Many people now seem to only care about the surface work, and often ignore many inner beautiful things, such as the panties that bring us the most intimate care. It is our last shame, and always contacts our privacy parts at all times, so we must spend some time on choosing underwear.


Thousands of brands and styles on the market are suitable for themselves? Personal clothes are very important for improving happiness. Choose the right underwear that suits you, which can instantly improve the quality of life.


So what are the very important things when choosing underwear and usual life, and we often ignore it? I will share 3 details with you today!


1. Select the right fabric according to the season


First of all, underwear, all close clothes, are essential for physical feelings. To wear the underwear comfortably, then at least choose the right fabric. We often say that everything is based on the occasion. The weather is a very important decisive factor.

In spring and summer, the temperature is relatively high. Continue to wear cotton panties in winter, it is obviously very inconsistent. Under normal circumstances, it is better to choose the underwear with thin fabrics in summer. Like silk panties, ice silk panties, etc.

In autumn and winter, the weather is cold, so keeping warm is the first priority. Choosing cotton underwear will have better warmth. And the breathability is good, while keeping warm, it will not cover yourself very hot. It is best to choose many styles with many fabrics in autumn and winter, such as four -corner style, high waist style.

2. Select the right version according to the figure

In addition to the fabric, the underwear should be comfortable, and you must also choose according to your figure. There are many types of underwear, including triangle, flat -angle underwear, home underwear, high -waisted tetal trousers, men Bikini and so on. However, it is more common to wear in the four seasons.


For friends who are constantly fitness, whether it is briefs or flat -angle underwear, it is very good to wear, and there will be no discomfort.

And the fat partner is more suitable for wearing flat -angle underwear. When wearing triangular underwear, it is easy to get stuck in the thigh position, which is very uncomfortable. Flat -angle underwear is undoubtedly the best choice. No matter how much meat is on the body, as long as you choose the right size, it can tolerate everything.

3. Replace new regularly, don’t wear it for too long

After all, it is too close to ourselves, which is worthy of our attention. Under normal circumstances, even if the frequency is not high and often changes to washed, then after 6 months, new ones must be replaced, and the old processing is removed. Underwear is not like a coat, one can be worn for ten years. The long -term wearing underwear will remain the same germs and harmful objects, and the price of the underwear is not too high. Compared with health, this money is nothing.


Presumably, if you don’t have the choice of underwear to see here, you should have a lot of experience!

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