The fan is said: no longer need to happen to the selection of the briefcase.


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If you have caught a good company or position at major inauguration, now you should be a nine nights every day, in your hands, you will be full of geographical entry, full of power is full of ideals, feel your hand Future workplace new business people.

But the fan, I want to ask you, feel that I really becoming a business person? There is a strong inner play, you have to tell others from the outside, you have formally entered the ranks of business people, but the problem is coming, what is good to show your new identity?

It’s true, it is a business man’s bag. But as a workplace, there are still many places to pay attention to in the choice of business bags. This issue, the fan is talking to you, telling you new business bags to the business circle, have a profession, and low-key taste, and TIPS using business bags.

Now, don’t you have time to play the game, the big grass, the chili pepper, you still have to “fly” together with your fan!




New business people do not have a big big name,


It is best not to be better than your own boss!


On the material of the business bag, most of them are cortical, also nylon style and canvas models and metal ultra-light material business men’s bags, but in the choice, the fan will suggest that new people can choose a matte leather or nylon. Material is main.

The first is to consider the durable anti-wear effect. It must be used with caution.




The new adult is on the choice of business men’s bag, try to choose conservative, such as black, blue, dark brown, etc. Do not win the master, the rules are most important.


In the price, you can choose a light luxury brand, and the price is controlled below 4000RMB, so that it is economically accepted for business. After you can’t buy a business bag, you have nothing.



This is most important in the use of business men’s bags. In addition to attending some official activities, in addition to some official activities, such as small gatherings, product launches, related companies in the business circle or friends circle Wedding and other occasions.

After finishing some small tips, I will recommend 13 brands of 13 brands and the price below 4000RMB. When I see the price, have you feel very bright? Don’t be excited, wait for you to see the business bags of these brands, you will not be late.


Talking about the brand of the business bag, the fan will not play more than 30 brands, but for business new people, not all brands can be 拎 in this stage.


The first-line big card must be abandoned. Otherwise, it is white by the boss. It is yours. However, a business men’s bag of these brands is still 100% can hate the hand, and buy it.


1.river island (Price: 1000RMB +)

Fan, I recommend it in the price sequence is River Island. The brand was founded in London, England in 1989, is one of the famous British fashion brands. After this, I have been involved in women’s clothing, men’s clothing, in recent years, and began to gradually involve business men’s bags. The material is mainly based on nylon material, so the price is mainly concentrated in the 500RMB-1500RMB zone, which is very cost-effective.

River Island Canvas Satchel


This brand of things, stylish, style active, suitable for new people who have just entering the workplace, quality and quality, cost-effective.


2.Cole Haan Marshall Attache (Price: 1500RMB +)

Cole Haan is Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan Founded in the United States in 1928, Cole Haan was founded in the United States in 1928, founded to initially operate men’s leather shoes, so high quality leather products.

But considering the price factor, the fan, I recommend Nylon style Marshall Attache (Iomei Green) for business, the shape is simple, the shoulder or the portable, the outer pocket is convenient to accommodate the goods, such as: car card, Coin purse, etc.


Do you want to say that the Fan is the most intimate, everything is all about you.


3. Calvin Klein Business PAIR (Price: 1600RMB +)

Calvin Klein is referred to as “CK”, founded in the United States in 1992, everyone is familiar with the brand. Generally mentioned CK, you will think of his house underwear.

In fact, his home bag is also good, give this Pair, mainly considering price factors, so use nylon on the material, there are two colors in black and dark blue, design. The handle extends to the entire apparatus, the role of its knife division line, can be submitted.

The low-key work belonging to the luxury brand is pushing to the newcomers who like the big name.

4.Tumi T-Tech (Price: 1800RMB +)


Tumi1975 created in the United States, is a large-scale box brand in the United States, known as the practical design and excellent skill type, from business models, travel paragraph to the daily living model. This year, due to the love of US President Barack Obama, it is well known by many overseas people.


Tumi has always been a brand of Fan. Give everyone the recommended “T-Tech” series is a cortical material, black and brown, design inspiration comes from the early postman bag, which belongs to the British style. The large pocket design outside the inclusions is very loading and very durable.

So, the fan, I recommend it to those who like the British style, handsome, and highlight their own low-key character, I have a!


5. RUFUS for 5.orobianco (Price: 2000RMB +)

In fact, this is also a young brand, founded by the designer Gia Aconomo Mario Valentini and Elisa Lovati in Italy in 1996. It was created in the production of European advanced leather goods.

The main products have glasses cases, wallets, commercial packages, TOTO packages, etc. And all products are guaranteed to be [Made in itay], which is most cost-effective in Japan, especially in Japan, and has multiple discounts every year. In fact, the brand’s skin products are mainly concentrated in the price of 3500RMB-6000RMB.

Of course, this is also the price of overseas, in China, you know, the price will turn over. But still considering the price factor, or recommends the nylon material RUFUS, it seems that it is very in the British campus style?

A large part of the reason is the sign of Italian products, and there will be a badge of the Italian national flag color ribbon and brand logo, which looks like a special book package of a high aristocratic school.

6. Ralph Laurent Equestrian Nylon Commuter Bag (Price: 2000RMB +)


Ralph Laurent was founded in 1967, New York, USA, has a large number of sub-brands, which are dominated by men’s suit, polo shirt, golf products, equestrian utensils.

The design is used to the business supplies, which is recommended for the Equestrian Nylon Commuter Bag, which is a high price, which is also a nylon material, durable and anti-wear, which greatly increases the service life.


Also in color is also a large number of choices, design is fully considering the current pursuit of fashion. Also as much as possible while maintaining business modeling, also highlights the brisk line design. This is also the reason why the fan is recommended to give a business new person. Come over and see, is it suitable for you?

