200 meters away from my home, there is a urban green land with idle state. For more than ten years, this is the place where nearby residents, especially children, are most popular. After school, they are used to reading games such as reading books, kicking tweezers, skipping rope, playing with eagles and catching chickens.

Recently, this harmonious state has been broken. Several security guards in uniforms have dismissed children and adults in the lawn on the grounds of “trample the lawn”. The neighborhoods could only leave. The author and several other neighborhoods called the “Citizen Hotline” to get the following responses: “No one shall not destroy the terrain, landforms, water bodies and vegetation of land planning land, shall not damage the urban trees and flowers and greening facilities. “,”

Although the above answers to the righteous words, I still have a few questions: First, the function of the lawn is only for people to watch, or it can be used by others; second, the lawn of the lawn is strictly prohibited, compared with the lawn that is occasionally trampled by the lawn that is occasional. , Whose maintenance costs are higher; third, the method of use of the lawn should be combined with the actual needs of the residents of the residents where they are located; fourth, the lawn is the public greening facility of the city. How does their publicity be reflected?

It is well known for people to supply land in large cities, and public spaces are even more stretched. It is rare to have a large number of rare “blank” places. However, if you only treat it as an abstract landscape, accompanied by “prohibiting entering” and “do not trample on the lawn” and other prohibitions, the lawn is “see” but cannot be “used”. Although it is adjacent to the residents of the community, it is difficult for residents to be in daily life. Feel its temperature.

As a lawn of the urban public space, you can have reading, drinking, chatting, playful, playing kite, loving, dazed, sleeping, as long as everyone has good environmental protection and hygiene habits , Sure enough, there will be no mess. The lawn here is not only green plants, but also a place with rich society and cultural meaning. It is an important part of the daily life of nearby residents. Nearby residents can cultivate harmonious community relations through lawns, thereby enhancing and enhancing a sense of community identity and attribution.

In cities with tight supply in public space, a large lawn is only regarded as a visual landscape and was seen from a distance, and the efficiency of utilization is still too low. Under the premise of being under moderate and severe destruction, the urban public space can only give full play to its value and significance only by being elastic and becoming human -earth relationships.

Yao Huatong Source: China Youth Daily

Source: China Youth Daily

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