Handan Qingyi Electronics is a high -tech enterprise focusing on various environmental sensing, control equipment and software. After more than ten years of hard work, the company’s products involve wind speed, wind direction sensor, rainfall sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, rain and snow and snow and snow Sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor, and various monitoring recorder equipment, also have dozens of software and hardware equipment including meteorological stations, environmental monitoring stations, dust monitoring systems, soil rigidity monitoring stations, smart greenhouse monitoring systems, and remote valve control.

Today we need to briefly introduce the wind speed, wind direction sensor, recorder and monitoring station. The sensor is only used to perceive the changes of the parameters to be monitored in the environment. Output a conventional signal. You cannot play a role. You need to support other display or processing equipment to obtain or apply.


The wind speed and wind direction sensor of the clear brand include QS-FS wind speed sensor polycarbon, QS-FS-A1 wind speed sensor current, QS-FS-A2 wind speed sensor voltage type, QS-FS-A3 wind speed sensor 485, QS- FS-A4 photoelectric wind speed sensor, QS-FS-A5 wind speed sensor Hall, CG-FS-M wind speed sensor metal, CG-FS-M2 wind speed sensor metal, QS-FX wind direction sensor polycarbon, CG-FX-M Wind direction sensor metal, CG-FX-M2 metal wind direction sensor, CG-09 ultrasonic wind speed wind direction sensor, CG-09F ultrasonic wind speed wind-orie -The wind (heating type), CG-21 wind erosion sensor. It is mainly used in meteorological monitoring, agricultural weather, navigation ships, aviation airports, wind power generation, bridge tunnel and other fields.


Wind speed and wind direction sensors can connect to supporting devices to achieve different functions and tasks. Like QYFB-01 wind speed alarm, QY-05 multi-channel wind speed wind direction monitoring station, JL-22 wind speed recorder, JL-24 wind speed wind direction recorder, JL-27 wind speed wind direction monitor, JL-34 ultrasonic weather station, JL- 33 Handheld Meteorological Station/Portable Meteorological Station and other supporting facilities


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