Now planting a teeth is 10,000 or 20,000, while orthodontics should be at least 30,000 to 40,000 … I can’t help but make people feel emotional: brushing your teeth is to save money!

This time we spent more than 3 months, and we measured 13 electric toothbrushes. The cheapest of which only needed


99 yuan

, The most expensive

899 yuan


The specific brand is as follows:

The sample fee of this evaluation 7276 + test fee 18000 = 25276 yuan

Everyone has different demand for electric toothbrushes, and we try to arrange it. The dimension of this evaluation is as follows:

Vibration frequency, brush head difference, cleaning effect, battery life ability, actual experience.

Due to length, we put the results of the evaluation at the end of the article. Friends in need can decline to the end of the article to check.

01 basic information

In order to facilitate everyone to understand the basic information of these 13 electric toothbrushes, we put them all of them

Charging mode, gear selection


Listed in a picture.

You can compare reference according to personal needs:


02 vibration frequency

According to the working principle, electric toothbrushes can


, And Feifei Lpu, represented

Sound wave

The former rotates with the front and back of the round brush, rotating with the tooth to achieve the cleaning effect; because the round brush head is small, it is also easier to clean the depths of the oral cavity and the tooth gap.

The latter drives the brush head through the motor to achieve high -frequency oscillations, driving the water to flush the teeth; the curved brush head is more likely to fit the teeth, and the irritation to the teeth is less.


The vibration frequency of the sound wave -type electric toothbrush reflects its cleaning ability

It is also an important parameter that consumers should pay attention to when purchasing.

At present, the electric toothbrushes on the market basically declare that its vibration frequency is

3W ~ 5W

between. We sent all the 11 sound wave-type electric toothbrushes samples to the laboratory. According to the ISO 20816-1: 2016 method, we tested its maximum vibration times per minute.

The results are as follows:


We can draw from the column chart,


Samples No. 1, No. 2, and No. 6 are basically in line with declaration

The gap between the two samples ranges from 1.3W ~ 2.3W, respectively.

Since the domestic electric toothbrush industry is currently unpredictable or recommended national standard

Therefore, we also refer to the “T/CHEAA 0009-2019 Electric Toothbrush” group standard for the second test of its vibration frequency.

According to the test results of the group standard,

11 sound waves electric toothbrushes are basically consistent with the details page declaration


Essence But for people with sensitive teeth, it is best to choose a brand with a large frequency of gear mode. therefore,

We also recommend 4 samples of No. 10, 11, 12 and 13


Among them, we found a “interesting” point:

Some samples are the most vibrating gears of vibrations and deep cleaning, while some samples are gum health and care, which makes us puzzled.


If you have friends who have studied this, please leave a message to solve the confusion!


03 Brush head difference




The choice mainly depends on




Bristle hair material

Rotating electric toothbrush


The small circular brush head is used, and the bristles arrangement method is divided into flat integer and staggered type; while it is easy to fit the surface of the teeth and clean the interior of the mouth, it will not rub the gums, tooth beds, etc.

Generally, a square and diamond -shaped brush head is used. The bristles arrangement method is divided into flat integer and 3D wave type; the long bristles on the front and rear ends are convenient for cleaning the teeth gap, and the raised bristles in the center are convenient for cleaning the groove of the tooth.

We cut down the 13 samples under the microscope to observe,

I found that their quality is good, there is no inferior brushing hair


No. 9 and 10

The sample is pointed

Fine soft brush head

, Suitable for friends who are clean or sensitive to the teeth themselves. Its bristles are softer, neutralize the force of some vibration, and the damage to the teeth is relatively smaller, and it is easy to clean the teeth.

Other samples

The round type is used

American DuPont brush hair

, Suitable for friends who are healthy or pursuing cleaning effects. Its bristles are soft and hard, abrasion -resistant, and not absorbing water. While better conveying the sense of shock, it will not damage the gums.

The replacement brush of some samples may be inconsistent with the original. Remember to check it carefully before buying.

04 cleaning effect

Brushing teeth, in addition to our fresh tone, the most important thing is to remove these abominable plaque.


In order to intuitively show the cleaning effect of dental plaque, we have selected 14 little white rats in the office, oh no, kind colleagues.

Apply them to their teeth


Dental plaque indicator

(Strawberry flavor). This indicator will become red when encountering plaque, which is probably:

Please use volunteers separately


13 electric toothbrushes

1 ordinary toothbrush

Brush your teeth for 2 minutes.

By comparing the residue of dental plaque before and after brushing, judge their cleaning effect.


Observation in details such as teeth, gums, etc.

, Comprehensive Dental Expert Teacher Jing, we think:

1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 13

The cleaning effect of the sample is better, and the cleaning effect of the electric toothbrush is generally better than that of ordinary toothbrushes.

05 battery life

In addition to the drying and drying, for me and waiting for lazy people, the most concerned question is:

How long can it be used once?

After all, if you often have no electricity and too lazy to charge, the electric will sooner or later become manual (no) …


We sent 13 samples to the laboratory to test the battery capacity. From the figure below, we can see:


No. 10 and No. 13 sample battery capacity

, Only 521mAh;


No. 7 sample capacity

, Reach 2988mAh.


However, the battery capacity is not directly equal to the endurance time. How long can a electric toothbrush be used? It is also related to its motor, mechanical structure and circuit board power consumption.

In order to test the battery life of each sample, we did


A very expensive employee test

: Sample 3, 4, and 10 can be automatically discharged; No. 8 is pressed every 4 minutes, and the rest should be pressed every 2 minutes …

The little brother of the technology can only hold a sample every day, from early to night … Faced with the unusually strong No. 7 and 8, he still worships the wind.

Because until before posting, I couldn’t finish the electricity of the two samples …

Finally, we converted the battery life of each sample from full power from full power to no electricity. The result is as follows:

The battery capacity and vibration frequency of No. 1 and No. 2 samples are similar, but the battery life is less than 3 weeks. No. 7 and 8 can be described as the battery life in this evaluation. Some fans said that they had only used the 8th to charge for the first time in the past two years. This wave of operation is stable!

06 Live Trial


We invited several volunteers to try these electric toothbrushes separately. The real person trial report is as follows:

07 Internal structure

In order to better verify whether each sample is worth it, we will

13 samples! department! dismantle! machine!

The internal structure of the 13 sample samples is as follows:

Although the two samples 1 and No. 2 samples are more than 500, they are


Electric structure, vibration frequency, battery capacity

All are consistent; the outside is also a stable metal fixation, the difference is that there are two functions: more polishing and gum health.

No. 8, 9, 12, and 13 are equipped with protective cotton outside the electronic component, which can reduce the sense of shock at the hands and experience UP!

Finally, let’s summarize the results of this evaluation.



Dental health

People who pursue cleaning ability


For example, you can choose these:

Orthodontics, teeth and periodontal sensitive people

For example, you can refer to:

In the end, we also summarized for everyone

Small Tips for selecting electric toothbrushes

I hope to help everyone choose the brushing partner that suits you best:

The teeth will not fall off naturally because of their age.

Only when you get sick can you fall.

As long as you brush your teeth from now on, care for your teeth, and wait for the seventy -eighty years old, you can still have a good teeth that the old man in the whole building is envious.

Here, my dad evaluates and blesses every friend’s tooth healthy, and life is beautiful ~









Sound wave



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