Pinwan, March 10th. Recently, Wenshi BOOX held a new online product launch conference and launched a 7.8 -inch colored ink layer NOVA3 Color, which is priced at 2780 yuan.

Nova3 Color color ink tablet is equipped with a 7.8 -inch Eink color ink screen, which can display 4096 colors with a resolution of 1404 x 1872 pixels. It can provide a resolution of 100 PPI when the color shows the color, which increases to 300 when the black and white increase to 300 to 300 PPI. Reading the application scenarios of color books, such as watching comics, atters, textbooks, magazines, picture books, novel illustrations, etc., it will have a good effect.

The eye -protection color ink screen of Kaleido Plus technology, with the unique color optimization algorithm and depth refresh mode of the unique color of the stone, the color contrast, saturation, and refresh rate are significantly improved. It will also be further optimized in the refresh rate. The grainy sense is also greatly reduced.

In terms of portability, Nova3 COLOR body weighs only 265g and has a thickness of 7.7mm. It has a USB-C interface and has the functions of charging, external headphones, mouse, keyboard and maximum 512G hard disk. In addition, it also has a 32 -level adjustable front light, built -in microphone and external speakers. Support voice input and listening function.

文石BOOX推出7.8英寸彩色电子阅读器Nova3 Color

, Nova3 Color uses the KRYO architecture high -performance octa -core processor. Compared with Wen Shi’s previous generation of NOVA2 read and write performance, the overall power consumption is reduced by 15%; This electric paper book; runs the Android 10.0 open system, which means that users can install Kindle, Palm Reading, WeChat Reading, Tencent Animation, Comics and other content apps at will. Book resources are more convenient and save time to find books.

In the BOOX built -in application market, dozens of in -depth optimized APPs are preset, including five types: reading, news, learning, tools, and office. Intelligent adaptation of third -party applications makes the application more adaptable to the characteristics of ink screen, and the function of the device is very strong!

文石BOOX推出7.8英寸彩色电子阅读器Nova3 Color

For reading, Nova3 Color can support 30+ different file formats, including common formats such as TXT, MOBI, EPUB, PDF, etc. All formats support the pen to write, add comments at will, and the TXT file can automatically generate the directory. The support of the BOOX native system for PDF files is very complete. It can support the functions of cutting edges, rearrangement, scaling, and watermarking. It also provides a variety of reading modes such as papers and comics.

文石BOOX推出7.8英寸彩色电子阅读器Nova3 Color

In addition to the advantages of color screens, the role of reading colored books can be read, and the role of handwriting can also be well prominent. The handwriting color supported by Nova3 Color has increased from the original 8 color to 16.

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