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There are always her legend in Jianghu ~

This is the eileen show.

In the fantasy melon years, the event was still frequent at the end of the year. Some people reversed the world. Some people sued the rumors of hard rumors.

Just two days ago, He Yanjun first took a group photo of Four Tai Liang Anqi’s happiness, and helped his mother forward a lawyer’s letter, which attracted a lot of onlookers and went directly to the hot search.


Gambling King Four Tai Liang Anqi



Because of the nickname of Macau Gambling King Zhou Yihua, who was nicknamed “Mihua”, since the arrest was notified, there have been rumors on the rivers and lakes.

Therefore, in many short videos of “self -talk”, the Mihua organized cross -border gambling crime group was seized by the mainland police and was arrested in Macau.


He Chaoqiong and Sitai Fighting

“As a result, there is also a appear”

Liang Anqi was arrested


Whoops, the stories of pure brain replenishing the stories are earning a click volume, but the lawyer’s letter is also waiting for.

Liang Anqi did not let go of rumors, entrusted the lawyer to obtain evidence, and publicly issued a statement, saying that he would sue the responsibility of the rumor.

Of course, you may say that this year’s lawyer’s letter is not very good, but as long as you look at the closest itinerary of Sitai, you can break the authenticity.

On December 12, she first presented awards to the Chinese Tennis Tour. On December 13th, the Macau Daily reported that she participated in public welfare activities. With such a close arrangement, how could she have time to go to the “prison”?

However, the tree wants to be quiet and the wind is more windy. Some people are keen to be enthusiastic about the wealthy palace fighting drama. I believe that the case of “the case of Wan Mihua is a case of Sitai and He Chaoqiong fights”.

If you are harmful, let’s talk about this “melon” first, and then talk about the four too much about “there is always my legend in the rivers and lakes” ~



As a traffic in Hong Kong Island’s giants, the Gambling King has been a popular selection of film and television screenwriters and entertainment media for many years.

Movie “Casino Tycoon”


Watching more giants on TV and reporting, this “fight for production and section” has become the most popular bridge section.

And the gambler’s house, especially the eldest daughter of the second room, He Chaoqiong and the Sita Liang Anqi. The so -called “fought and dark fight” of the two female leaders are the most attractive and the easiest to be added with vinegar, and there are more stories.

In fact, readers who have seen the gambler series I wrote should be clear that as early as 2010, the inheritance and distribution of the property of the Gambling King’s family basically settled.

It is obviously that He Chaoqiong and Sitai are still fighting for delivery.

There are three core companies of the Gambling King Family,

Aobo, Australia Entertainment







It can be regarded as a gambler’s house


, Main gaming and tourism.

At that time, the gambler’s gaming specialized rights were voted through this company. You are familiar with the Lisboa Hotel, Lijing Bay Hotel, etc., and are also industries under the Australian blog name.

In 2018, the 96 -year -old gambler He Hongyi officially announced that he retired from Australia to the Honor Chairman. He is the sister of He Chaoqiong and the second -bedroom daughter who takes it down on the chairman of Aobo Holdings.

He Chaofeng


Liang Anqi


The second largest shareholder of Abo

, Holding about 8%of the shares, and Huo Qigang’s dad Huo Zhenting, who took over as the company


Co -chairman


Executive Director, San Tai


Chen Wanzhen


He is the executive director.

Do you want to ask who is the largest shareholder of Aobo?

In fact, it is another core company of the gambler’s family



It holds about 54%of Aobo’s equity.


In early 2011, the gambling king gave most of the Australian entertainment stocks under his name to San Taihe Sitai, of which Sitai held 6.86%of the shares.

The second house daughters represented by He Chaoqiong are slightly more complicated with the Australian and Australian Entertainment. There are not many shares they hold, but other companies under their names, more or less, hold some Australian entertainment shares.


For example, He Chaoqiong holds another core company with more shares


One of the major shareholders holds 15.8%.


Don’t feel dizzy, the intricate method of “nested holdings” of this family business is actually very common, as is the Samsung family.


