fashion, naturally depends on sandals.

STyle, which is integrated with sandals, cannot compare all shoes. said with no exaggeration,


A pair of shoes can change a person’s whole body and temperament.

style 1


These two casual sports sandals are


The thick bottom design, increase the mind, you have to choose the right shoes.


Thick bottom shoes, but not heavy.

Lightly polyurethane soles, make it light and easy to walk. At the same time, the elasticity is strong,

There is no obvious sense of stingy on the beach,

Bullet is very comfortable.

Style 2


The functional magic sticker sticks, which is easy to wear and take off, and brings the casual natural temperament to the shoes, and express the sports style as a whole.

Two models

There are differences in the style. Everyone watched and chose what they like.


There are also a lot of colors, this one is available

White gray, white -green, black


Optional, a bit of a tide, is cool and age -reducing on the feet.

And this is

Beige, green, black

The wide magic stickers cover most of the insteps, which is very thin.


Put on it, easily interpret the Sporty Chic,

This summer is cool and cricket

Essence Try boldly, experience, fashion is played like this.


One more




There are many femininity after exercise,


The thick sole design, the style is also more colorful.

Daily dress mixing these sports sandals, expressing your fashion attitude, fashionable and more stylish.


Limplified one with sandals

Wearing a woman’s elegant posture


Enter this summer “


Sandals must be buy list

“It is a sandals with a word!

Clean and neat

It is all the impression of these pairs of sandals. After putting on your feet, you can feel refreshing your feet more.


Sleep and simple, a few roots, they outline the grace of a pair of shoes,

It is a minimalist and fashionable that modern urban people.


Microfiber Leather

Following the feet, the fine texture spreads from the heel to the ankle, without being restrained, and no longer need to worry about the heels of the shoes will be grinded and other discomfort.

The toe uses retro temperament

Square head


, Not only can release your feet, but also leave enough room for your feet;

And the thick heel of not tired,

4cm thick bottom

, Walk comfortably, such as flat ground, accompany you all the way to the thorns.


The rubber is not afraid to wear it, and it is not afraid of it when it rains.

There are 2 color options in total,



Paired with jeans

, Chic and feminine, the “closed eyes” of women in the workplace-

After get off work, use it

Dotted skirt

Romantic time left to yourself, or spending with close lover, wearing a pair of comfortable and fashionable shoes, strolling in the summer evening wind.


Light luxury rhinestone sandwich

Shining the dazzling summer

The representative of femininity, of course, “

Bright crystal

“Things. Wearing on my hand and wearing on my feet, they must be shining.

Wear a low -key luxury,

How to make a little fairy-


Fairy rhinestone upper,

Such as Roman sandals wrapped in the feet, thin straps


, Careful cutting diamonds inlaid on it, in line with your enthusiasm for bright and glittering;


The eyes were very cool, and it was actually even more so. Simple lines make people feel very comfortable,

Play and cool.



Beige black

2 options. Comfortable flat bottom, walk lightly, do not put too much pressure on your feet.

The ankle kisses the skin, just wraps his feet, and it is not easy to get rid of the troubles, shining the entire street.




Fashionable double -row pearl sanders


Who is gentle?

Compared with the two sandals mentioned earlier, this sandals feel more

Gentle and elegant

Low -key pearl double -breasted buckle, with light Roman head, is a fashionable “



You can wear a bubble skirt with elegant skirts,

Every inch is romantic and lingering

Those who like pants, just find one with it, all look good. Blue jeans can also be interpreted

Casual laziness without losing high levels

Roman’s head, slender belt, and super fibrous skin are soft and skiny. This summer, no matter how many ways to walk, you will not grind your toes out of the blisters.

Similarly, with 2 colors,

Apricot color+green

A pair of gentleness, a pair of bright, but you can integrate your wardrobe clever and low -key.

3.5cm thick heel thick bottom

, Significant and thin, become long legs in seconds;

Electroplated metal buckle

, Lightly wear and take off, the details are full.

Let a pair of beautiful shoes lead your feet and come to the street full of sunlight

Essence “-Dorosi Philz

On the hot summer, let’s put on a camisole and hot pants together, and then step on a pair of sandals that we like to stretch ourselves!












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