Since the beginning of the spring, I feel like I have been buying and buying.

I started a lot of shirts, thin jackets and pants. Of course, I did not forget to add a few pairs of new shoes to myself.


I often say,


Shoes are the key to determining the overall style.

The same pair of jeans, with small white shoes, present more casual feelings; after changing to red Mary Zhen shoes, it has more retro and romantic charm to switch French style instantly.

As a senior sperm, of course, the requirements for shoes are not just as simple as good -looking and versatile, and the texture and comfort are equally important.

About comfort

The point that everyone pays attention to is almost the same as:

Heel below 5cm

Good dress, don’t grind your feet

Don’t be tired for a day shopping

It has a lot to do with the material and design of the shoes, and I will mention it below.

Today, I will be divided into three categories according to the height of the heel I often wear. Let me talk about my experience of choosing shoes!



Flat shoe

Needless to say the comfort of flat shoes, but many small little little cute will worry about wearing flat shoes, I am short in this area.

Summarized three TIPS:

Sports shoes, you can choose a thick bottom, which has an appropriate increase in effect;

The pointed head can extend the leg lines, which will be much higher than the round head;

More exposed toes, or exposed ankles can also play a role in extending lines.

NO.1 Daddy shoes

In winter, I like to wear daddy shoes and a handle in thick sole shoes. Take me to share with you the pair of group purchases before.

The multi -layer composite outsole has both an increased function, but it will not seem bulky



You can easily hold it with jeans or try some trendy ways to wear.

It is very light on your feet. It can be said that you must go out and go shopping.


NO.2 Little White Shoes

Spring and summer,


Wearing a refreshing light color system, I will recommend small white shoes.

The soles have a certain thickness, and the small man is very easy to control. Not only is the trousers look good, but the mixing skirt is also unaccounted.


I like to use it to match the dresses. I always feel that with high heels is too feminine, it does not match my style. The small white shoes are a little sexy and combined together. The sweetness is a little more youthful.


Small children can match short skirts like me. The high waist can create a waistline, and the legs are larger in the legs, showing a high leg with a high leg.

NO.3 Polarot shoes

General single shoes, if you want to wear a significant effect or add a bit of temperament, it must be the first choice of pointed shoes.


Choosing a pair of heels is better wrapped

, I wo n’t grind my feet at all, and it is not tired for a day.

Bow design, I like to use it to match suit pants, so that commute installations will not look so boring.

NO.4 Shallow shoes

The back of the toes is small and cute. If you are not used to pointed shoes, you can try this light -mouth square shoes. The square head itself is relatively fashionable. Choosing the basic model is very versatile and beautiful.

The exposure area of ​​the instep increases


After that, the leg lines were obviously extended.



1-3cm heel

Compared to flat shoes, 1-3cm shoe heel energy

Take care of comfort and increase effects

It is also the choice of many small men.

NO.1 Mueller slippers

As soon as the weather is warm, I like to wear this kind of Mueller slippers. Last year, I always asked the link to wear such shoes.

These pairs of black pointed,

More maturity

I will wear shirts and umbrella skirts together, gentle and decent, and commute dating is very suitable.

Coupled with a circle of pearl straps, when the elegant and exquisite, the slippers make the heel and walk well.


Fang buckle style, greater energy to control

Coupled with the square design, it is also friendly to the little cuteness of the width.

White shoes can be paired with pants of the same color. The whole set is light color. The seasonal atmosphere is full, and people are fresh and age -reducing a lot.

NO.2 Lefu Shoes

Lefu shoes generally bring 1-3cm heels, so that these shoes are easy to control even if the back of the instep is not large, and it is really convenient to kick.

With pants, you can roll the trousers one or two times, expose the ankle appropriately, and add a sense of fashion.


Oxford material brings a retro flavor

With red -brown accessories, the overall dressing will be more harmonious.


3-5cm heel


Considering comfort, 3-5cm shoes can

More effort on the choice of heels

, I also summarized two points:

If you don’t wear high heels often, choose thick heels first;


In contrast, the fine heels are higher, and the heels can be compared more. It is recommended that the kittens with better grip.

NO.1 Maryzhen shoes

I rarely wear high -heeled shoes, and I have a few times when I wear it a few times. I also choose a thick heel or a special heel.

For example, these pair of Maryzhen shoes,

Special cylindrical and design with a sense of fashion

With a strong red, there is a retro French charm.

Therefore, when I wear it, I will also lean in the French direction, with a shirt, small incense wind, or a scarf, which is easy to wear an elegant and romantic feeling.

Even the ordinary T -shirt+jeans can no longer be matched, and wearing these red Maryzhen shoes will instantly become different.


This is also the idea I often want to convey to you,

Shoes can change style and create an atmosphere sense

NO.2 Polarot Cat Heel Shoes

When I challenged my mother’s wardrobe before, I turned the box and found the pair of suede high heels, thinking that it would be difficult to wear.

did not expect


Cats are actually very gripped


It would not be tired when wearing it in the afternoon.

The retro flavor of the Peacock Green itself is equipped with the mother’s ancient shirt and the velvet umbrella skirt. It is unexpectedly full of charm. Every time you try the items that are not worn often, there will always be new surprises.

Speaking of my requirements for the shoes, I have a high, fashionable, and texture of the wild, and I have stepped on a lot of thunder on the road to choose shoes. More often, I still think


Comfortable and easy to wear!



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