Simple calculation

Australia is Liang Anqi’s home home. Tyramid is controlled by He Chaoqiong. In other words, the three core companies of the Gambling King’s family are resting together, and the interests of members of each house are tied together firmly.

One glory is glorious, one damage is damaged


Therefore, Liang Anqi and He Chaoqiong, who are both good at the field and the same shareholders, do not need to fight at all, and there is nothing to fight?


This is not what can simply grab the equity of the other party, and if Mihua’s case will cause the entire gaming industry to be affected and the company’s interests will be damaged, both parties will lose.

Liang Anqi and He Chaoqiong are both clear and savvy characters. Even if the gambling king is alive, there is a confrontation. Now under the epidemic, they naturally know that it is a wise strategy to open up the business map. Intersection

For example, at the end of July this year, Australia and Australia spent 30 billion Hong Kong dollars

Shang Lisboa Comprehensive Resort

At the opening, Liang Anqi and He Xunheng’s mother and son, with the sisters of He Chaofeng and He Chao of the second room, attended the worship ceremony together.


As for Wanmihua’s imprisonment, it was because of violations of criminal law, setting up multi -level gambling agents in the Mainland, opening a casino, and organizing criminal acts such as cross -border online gambling.

The rampant of this case, the readers of the iPhone have never felt that if the iMessage function is opened, eight achievements have received the spam of online gambling.

However, this is not related to the legal casino of the Gambling King’s Macau. On December 9, the Macau Daily also interviewed Liang Anqi specifically for this matter.

Liang Anqi was calm and said that Macau was so big, all of them knew, but she denied that she had a private business with Mihua, and she also brought a free advertisement to her casinos and VIP rooms.


Why do you always have various rumors about Liang Anqi on the rivers and lakes?

In fact, the most important thing is her life, with a little legend in itself.

Liang Anqi, born in Guangzhou in 1961, was originally called


伟 xuān Weiling

Essence Because her father died early, she began to learn ballet after being introduced in her ten -year -old. She joined the Guangzhou Cultural Troupe early and became a dancer.

太 Weiling, that is, Sitai Liang Anqi

Later, she left Guangzhou to Hong Kong and drifted to Macau a year later. Wu Weiling changed her ancient surname and followed her mother’s surname Liang to name Liang Anqi for herself. She wanted to have a new start.

In order to stand firm in Macau, he had a house that belonged to his own.

The turn of destiny came to the dance floor of the Lisboa Hotel.


In 1986, the 25 -year -old Liang Anqi met the gambler He Hongyi at the ball. From the first dance to the end of the music, the hands of the two had never been put down throughout the process.

The gambling king who loves dancing and dances believes that she is the best dance partner. Four years later, I recalled this first sight and was still very excited. After the gambling queen lingering the sick couch and could not dance anymore, she never skipped.


At that time, the gambler learned that she was a small staff member of her company, and she also advised her to read more books in order to be promoted in the future.


Liang Anqi was in her heart, she knew that her opportunity was finally coming.


However, Liang Anqi’s goal has never been to be a golden bird. After the two confirmed the relationship, she proposed what she could help the gambler.

The gambling king thought about it and gave her a task that she was inconvenient to come forward, and asked Liang Anqi to help him acquire some companies shares in the hands of outsiders.

The process of buying stocks is naturally not easy, but Liang Anqi never complained. He finished this “small test” by himself, so that the gambler was eye -catching for the young new dance companion.

In 1989, the gambling king purchased a 3,000 -square -foot independent bungalow in the name of Liang Anqi and officially announced the existence of the “Four Tai”.

The gambling king loved to have five children. She also gave birth to 5 children. She also stood up in Macau and this huge giants.

However, Liang Anqi’s “ambition” is not willing to be a giants.

After giving birth to the eldest daughter He Chaoying, she rejected the 100,000 use of the Gambling King to give her a month, and insisted on entering the company’s company to learn to do business.

Because there was no relevant experience, at the beginning, Liang Anqi could only start from the grassroots of the Ministry of Finance, and relying on the hardships of running alone in Hong Kong and Macau, and he took the next hard bone.


