I believe that players should be known to the latest linkage with the Glory of the King and the “Journey to the West”. After all, the current game has been launched in the two skin. And not long after these two skins were launched, the official was generally announced the remaining three skin in this series.


Judging from the content published at the time, the three new skin would represent the daughter of the daughter, the princess, and the Tang monk in the Westward Journey. From the perspective of the content of the time, it should be given to Zhen Zhen. Ji, Gongsun Li and Jin Chan, the three heroes.

That is to say, because these related contents have been announced for a while, according to the latest official release, it is clear that the daughter of the daughter of the three skin will be launched in the near future. The reason for the launch is very simple, that is, the official announcement of the skin’s image. From the image point of view, all aspects of the skin are really eye -catching.

However, it can be seen from the content of this image that the skin of the daughter Kingdom may be the same as the two Journey to the West Journey that has been launched. The same reason is very simple, that is, in the content of the daughter’s king’s whole body in the content, it can be clearly seen that there is a clear anchor point on the production of clothing. This anchor point is Skin has a fishtail skirt.


Therefore, when Zhen Ji’s new skin was launched later, the player may be able to start with a minimum of the 532 -point coupon like Sun Wukong’s grandson at that time. Of course, it is also possible that this skin is a real legendary quality, but considering the existence of the obvious anchor point of the fishtail skirt, the legend is limited. The obvious anchor point will definitely be replaced. The epic is not necessary.

When it comes to new skin, it is necessary to know that in the latest official releases, the skin of the S26 season is announced. The announcement of the season was won by the hero of Dharma. In terms of players, according to the current time, it won’t be long before you can have this skin free of charge at the beginning of the new season.


And, in addition to this free skin, when the new season is opened, players can still get the new skin of Athena for free. Because the experience clothes some time ago were the skin related to the skin of Athena, naturally, it can be seen that the skin of the year in the long -term Changan year was given to Athena. From the point of view of the first day of the last season after the end of the game, the first day of the season is launched. On the first day of the S26 season, the skin players in Athena can also see and have it for free. of.


Conclusion: Zhen Ji’s skin of the king of the daughter of Zhen Ji is currently such an image, but in terms of quality, because the official has not yet been determined, the legendary chance is still there. The free new skin of Dharma and Athena’s new season. Anyway, the S26 will be launched as soon as the S26 is opened. However, because the skin of the game is required, some players should not get it as soon as possible.

Well, the above is all the contents of this time. The little friends want the daughter of the king of the daughter to be the legend or epic quality? Welcome to comment.

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