Where is the most decoration? kitchen.

What is the key to the kitchen? sink.

Is the sink selection groove or a dual groove?

Large single slot! Intersection Intersection

First of all, can be put down in a small pot and small pot, and it can be washed cool.

Secondly, the depth width is enough, not afraid of water splash everywhere

Finally, plan a large single slot, and there is a table space on the table

(Unlike the division of dual grooves, reducing the interior space of the sink, it may also reduce the table operation platform)

Similarly, after random statistics from the editor, 80%of them choose to install a large single slot.

厨房好物推荐 | 水槽+五件套,这样洗碗刷锅才是真的爽

For the choice of water sink, please refer to it in detail: Close your eyes to buy the sink? It’s expensive and difficult to live!

厨房好物推荐 | 水槽+五件套,这样洗碗刷锅才是真的爽

Today, the owners and friends who pretend to be a large single slot are recommended to recommend a few useful accessories to make your kitchen like fish!

As a gathering place for housework in the water tank, using small tools can make vegetables, dishes, and cooking easier.


Can pull the water faucet

The easy -to -use faucet should simulate the kitchen life scene, and consider the needs of multiple cleaning methods.

For example, the faucet can be pumped, and can be pulled out and sprayed vegetables, pots and bowls, etc., which can clean the corner of the sink that cannot be reached by the fixed kitchen faucet, and easily achieve large items, countertops, etc. cleaning.


厨房好物推荐 | 水槽+五件套,这样洗碗刷锅才是真的爽


Some people like dual -slot partitions, and using “pots in the basin” can make single grooves become “dual grooves”, which can not only enjoy the large space of a single slot, but also feel the convenience of dual grooves.

Add a drain basket on one side of the sink that can adapt to the dishes of different shapes to storage and drain. It can also drain the moisture on the fruits and vegetables, and the location can be freely adjusted and the practicality is super strong.


Cutting plate

The cutting board is placed on the sink to improve washing, cutting, and efficiency.

The large water tank is equipped with a cutting board, and the perfect card position is above the sink. It also eliminates the trouble of cleaning the table and facilitates the preparation of ingredients. And while moving and detachable cutting boards save the kitchen space, it eliminates the trouble of moving back and forth.

厨房好物推荐 | 水槽+五件套,这样洗碗刷锅才是真的爽


厨房好物推荐 | 水槽+五件套,这样洗碗刷锅才是真的爽

Rolling rack

厨房好物推荐 | 水槽+五件套,这样洗碗刷锅才是真的爽

Customized rolling racks can be free to retract. When you use it, take it out of the water sink, and it will not occupy the place where you put it away when not in use.

Usually washing dishes, washing vegetables, can also be placed on this shelf, which is very convenient to drain. Even put the fruits and vegetables directly and rinse it, which is super convenient.


garbage can

厨房好物推荐 | 水槽+五件套,这样洗碗刷锅才是真的爽

The sink table is embedded in the trash can, and the garbage classification is implemented when cleaning.

With a trash can at the sink, it is very convenient to use. While washing vegetables and preparing vegetables, you can throw the garbage into the trash can without any garbage everywhere.

The perfect combination of the sink accessories and the big sink, whether it is not kitchen or not, is more worry -free to enter the kitchen.

Today’s topic: Is your kitchen a single groove or a dual groove? Which kitchen is good, which one do you pick?

厨房好物推荐 | 水槽+五件套,这样洗碗刷锅才是真的爽

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