It is obviously more desirable than Qashqai’s meaning “Qashqai”, which is more profound than the pronunciation or connotation.

QASHQAI’s English is a nomadic group in Central Asia. Nissan uses it to name new cars. It hopes to provide a nomadic SUV like nomadic and shepherds for the modern people who yearn for nature and free life.

Qashqai is a special product specially designed for this unique market segment. Economy and atmospheric is a model that is suitable for the working class, so let’s hear how the owners are evaluated?

High point

The appearance of the red Qashqai is coordinated, the interior is simple and practical, and the honeycomb grid in the front of the front of the car looks tough. The front face of the atmosphere, the waist line is smooth, and the tail is smooth and natural. The front and rear bumpers are surrounded, especially the silver decoration is added. After the aluminum alloy five -door welcome pedal and the fog lights, the entire vehicle line is clear, more dazzling, highlighting the atmosphere, and very fashionable.

Emphasized, oil -saving, oil -saving, and oil and oil, it is important to say three times! Basically, they are running in the urban area. Sometimes they encounter severe traffic jams. The comprehensive fuel consumption is only 7.4, and it is the case when the air conditioner is turned on!

The noise in the car often thinks that it is not launched when parking and waiting for red lights or things! Basically, the sound of the engine is not heard.

The control is quiet and comfortable, the steering wheel is light, flexible, feedback is strong, the point is accurate, the electronic steering helps steering, it is very comfortable to drive. The operation desk is simple and easy to control, not so many dazzling buttons, convenient!

Driving the computer is very easy to use. Several times, thanks to the lighting of the computer, you have to recharge the electricity. The driving computer display is matched with a multi -function steering wheel to switch multiple functions during driving.


The chassis is high, the passability is strong, and the Qashqai is an independent suspension. In terms of ride comfort and passability, it is better than most of the SUV of the same grade.

Because of the CVT gearbox, it is accelerated to be linear, very smooth, and the driving experience is smooth. There is no sense of frustration caused by traditional MT and AT.


Slot point

The volume of the trunk is small. Usually put a small storage box in it, and a car jacket, there is no big space.

If you want to bring more things when you run a long journey, such as tents, cooking utensils and other items, you will find that the trunk is really smaller. The space in the back row.

The distance from the near -light light is too close, and nothing can be seen. It feels like 5 meters in the car. Driving at night is very uncomfortable, and the distance of the high beam is not far away.

The shell is very large, especially the gap between the taillights.


The place where the door handles are velvet, and the places that are often in contact are too dirty.

The car paint is really thin, and sometimes I dare not force the car by myself, otherwise the body will appear in the sun that it is difficult to find in the sun, and it is to pay attention to small items such as your key. Try not to have the body with the body. collision.

Navigation, there is no mobile phone screen! Mobile phone navigation can not be played through the car speaker. The sound of the speaker of the mobile phone is too small, and it is not clear. The rear view camera that comes with the original car is very inferior. The part is crooked.


There are too few storage space in the car. During the driving process, there will always be small things such as mobile phones, mineral water, parking cards, and glasses. Liu Xiaodan)

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