7.Michael Kors Bryant Leather Briefcase (Price: 2400RMB +)


Michael Kors has known the newly enlightenment of the United States, almost quickly played a broken brand, founded in 2002, the brand mainly of the people, and thus suffered many Chinese consumers.

The initial design is a female-based clothing, shoes and hats and other products, and then gradually entered the jewelry, watch and other fields, and gradually involved in men’s fields in recent years, so the Fan Master I recommend this classic business. Bag.

The color is recommended for black, steady and generous, highlighting the mature charm of men.


8.felisi’s Tortora Business Bag (Price: 2500RMB +)

The brand was founded in the Italian leather brand in 1973. Early in the brand is well known in pure handmade. Therefore, Felisi’s package is absolutely not good, and [No.8637] and [No.9362] are well known as the main commodity of the bag.

The Tor Tora Business Bag I recommend today is a series of design and improved products, such as designing the bag design in design, and design and brand LOGO for handles. Effects of eyes and mouths.


It can be said that it is always fashionable and active and lively, so there is a certain requirement in the approvers of the apparatus, must have a vitality, active, and a man who is full of sunshine. With this small fresh package, it’s really scared of the baby …

给职场新鲜男:13款4000元以下的商务男包你值得拥有 Heritage Web Leather Embroidered (Price: 2500RMB +)

Coach, in 1941, in the United States of America, it can be said to be the brand of true and false streets. I don’t know why, the fan will mention this brand, and the heart will emerge in my heart. Imitation coach, what about bargaining in the vegetable market and vegetable traders?

In fact, textiles for Coach men’s business bags on the market are still not a lot, so I have not been imitedly bad streets, and I will recommend the new business new people to recommend heitage web leather embroidered.


It is obvious that the design of the classic Coach is still printed, and the first letter “C” of his brand is printed on the surface of the leather, so that the black bobbin is stable, and the fashion personality is not lost.

The fan, I want to give you a wake up, Coach’s business bag suggest not to use shoulder’s way, and try to use a handful way, in fact, according to the common sense, business use of the best way to use, It is the best hand, but Coach is a numerous brand of counterfeit products.


If you don’t want to be mistaken when you use genuine, you can use the high-imitation goods, then you can use the most correct way to use the business men’s bag to give you the attached! add! value!

10.Marc by Marc Jacobs Pock & Biggie Brief Case (Price: 2500RMB +)

In 2001, the brand has founder Marc Jacobs founded in New York NY City, advocating the special case of young people, and when designing goods, always highlight the personality of the young people, not arrest.

Sometimes it will also, highlight the rebellion of young people, combined with men’s business bag, 2 Pock & Biggie Briefcase has a typical feature, using leather and nylon mix and match material, and use black and gray splicing color.

Always show the self-expressive desires of young people, it is very suitable for some young people full of bold ideas and have ambiguous young man. This business men’s bag can be used as a leisure package, and the price is only sold to 2500RMB in the US. It is also quite worth it.

The fan is thrown to you, you can catch it.

11.MCM M Moment Voyage (Price: 2500RMB +)

MCM1976 was established in Germany, and now I have been purchased by “cherry”. It became a veritable Korean goods. I used an article with an article. I have introduced MCM since I was acquired by South Korea. I have a full school bag. All.


God, it seems that I am afraid that the world will not know that MCM has become a mixed blood of De Han. I am also a long pepper on my head (PS: stupid?), I haven’t dyed this silly in men’s business bags. Disease, give you a smart M Moment Voyage.


The black leather case is designed for semi-open style. It can be said that it breaks past very formal design. The most important thing is that the brand’s logo has not been used by large area, but in front of it uses a metal. The material is inlaid.


So the fan is also satisfied, and finally I can go back to the office of MCM.


In the price, it is also based on the market price of the United States. The price of 2500RMB is also considered a pro (TAI) (YI).

Not going to find a variety to help you grab it back!

12.Paul Smith Brief Case (price 3500RMB +)


After the British London opened the first store in London in the British London, PAUL Smith is also famous for its exquisite leather manufacturing process.

For example, men’s folding wallets, men’s travel bags, men’s shoes, belts, and even lighters, etc., said Paul Smith’s men’s business bag, of course, to recommend gestine.

The color is brown, in fact, the classic style is mostly black, but the Fan Word I want to say that people are black, and they are very good, as for business bags, rarely use the signature color Design of the strip.


So the black style will look very dead, so the smart fan will choose a brown style. At the same time of Vintage, it is very fashionable, and the fan has a use experience, which is to use this business men’s bag. It is best to match the color stripe scarf of his house.

In the fall, you will definitely bring you unexpected effect, and you think that there is a fashionable business tide man.


13.Salvatove Ferragamo’s Manhattan (Price: 4800RMB +)

In this issue, I finally introduced the business men’s bag for Ferragamo. In fact, everyone has seen, reaching 4800RMB in the price, and some business new people may be a little tasty price, but it doesn’t matter, you also It can be used as a goal of starting, giving yourself more effort.

In fact, Ferragamo’s business men’s bag, in addition to using the upper calf skin, it seems to be a thin appearance, but it has a lot of internal capacity, which is why it will reach 4800RMB.


Just as the fan, I have always emphasized, the reason why luxury brands will not be just because of this brand itself, more is the brand premium, the materials used, the use of materials, and the innovation of the design. And a series of reasons such as style positioning and so on.


Therefore, don’t mention the two words of luxury, everyone will think of a play of the upper society, or think about the practicality, cost performance, and matching of the identity of their workplace, buy it to my favorite business bag. It should also be taken.

The entry level of the business men’s bag is temporarily annihilated. After that, the Fan Master will have a higher price, suitable for medium and high-level positioning in the workplace ~ next period.


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