She looked down on her from the Mainland, and she had to do everything to the extreme. Even if she was pregnant with six, she must insist on inspecting the casino.

In 2008, Aobo was about to go public. Unexpectedly, He Wanqi, the sister of the ten girls who had fought with the gambling king, applied for judicial review from the Gao Court for the gambling son, and blatantly issued trouble to the gambler.


For a while, investors who originally planned to subscribe to stocks were shaken, and Aobo was forced to delay the listing plan.


That year, Liang Anqi asked for help everywhere, and even the children were basically free.

Fortunately, with the efforts of many parties, Aobo eventually successfully listed in Hong Kong.

And Liang Anqi is no longer just a beautiful dance partner next to the gambler, but a powerful assistant who has received the gambling king.

The gambler even praised the outside world that Sitai made a lot of money for himself.

This is really not a gambler to coax people. Although Four Tai has not learned to invest in systematics, the business vision is really not bad.

She seized the low tide of real estate in Hong Kong and purchased a large number of real estate stores. The property value of the property was more than 10 billion yuan. The business layout was from tea restaurants, sauna, golf, occupation to securities banks, media magazines and other industries. Essence

In 2021, the Forbes Hong Kong Rich List, Liang Anqi ranked 27th in the list, ranking third among the wealthy women.



In addition, Liang Anqi has not only been in Aobo. In recent years, she has also had a lot of business layout in the Mainland.


For example, the people of Shanghai are called “boots” or “LV Building”

Shanghai Shangjia Center

Essence Before Meng Yao’s public love, she had a love of love, and she had a wave of heart -shaped lights that Ho Yanjun lit her on the outer wall of the building and promoted the wave of mother -in -law.

This mall was initially invested by the gambling king He Hongzhang and the chairman of LVMH Group Berner Arnold, and the two parties held 50%of each.

In 2009, the gambling king gave these half of the equity to Four Tai Tai. Later, Liang Anqi included the remaining half of the remaining half from LVMH Group and became the only master of Shangjia Center.

In 2019, He Yanjun was there, and he proposed to Xi Mengyao vastly.


How to comment on the outside world, this step is very good

In addition, Liang Anqi still has a lot in Shanghai and Guangzhou

real estate

Construction company


The earliest can even go back to the 1990s. House prices have soared a few days ago. How rich her income has been in these years, it is not difficult to guess.

It may be rare to know that Liang Anqi’s public welfare cause in the Mainland has also begun to be very early.

Since 2005, she has donated to schools, rural and nursing homes in Jiangxi many times.




Qi Education Reward Fund “.


After 2008, she also started organizing employees to go to Jinggangshan and other places each year to receive patriotic education. Later, she also served as Jiangxi.

Member of the CPPCC

Vice Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation Committee

Not only that, Liang Anqi has been re -elected for 16 years until now


Macau Legislative Councilor


It’s right.

She has also done a year of Hong Kong

President of Baoliang Bureau

In the term of office, more than 600 million kinds of good funds.


After leaving office, his son He Yanheng took her burden and became the youngest board of directors of the Bao Liang Bureau.


However, Liang Anqi, who was nearly 30 billion, was frugal, a little unexpected, and not like a giants.

Her clothes decades ago were well received in the closet, and her daughter He Chaoying talked about it. She insisted that she could continue to wear when she was thin.

After several years of skin care products, I also refused to lose it and felt that I could wipe my hands.

And until now, she often went to the streets of the previous work to eat a few dollars a bowl of tofu noodles.


From the dancer who played four jobs a day, to the Gambling King of the Rich List of Hong Kong Island, and the 60 -year -old Liang Anqi, he took an unusual way.

Become a member of the Gambler family, giving her a little legendary color, and gave her an uninterrupted challenge and opportunity, and also gave her the wealth and fame beyond expected.

Stepping into this fame, she never concealed her ambitions, and did not explain too much.

This is Liang Anqi’s law of survival.


Through the wealthy figures living in various rumors, they can always find that they are different from the impression. What do you think?

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