Many people will discover the hotel in the hotel

There is a long cloth at the end of the bed

This piece of cloth color is bright, pattern is changeable

In sharp contrast to the white quilt


But many people are confused

What is the use of it?



Come with you to popularize it ~

This cloth has a very nice name


Calling the bed flag, also called the tail tissue and mattress cushion



Generally in the guest rooms of high -end hotels,


But many families will spread it!


Its real use ↓↓↓


1) Decoration

The tail scarf has a very different style and a lot of patterns. It can play a good decorative role for the hotel’s white bed, making the room look beautiful and more aggressive.

2) The effect of protecting the cold


When we were asleep, the quilt was particularly easy to spread and it was easy to catch a cold. And this cloth can prevent the quilt from dispersing and play a good role in the cold.

3) Protection

It is said that the tail tissue originated in the United States because Americans like to wear shoes and run to the bed. Shoes can be placed on the tail of the bed.

This brain is a bit big. Americans wear shoes when they sleep?

It is also said that when the guests come, you can sit on the tail of the bed to prevent the dust on the clothes from falling on the bed and keep the sheets clean.

4) Playing effect

Generally, there will be bed towels at high -end hotels. When the waiter is delivered, the meal can be placed on the tail scarf, so that guests can eat without getting out of bed. This is definitely a lazy artifact.

Of course, when you are at home, you can put books and other gadgets on it.


5) Carpet function

Keke ….. Actually, the tissue of this bed can still be used as a carpet


When you want to get out of bed and get things, but you can’t find your shoes, you can spread it directly to the ground.

6) Starting the role of promotion

The design and materials of the bed flags of different hotel brands are different. Hotel control can judge the hotel brand from the bed flag, which has the effect of publicity.

Didn’t you expect this strange cloth

There are so many effects?

When you go to the hotel next time, make good use of it ~

and also

Why is the hotel bathroom door transparent?


Why is the administrative floor extra expensive?

Why do high-end hotel Wi-Fi charge?


It is said that people with countless five -star hotel brands

Not necessarily answered!

1) Why is the hotel bathroom door deliberately transparent?

Answer, don’t be shy!

Actually different from what you think.



Visual increase

The 50 -square -meter room immediately had a sense of vision of 80 square meters, and lived spacious and comfortable.





Outside people can see inside, once an accident occurs, it is found in time. It is not uncommon to fall in the bathroom. The glass door is a savior.

3. Take a bath and watch TV.


4. Save building costs

There is less glass than a wall. Well, the buyer is really a good partner for diligence.

2) Why are the hotel’s bedding light -colored?

Some people think that this is because “light colors look clean”, is this true?

The first hotel in the world to use white beds was Hilton Group, which has been used by major hotels to this day.


White bedding is indeed clean and tidy, and the light color is easier to fall asleep. But there is also a secret, that is, the hotel’s bedding must be washed, dry, disinfected, and ironed. The gorgeous colors can easily fade or be damaged (cost first !!!).

3) Where is the administrative floor?

Why are you extra expensive?

The administrative floor is known as the “store in the store”, which was invented by Pittsburgh Hyatt in the 1980s. It provides additional services on the basis of ordinary rooms.


Of course “no lunch in the world”

The administrative floor will be 20% to 50% higher than the average floor, but you can enjoy more services. In addition to quickly staying in registration and free ironing, foodies can also enjoy the most important time of the day (cocktails and snacks at dinner time)!

4) Why do high-end hotel Wi-Fi charge?

Why do ordinary hotels and hostels use Wi-Fi for free, and many big-name hotel Wi-Fi actually costs? Especially when traveling abroad, the Wi-Fi cost can even account for one-fifth of accommodation expenditures!


The large number of rooms in high-end hotels have a large number of rooms, leading to high starting installation costs of Wi-FI. Then follow the hidden rules, and the charges are taken for granted.

5) Why do you put so many pillows on the hotel bed?

After all, people have only one head, and what is the standard of the hotel with 4-6 pillows?

In fact, the hotel is intimate and humane service, because different guests have different requirements for the height, hard and soft pillows, so

Prepare a few pillows with different sizes and different materials to meet the needs of different people.


Article Source: World Toptravel (ID: Toptravel), Newsfang (ID: STVXWF)

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